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BillDip/Attack On Titan Oneshot

“You’re requesting a transfer to another squad?” Bill stared in quiet disbelief at the paper Dipper had handed him. “I don’t–why?”
Dipper’s throat was dry. Don’t cry, don’t cry. “I don’t…I don’t belong in this squad.”
“Your sister’s here. Your friends are here. You seemed happy enough,” Bill retorted, fighting to keep his voice even. He couldn’t even begin to fathom why Dipper wanted to leave–unless it was something he had done?
Dipper blinked rapidly. “I want to transfer for personal reasons.”
Bill looked down at the paper again, then picked up his pen. “All right.”
“W–you’ll sign it?” Dipper looked up at him in alarm. He had expected Captain Cipher to fight for him to stay–the captain seemed to like having him around, and he was possessive of his squad–he couldn’t hide how crushed he felt that Bill was just going to sign him away to someone else, even though he was asking for it. This was proof that this switch was for the best, then.
“Yes. On one condition. You tell me what I did to make you want to escape so desperately.”
Dipper’s breath caught in his throat. No, no, no! This was what he had been trying to avoid!
“Nothing, sir. It’s all me.” Dipper replied as evenly as he could.
Bill’s fingers shook as he held the pen over the paper. “You’re lying.”
“With all due respect sir, I am not.”
“I can SEE it in your FACE,” Bill retorted, unable to keep his voice from cracking. “I’m a DEMON, I know when people lie–don’t LIE to me, Dipper!”
Dipper was shaking now. “I can’t tell you.”
“Is it because I’m too…forward with you?” He was wracking his brains trying to figure out what he’d done. The boy had never seemed uncomfortable with a hand on his shoulder or a pat on the back…except recently…so he had refrained… “Am I too informal? Have I somehow violated the professional boundaries between captain and private? Tell me if I have and I’ll never do it again!”
Oh God, he was pleading. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t let Bill believe it was his fault. Dipper buried his face in his hands.
“You haven’t–I’m the one who’s violated that boundary!” He cried in defeat. “I’m sorry, I just can’t–I can’t be around you! Please just let me go, I swear to god it’s not your fault!”
“Like hell it’s not my fault, you just said you can’t be around me!” The demon cried.
“BECAUSE I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU!” Dipper exploded.
Bill froze, staring at the distraught boy before him. Dipper’s eyes were full of tears.
“I’m in love with you!” He croaked. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but I can’t…I can’t stop THINKING about you, and it’s wrong, I know, I shouldn’t have, but I DID, and I never wanted to tell you, I wanted to spare you the embarrassment of having to shoot me down, the potential trouble. I know it can never happen and I was stupid to fall for you so I’m sorry, please just let me leave, ok?” His chest ached.
Bill was just staring at him blankly. Dipper felt his whole body start to ache. Oh God, he wanted to vomit. This was worse than he’d even imagined. Now he’d be kicked out of the corps, he’d be sent home in disgrace. Although truth be told, all he wanted was to be by Bill’s side.
“I’ll go now,” he whispered, unable to even raise his voice, and he turned away.
In one single move Bill had slammed the paper back onto the desk, vaulted over it, grabbed Dipper by the shoulder, and then–
Kissed him.
Dipper went slack with shock. The captain commander’s lips were pressed hard against his own with rough determination, and without even hesitating he opened his mouth to the kiss, grabbing Bill by the hair and dragging himself against the demon’s chest. A warm tongue slipped between his lips, pressing against his own, his skin was prickling and his body was reveling in every moment of the burning contact, pressing for more, needing to get closer, to entwine himself within the firm, strong arms that had wrapped around him. He tightened his grip on Bill and Bill responded by shoving him back against the wall with a dull thud and crashing his lips down on Dipper’s, harder this time, frantic, heated, on fire, alive. A moan escaped the boy that was swallowed by the other’s lips, and Bill dragged his hands through the brunette’s thick hair to cup his face, dragging Dipper against his chest.
When he finally released him they were both breathing like racehorses, and Dipper belatedly realized that one of Bill’s legs had come up between Dipper’s, so he was half-resting on the demon’s thigh. His face was already flushed, and Bill drank in his appearance with a hungry gaze; tousled chestnut hair, his lips red and swollen, his face suffused with a heady pink blush, and his eyes glazed with lust. It was almost too much.
“We shouldn’t,” Dipper whispered. “You’ll get in trouble.”
“I don’t give a damn. You’re an adult. They can’t stop us.” And then he kissed him again.

trust no one (ch. 1/?)

Story Summary: A seed of distrust is not enough. It takes watering, and care, and a devoted gardener to make it grow. Eventual Dark!Dipper
Rating: K-T, may go up
Warnings: spoilers for “Not What He Seems”

A/N: Apparently the only way I can get myself to write these days is if I’ve just had my life destroyed by a cartoon, and have other things I really should be doing. ;-;

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Dipper knew this dream by now. He’d seen the world drain itself of color before, listened as the animals outside silenced their constant background chittering. He knew this was a dream, even if it felt like all he’d done was blink. Even if he was still curled up on a cushion in front of the same broken window, looking out across an unchanged landscape. He used to think he stayed awake during these visits, that the real world could somehow be molded to his visitor’s desire, but he’d had enough experience with the dreamscape since then to disprove that theory. He knew better now.

Unfortunately, all of his knowledge wasn’t enough to drive away the smarmy triangle staring him down, his single eye a blazing, unwelcome spotlight. Someday, maybe, it would be. But not yet.

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