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Heyyy my main butter passer, so how's confessing it going? Because that ones my favourite... is there something you could give us? A snippet? I'm a big fan really, I need a does of the billdip

It’s approaching completion, fucking finally!

Have a snippet! And some butter.

“Hey, sapling,” Bill wiggles his eyebrows. “You know my favorite thing about you?”

“That… I’m easy to mock?” Dipper responds, confused. That’s the weirdest thing Bill’s ever asked. It’s probably a trick. “Or that I’m one of the few people that’d ever sleep with you,” He adds, eyes narrowed.

Bill pulls him in close. Dipper grimaces, leans away -

But when Bill kisses him, he lets it happen.

They’re already in the middle of a lot of trouble. What trouble Bill is in - he hasn’t said… But they can take a moment.

It’s. Nice.

Bill pulls back and gives Dipper a gentle smack on the cheek, grinning. 

“Alright, sapling, you’re on board. Here’s the deal.”

Dipper raises an eyebrow. ”Okay.” It’s not the point, he knows, but he has to ask - “What’s your favorite part of me?”

“Who says I have one?” Bill asks, eyes wide, and innocent. “Forget all of that kid, because this-” He jabs Dipper sharply in the chest, eye narrowing. “Is our main problem.” 

“What. Me?” Dipper pats his chest, and frowns. He straightens up indignant. If this asshole thinks-

“The bond, you nerd. The life one,” Bill interrupts, sounding tired. He turns slightly away, rubbing at his forehead. His foot taps against the floor, his mouth turns up in a grimace. “Do you have any idea how many times this has happened? 

“Uh,” Weird demonic power, and life bonds. The power they share. The weird, accidental compatibility…

Dipper shrugs, hazards a guess. “Six?”

Bill narrows his eye, and he’s suddenly, humorlessly serious. He plants his hands besides Dipper’s head. “Try ‘zero.’”

Dipper blinks. “Oh.”

“This bond’s a freakin’ first. Even for me. And I’ve been around for eons.” Bill gestures vaguely between himself and Dipper. “No way anyone could tell how this was gonna come across. This whole thing is ‘cause we gotta…” Bill sucks in a breath, and glares. “Improvise.”

Pines on a Road Trip (probably)

-Ford over packs on everything because YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT NEED A GARDEN HOSE!!

-Stanley was driving, but after almost swerving them into oncoming traffic for the 10th time, Ford took over. (He’d have taken the wheel sooner, but he couldn’t get Stan out of the car before that).

-Mabel controls the radio from backseat thanks to an aux cord, and plays obnoxious music that makes the rest of the car groan. 
-She occasionally takes their requests but finds remixed versions of those songs on her phone.
-(manages to get Stan and Dipper to sing “Taking Over Midnight” in exchange for some radio silence for an hour)

-Dipper tried to introduce Ford to podcasts during that trip, but Stan and Mabel made weird loud noises whenever Dipper flipped the station to it that he gave up and listened to them on his own earphones (vowing to show Grunkle Ford later)

-Dipper and Mabel compete in ALL of the road games: license plate game, alphabet game, road trip bingo, the works. 
-At one point it gets so heated the grunkles break in to try and determine who won, the entire car starts arguing. (They take a break from the car games for a while after that)

-Stanley ends up having to make Ford stop so everyone else can be an actual human and eat food and use the bathroom. 
-Stan steals Ford’s coffee until he eats real food at a rest stop, to make sure he doesn’t crash in the middle of the drive (and quietly because he wants to take care of his brother. He’ll deny it if you say the reason is anything other than self preservation, though).

-Dipper noticed the blinking empty light a while ago, but Ford had rolled straight past that last town, so maybe he knows what he’s doing?
-Ford passes the next few towns as well. Dipper has chewed through 3 pens before he finally asks Ford how long the car can go on empty like that.
–Ford forgets to drive for a minute and Stan jerks them out of the way of a semi.
“Hot Belgium waffles, Ford! Dipper, how long we been on empty?” 
Umm, about 45 minutes
“Why didn’t ya SAY something? Ford, find the nearest gas station, quick!”
-Mabel whispers ‘way to go, bro-bro; good catch, we’d hate to get stuck out here’ to Dipper in the backseat while their grunkles argue over whose fault it is they’re riding on empty in the front.

-Ford pulls the car over no less than 17 times because he thought he spotted an anomaly in the wilderness surrounding the highway.
-Stan ends up having to punch about 10 out of 12 anomalies (the other 5 were false alarms) 

“Who knew they had CHIMERAS in Missouri?”-Ford, patting down singe marks and roping back up the garden hose into the trunk.
-(Stan hands Mabel $10 after they bet on whether they’d end up using any of the extra junk Ford made them bring)


Inspiration struck again! And so soon after the first bit! :D

@a-million-chromatic-dreams; @radioactivedelorean; @witete, I’ve got more Good Things going here! I bet you can guess what’s going on with this one, considering how “Intervention” ended. We need a couple very important people!

About a week after Stan’s and Ford’s rather abrupt disappearance, Dipper and Mabel were still tamping a circle into the carpet of their living room in Piedmont.

“Grunkle Stan wouldn’t just take Grunkle Ford and leave the hospital like that,” Dipper muttered. “Not when he took him there to get help. There has to be another reason why!”

“But we’ve thought of almost everything!” Mabel argued. “I mean, there was nothing wrong with the hospital room – we saw it!”

“Yeah, and it didn’t look like there was a struggle or anything.” Dipper’s frown deepened as he rubbed at his chin in thought. “There’s got to be some piece of the puzzle we’re missing. Something that caused them both to disappear without making it look like they were getting hurt or anything like that.”

“Ya mean like an alien lady opened a portal and we walked through it?”

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Day 2 : April Showers, May Flowers

Where they were now, it was nothing like it was before. Things were easier now, they could breathe and they could relax. It didn’t take away the tension that sometimes lingered from the past, but they were okay. Dipper thought they were okay. Will thought they were okay. They both thought they were okay. They’d gone through several rainy days - too many to really count. It had been a hard winter. One with nightly fights and, in some cases, days where Will wouldn’t see Dipper for days. The alpha was patient, but his patience only held for so long. Will was patient, but even he had worries. They couldn’t have pups in this environment, nor could they even mate, so tensions had been unusually high.

When the beginning of spring came, that’s when they’d relaxed, though only a little. Dipper brought more money home, Will was able to nest a little easier, but things weren’t perfect. No, they were far from it, but they were getting there.

The fight about marriage still lingered between them, however. Dipper wanted to get married and have pups, but Will didn’t. It was too soon, too risky, too dangerous. Things were still shaky, and times were still rough, but they were getting better. It’s not until Will is sitting on the front porch of their small home that he starts feeling that anxiety that his mate won’t come home that night. He fiddled with his fingers as the rain continued to pour heavily over their house. He nibbled on his lower lip anxiously, mind wandering to the worst of scenarios ranging from his mate being in an accident to possible adultery, but he remains patient.

They’d fought that morning about pups. Will had been saying they couldn’t afford it and there was no way they could manage a pup. Especially with the fact hat they couldn’t get married, another thing Will had insisted was impossible right now. Dipper insisted, stating they could and he could work harder, but the fight ended the same - with Dipper storming out and Will standing in the middle of the house in exhaustion.

Sometimes he fears his mate will permanently leave him behind one day.

The crackling of thunder roars around him and he whimpers before running inside. He slams the door and locks it before running to his room and burying himself in his alpha’s clothes. The scent is calming, always had been despite their fights, and he just continues to hug them all closer. He whimpers at the lightning and booming thunder around him, praying his mate will come home soon.

He doesn’t hear the front door open, nor the footsteps up the stairs, but he does cry when he sees the bedroom door slowly open. He yelps and tries to run, only to be met with strong arms and a comforting scent. The moment he realizes its his mate, he cries and nuzzles desperately into soaking clothes. Dipper rumbles happily above him, hugging him closely and leaving soft kisses against his cheeks.

“I’m here. Your alpha’s here.”

As per usual, Dipper doesn’t smell like anyone but him. It makes Will’s heart swell as he watches the alpha peel his clothes off and plop them into the bathtub in the connected bathroom. His skin is cold and Will immediately wraps himself around him to warm him up. The roaring thunder and merciless rain continues around them, but Will doesn’t mind anymore.

They curl around each other on the bed of Dipper’s clothes, with Will continuing to try and press every bit of his exposed skin against his alpha’s. Dipper just rumbles and smiles sleepily, rubbing Will’s back and watching him through half-lidded eyes.

“I was promoted.”

Will’s eyes widen and he pushes himself up to look at the dark-haired alpha in shock. Dipper nods with a sleepy smile.

“With a raise and everything. We’ll be moving, too.”

Will swallows thickly as he slowly collapses back onto the alpha’s chest.

“We can get a bigger house in a safer neighborhood. I can get you nicer clothes, buy us more food. And we can finally…” Dipper trails off. He doesn’t have to continue for Will to know what he’s referring to. “We can think about it.”

“O-Okay.” Will whispers as he tightens his hold around the alpha’s torso.

When they move, they do as Dipper promises. March turns to April and April turns into May, showers turn into blooming flowers and Will feels the safest he’s ever felt in his life. Dipper never mentions marriage or pups again after that night, but Will can see it weighs heavily on the alpha. They don’t fight about it, or anything much anymore, and they’re happy. They’re safe enough to get married and have pups, but Will is fearful. This could all disappear one day. They could be stranded with a pup, like he once was. When he’s watching Dipper’s job only continue to grow and their luck only increasing, he begins to realize that maybe they really are safe. The alpha becomes happier, coming home with a more relaxed figure and higher hopes. Things are only going up and Will slowly begins to relax.

It’s late-May when he’s laying in bed next to his mate, gnawing on his lower lip nervously as he glanced at Dipper. The alpha’s chest rises and falls slowly with each breath, and Will sits himself up to watch the alpha snore softly beside him. He scoots forward and gently shakes Dipper awake.

The alpha squints open one eye to look at him before yawning. Will watches the alpha sit up and look around the room before looking back at him.

“Is everything okay?”

“I w-want pups.” He states frankly, watching the alpha rub his eyes before staring at him in dazed confusion.


“Pups.” Will repeats. “I…I want pups with you. Maybe…maybe not just yet, but soon.”

Dipper blinks a few times, still trying to determine if this is a dream or not. Will continues anyway.

“I-I also…want to take back the ‘no’ I had said before.”


“When you asked me to m-marry you.”

He watched the alpha purse his lips. Dipper shifted to lean against his elbows as he stared at the omega suspiciously.

“Are you about to go into heat?”

“What?” Will leaned back.

“Are you going into heat? Are you sick?” Will watched the alpha rest a hand against his forehead to check his temperature. “Did something happen?”

“N-No, I just-”

“Are you sure? You feel a little warm. We can take you to the doctor in the morning.”

“No, I don’t need to g-go to the doctor.” Will’s eyebrows furrow in frustration. “I’m n-not sick, I mean it.”

“Will, I think you need to get some more sleep. Come on, come back to bed.” Dipper pecks him sweetly on his forehead and the omega growls.

“No! L-listen!” He moves to straddle the alpha, scowling down at Dipper. “I…I want this.”

Dipper stared up at him before looking at the clock. It was three in the morning. This had to be a dream. He turned back to Will who was growing more and more irritated by the minute. Dipper raised his hands defensively.

“Okay, okay. You want to get married and have pups. I understand. But what brought this on so suddenly? You never wanted it before.”

“It’s not that I n-never wanted it, it’s just that…we just couldn’t…” Will fiddled with his fingers nervously. “I j-just wasn’t sure…”

Dipper sighs and smiled at his mate before rubbing his hands over smooth thighs.

“I understand.” Dipper pulls Will down, kissing him tenderly before pulling the covers back over them. “It’s okay now.”

“It’s okay n-now.” Will repeats as his eyes fall to the bouquet of flowers resting at the windowsill from Dipper earlier that day.

“We made it.” Dipper hums before kissing his cheek. He thumbs the finger that will soon hold the silver band resting in the nightstand drawer on Will’s hand.

Will nods and nuzzles the alpha softly. They really did make it.

Because after darkness comes light, and after April showers comes May flowers.

Dippica Week Day 4: AUs

A finally on time fill for day 4 of Dippica Week. I’ve been looking forward to this day all week, as I am Reverse Falls AU garbage. Pacifica is just turning 17, and Dipper is late 16, almost 17. It gets a little steamy at points; warnings for mild innuendo, gratuitous making out, and unfortunate negging. Dipper is, as always when I write this AU, an asshole relentlessly trying to steal both Pacifica’s Journal and her heart. 

“Well, well, well, look who we have here…”

Dipper froze. A pair of lacy leggings still hung from one outstretched hand, and he held flashlight in the other. His mouth hung open, a comically delayed expression of shock.

“I knew this is where you’d wandered off to, Pines. Could you be more transparent?”

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“Where are you!?” The boy rummaged through the burneddebris. Small fires slowly dying out as time progressed. “Please!” The young gem overturned a piece of broken space craft, searching frantically for the girl. His ‘Twin’.

 “Sunstone!”  He collapsed to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks as he looked about the small crater the impact had caused. “Please.” With his last plea he cast his gaze to the stars.

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fucking ford totally knows stan is the grandpa and he’s so peeved about it

like the dude probably drops subtle hints and dipper and mabel are totally oblivious about it and he gets so pissed about it that his hints grow less and less subtle until

he like fucking makes it so fucking obvious that stan is the grandfather and dipper and mabel are blinking up at him like “hahah grunkle ford that’s wild wyd :)”

Code 12 (Gravity Falls fanfic)

Summary: Pacifica never used to fight with her parents. So when she finally sticks up for herselfand runs out of the mansion, she heads to the only place she can think of,hoping that maybe this time, a door won’t be slammed in her face. 

What was she doing here?

She really didn’t know. When she left her mansion all sheremembered was walking through the town, eager to get as far away from her parents as possible. It didn’t matter where she was going as long as it was far, far away.

Unexpectedly, she came upon a familiar shack. It was as old and rickety as she remembered it. She cringed at the sight, and yet, she felt like this had been the place she had been heading towards the entire time.

She almost hadn’t knocked, but the light drizzle was coming down harder and she knew soon it would be pouring.  Plus, she had just gotten her hair done today and wasn’t going to let it get ruined.

It was either this, or calling her parents to come get her, and that wasn’t an option she wanted to entertain right now.

Pacifica knocked and instantly regretted it the moment she heard footsteps behind the door.  

What was she doing? What were they going to think of her coming all this way for no reason? She didn’t even know what she was doing here. What was she going to say to them?

The door opened to reveal a brown haired behatted boy in a tacky vest and shorts that had never once been in style.

“Pacifica?” He asked in confusion, opening the door wider in shock.

Well, at least he didn’t close it in her face while declaring that she was the worst again.

When she didn’t speak, he asked, “What are you doing here?”

Pacifica’s eyes fell on the scuffed wooden deck beneath her feet. Maybe she should just make something up and leave? He had no reason to care about her current problem, after all. The ones that usually “cared” about her problems were her high class friends, but then again, she always paid them to agree with her.

Before she could think about what to say, Dipper spoke again, “Is something wrong? Did the ghost come back?” He sounded worried.

Pacifica blinked and looked up at him; his wide-eyed and concerned expression surprised her.

She shook her head. “No, nothing like that.” She took a breath. “It’s just…” she hesitated one last time, but the need to tell someone superseded her embarrassment, “I had a fight with my parents.”

If possible, Dipper’s eyes grew even wider.

“I’ve… I’ve never fought with them before, and I’ve only disobeyed them once at the party. I- I didn’t know what else to do so I just left.”

Pacifica bit her lip. She sounded pathetic, didn’t she?

“You walked all the way here by yourself?” Dipper asked, and Pacifica cringed. “Why did you come here?”

Pacifica didn’t know why that question hurt so much. She had just been asking herself the same question, but somehow, to hear him say it hurt so much worse. She didn’t know why she expected any different.

Mortified, and more lost then she had ever felt before, Pacifica turned away to leave. She was fighting the tears in her eyes but she refused to let them fall, both to save her pride and her make-up.

“Ugh! Never mind! I don’ know what I was thinking!” Pacifica huffed, but before she could walk away, someone grabbed her arm.

“Wait!” Dipper called, pulling her back.

Pacifica turned to face him in surprise. He seemed just as stunned by his actions as she was.  

“I just meant…” Dipper continued uncomfortably, “Why did you come here instead of going to your friends houses? They live closer to you, don’t they?”

Pacifica shrugged and pulled her arm away. “I pay them to be my friends, it’s not like they actually care about me, and besides, if my parents called their house looking for me they would rat me out in a second.”

Dipper blinked. “You pay them…”

Pacifica scowled. “It’s not like I expect you to understand!”

“Dipper? Who’s at the door?” A cheery voice from inside the house called to them.

In a flash, Mabel was beside her brother and Pacifica cringed again. Great, more people to see her in this pathetic state.

“Oh my gosh, Pacifica! What’s wrong?” Mabel gushed.

“Nothing,” she snapped defensively. “I don’t even know why I’m here.”

Mabel and her brother glanced at each other.

“Code 12?” Mabel asked.

Dipper sighed, hesitated for just a moment as he glanced at Pacifica, and gave a slow nod in agreement. “Code 12.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Pacifica asked. “What’s code-”

But before Pacifica could finish her sentence, Mabel grabbed her arm, and pulled her inside.

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Transboy Dipper Drabble

I’m not sure who asked for trans Dipper a while back but I finally remembered I had this drabble on my phone I never posted think it might of been @cipherdipper possibly? 

I offer no explanation for Bill being human and in an established relationship with Dipper, he just is *shrugs* Dip is 21, Bill is 22.

Rated PG, it’s shark week for Dip and he is not happy.

AO3 Link

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Highlights of the Gravity Falls Pilot:
  • "the whole 'telekinesis' incident"
  • "we're sleeping!"
  • "we're dead"
  • "Dylan and Rowina"
  • "the Uni-Cat"
  • the spider monkey with a foot on it's head
  • "you kids wanna eat 200 freezie pops?"
  • "corpse-meleon"
  • "blank stick! that's a bad omen!"
  • "G R A M P E R S!"
  • "(Grunkle Stan to the Bamby lamp) You Say somethin'?"
  • the 'Summertime' montage music
  • Mabel replacing her Picture of 'the guy on the $10 bill' with a picture of Norman
  • Mabel: "Maybe he's blinking when you're blinking."
  • Dipper: "Yeah, that makes A LOTTA SENSE!"
  • Mabel: "It makes more sense than your 'Zombie Theory!'"
  • Mabel: "Why can't you just trust me?"
  • Dipper: "BECAUSE HE'S GONNA EAT YOUR BRAIN!!!!!!!111"
  • Owl Clock: "WHO WHO!!!!!!11 WHO WHO!!!!!!!111"
  • the whole scene where Dipper's driving the Golf Cart and Mabel is being carried away by the gnomes at tHE EXACT SAME RATE, LIKE, HOW FAST ARE THE GNOMES?!?!?!?1!
  • Mabel cutting her ropes with her braces
  • Mabel: "Well, I think we lost em'"
  • *pan out to reveal that Mabel & Dipper are surrounded by Gnomes."
  • Dipper: "Step BACK, MAN!
  • Mabel: "YOU'RE OLD!"
  • Mabel: "GO AWAY!"
  • Dipper: "I WILL FIGHT YOU, DUDE!"
  • "Boo-Berry or Cookies-and-Scream"
  • Mabel: "Dipper, trust me, just this once!"
  • Dipper: "You were wrong about Norman!"
  • Mabel: "SO WERE YOU!"
  • Crowd: "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!11 B U R N !!!!!!!!!!11"
  • Lemongrab Gnome freezing in the EXACT SAME POSITION as the Shape Shifter when he was showing Dipper's "final form"
  • The Gnome statue Dipper put outside the Mystery Shack that looks like it's having an existential crisis.
The Return of the Gobblewonker


Fluffstravaganza commission for @transbirdetta who tumblr won’t let me tag. They wanted some Stan and Dipper bonding fluff. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks as always to @thesnadger for beta-ing, although I feel the need to point out that I came up with a pun in this story All By Myself.


Stan froze at the bottom of the stairs, one hand tightening instinctively around his coffee mug and the other curling into a fist. He cursed inwardly. Which one of them had raised the dead this time? One of the nerds most likely, although he wouldn’t entirely put it past Mabel to do it as an excuse for family bonding.

All right. He’d done this before. Admittedly, he hadn’t been in his underwear then, but there was nothing to be done about that now. He could probably take them by surprise as he entered the kitchen, which would buy him enough time to grab a blunt (or not-so-blunt, depending) implement off the wall. Then grab the kids and either queue up another karaoke song or break out the industrial-sized formaldehyde jug.

Really, the whole thing was just a nuisance.

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Ghoulish Falls


I didn’t expect to start posting story stuff like this so soon after I got on the site, but this story didn’t really want to leave me alone. It’s based on @cirilee‘s Ghoul AU, and it’s only the first chapter of many.

I will be posting this to my Fanfiction profile as well, but not right at this particular moment.

And so, without further ado….

Chapter 1: Welcome to Gravity Falls

Ah, summer vacation. No school, no homework, and all the time in the world to spend time with family and friends.

“Hey, look up ahead!” A teenage girl with her long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail pointed at what was in front of the car as she started hopping up and down in her seat. “That must be it!”

“It should be, according to the directions we got.” The brown-haired teenage boy sitting behind the driver’s seat of the little car grinned at his passenger.

Or, if you happen to be us, take a road trip up the west coast from Piedmont, California, to a small town called Gravity Falls in Oregon in order to investigate the paranatural.

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Forsaking the Stars ch. 9

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

Mabel ended up sleeping through most of the plane ride, and dreamed of a huge glowing moon, the same image she’d seen that same morning that had inspired her to paint. Odd, she rarely had repeat dreams, even something as simple as reoccurring imagery. 

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devils-deeds-23  asked:

Yooo! I was wondering if you can write some more emotionally hurt Dipper? Like you did in the mystery kids comic?pwease and thank you!

He knew he shouldn’t, he needed sleep, and it was just sotempting, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t, not with everyone around. No, this was the best solution; he forgot how many hours it had been.

Dipper blinked slowly, sitting hunched over on the corner of the bed as everyone slept around him.  His neck was hurting from staying in the same position to long, and his back was gaining too many splinters from leaning against the old wooden wall.

Dipper risked a glance to the window, the moon was out of sight, but everything seemed relatively normal. He hated doing that to himself, there was nothing wrong, everything would be fine, and everyone would be safe.

That’s a lie

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