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Guy III - Guy (Jan. 25, 2000)

Check out the super-optimistic 😢 lyrics to one of the album’s tracks about the far off year of ‘2004’

“In the year 2004
Life will be like one big party
The sensation of cultural unity
Hatin’ is over and there’s positivity
This is a new world, some things haven’t changed
Yo, a party is a party no matter what day
There are angels laced in platinum robes
And a Benz is still a Benz, wheels dipped in chrome
The ladies are still fly with futuristic styles
You know flossin ain’t over, it’s just computerized
So now tell me is the future what you thought it would be?
For every cloudy vision is now reality
Now these words you hear is not meant to scare
But in fact they’re here to make you aware
So just like before, you know, in the past
The future’s what we make it
So let’s make it last”

After 75 days of cycling and camping I have finally reached the Pacific Ocean via Florence, Oregon to dip my wheels in the costal water, thus concluding the first part of my cross country tour. To reach this point I had to traverse 4500 miles, 10 states, 4 mountain ranges, endless hills, 4 time zones, over a dozen flats, 2 new wheel frames, 2 new tires, a new shifter, several inpromptue roadside repairs, insane westerly head winds (30 mph in Colorado), too many close calls with speeding vehicles to count, roughly 10 large stray dog encounters, many ounces of consumed protein powder, and even more ounces of consumed booze with my cycling crew. Cheers to adventure.


cipher wheel | ( insp. )

Hey this is Jake, owner of Hip-Hop Fights Back. I recently just surpassed 4000 miles on my fully self-sustained cycling/camping trip across America. Tomorrow I reach Florence, Oregon’s coast, symbolically dipping my bike’s wheels in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean during the same trip. I then have roughly 1000 more miles before I conclude my adventures in Southern California.

Fun things to do in Arizona during the summer:

• throw cactuses at people.
• sit in your car and wait for the steering wheel to dip under 200 degrees.
• make friends with a local coyote.
• heat exhaustion.
• cry because this is actually what hell feels like.
• continue to cry because you live in an apartment complex and you’re too grossed out by public pools to actually use one.
• sunburns.
• changing your clothes 3 times a day because you’ll feel disgusting otherwise.
• cut ties with most of your friends for a few months because they want to go out for some unknown reason.
• pretend you’re a tumbleweed.
• cactus.

FMSL90 Day 16 & 17

Tell us about you most proud fitness accomplishment so far. Tell us about one fitness goal you are working toward.

Day 16 & 17 are about the same for me. My proudest fitness accomplishment so far is completing RAGBRAI. It is an annual 450+ mile bike ride across Iowa. 

I rode a recumbent bike through near crazy heat, torrential downpours and near tornados all the way across this beautiful and surprisingly hilly state. :) 

Here I am on day 1 - dipping my rear wheel in the Missouri river.

Here I was in my tent the night over ½ the tents got blown away. 

Here I was on a break - watching a windmill farm. 

Here I am on day 5 - after 7+ hours in 100 degree heat. 

Here I am at the end, dipping my front wheels in the Mississippi river. 

It was the hardest thing I ever have done. 8-12 hours of hard riding every day for a week. I am so proud I did it - and I can’t wait to do it again, 200 lbs lighter.