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How the Past Queens connect to Star

Hey look, an actual theory post! Instead of stressing about my Poli-Sci final, I’ve decided to focus on this for a few minutes.

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I’ve (THINK) I’ve come up with an explanation as to why we’ve bee shown certain queens. They all have a deeper connection to Star then simply being her ancestors. Star bares an aspect of an old Queen’s personality. I’m mainly using the episode Into the Wand and the book Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension as my source material here and then just some guessing. So bare with me.

First of all Moon the Undaunted

Apart from looking similar (like really similar) and fighting Toffee, both are known to “run from or avoid” there problems. Simply preferring to handle things n their own way by themselves. Both are also very emotional (if Moon’s face in this is any indication).

Next we have Celena the Shy

Beieve me, Star is in no way shy. But, the line “A trove of cosmic secrets that never will be told.” Is definatley a ringer for Star. She has an entire closet full of secrets for corn’s sake!

Next, Festivia the Fun

Now this is a Queen I’d like to see in action! That being said, her little blurb describes her as someone who, when faced with low-moral of an entire kingdom, basically said: “PAAAARRRTY!!!!!” and if that doesn’t sound like Star then I don’t know what does.

And instead of beating around the bush for this entire post, next up is Eclipsa, Queen of Darkness

Do I know of the hundreds of theory posts surrounding the theory that Star will become dark and corrupted? Yes. Will I be talking about it? NO! At least, not now.

Basically, not ony are Eclipsa and Star both insanely powerful, but they also have soft spots for monsters, are considered the black sheep among their families (Eclipsa marrying a monster and Star being “reckless and irresponsibe”), and they also fell in love with people not of Mewmen descendant (Star with Marco, a human and Eclipsa, a monster). 

Ok, next up is Skywynne, Queen of Hours

Not really much to say here except that Skywynne was the first to write down a lot of the time-related spells, thus inventing some of her own. Star has done the same with spells like the Narwhal Blast.

Next is Solaria the Monster Carver

Both are badass warriors and can kick some monster ass ad are willing to do just that for their kingdom. (Also their was an episode titled Storm the Castle where Star did just that).

And, finally, since her real name has yet to be revealed, I’ll just call her Queen Bunny

Again, we don’t know much about her, so this part is just fan speculation. So tread carefully.

Ok, so observation 1: She is super cute just like Star. (I mean look at her! She’s adorable!)

Observation 2: Her Wand and Cheek Marks are glowing. Usually his signifies “Dipping Down”. So maybe she was the first queen to Dip Down.

Observaton 3: Apart from Skywynne and maybe Eclipsa, hers is the only one to take place outside of Mewni society proper. In the wilderness in a rather serene and peaceful scene. So, there is a possibility that she might be the first Queen of Mewni. A beginning of an era. And if the border of Star’s tapestry (currently in the works) is anything to go by:

Star is the beginning of a new era. (Again, most of the latter is just speculation).

So, as we can see, Star is even more BAMF than before

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But this is just my theory. What do you guys think?

Lost Little Wolf

Part 2 of Ivar x Reader series

Summary: Now that she’s found you, Aslaug isn’t so sure where to place you. Obviously you and Ivar need to stick together but the prince is less then welcoming.

A/N: Because the reader is not from Kattegat or any of the neighboring villages, I am having the main characters speak Norwegian. Translations will be at the end. Don’t worry, everyone will understand each other and more Ivar in the next parts. Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoy!

Part 1

After the beautiful woman with storm eyes had purchased you and a few others, you were basically thrown to the group of women behind her. All of you were ushered back to a giant hut. 

You were pulled away from the others, including the old woman and taken into a large hall. The tall woman turned to you when the doors closed, to assess you.

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Merlin x Reader: Surprise

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy! 

“Well lookie here, boys,” You moved into a defensive stance as the bandit leered at you.  “Looks like we found ourselves a little forest nymph.”  His lackeys cackled.  “What’s your name, gorgeous?”  He took a step closer.  You responded by stepping back.  He raised an eyebrow.  “Not telling, eh?” His eyes scanned your form before landing on your collarbone.  His eyes widened and you mentally cursed yourself as you tugged your cloak forward so it covered you completely.  “A druid mark?”  The look on your face said it all.  A sickening grin spread across his face.  “Little far from home, aren’t you, missy?”  One of his followers stepped forward and whispered something in his ear.  The leader’s eyebrows widened and he looked at you again.  “Well considering you’re here, it looks like you haven’t heard.”  You face remained stony.  “Camelot’s offering a reward for any druids brought to court.  The news made your blood boil.  Your people were scared to leave their dwellings for this exact reason, and you had finally had enough.  “So like it or not, you’re coming with us.”  He reached towards you menacingly.  Reacting quickly, you grabbed the man’s wrist, twisted his arm behind his back, and kicked him.  He hit the ground with a loud thud.

“Sorry, but that’s not going to happen,” You said as you flicked some hair out of your eyes.  The bandit stood up and brushed the dirt of his tunic angrily. 

“Oh, you’re going to regret that, missy.”  He seethed as he took out a pair of daggers the same time as his posse revealed all of theirs.  You took your staff from here it was strapped to your back, never taking your eyes off the men.  The air was silent.  Nothing moved.  Then the first man lunged towards you with a loud cry.  You threw your staff up, deflecting his weapons and throwing him off balance.  He staggered back, his face burning.  His face twisted into an angry mask and he whirled to face his men.  “Well don’t just stand there!”  He jabbed a finger in your direction.  “Get her!”  The men turned to you with similar snarls on their faces.  You hefted your staff and braced yourself.

“Stop!”  Someone shouted.  Everyone froze and looked around for the owner of the voice.

“Up there!”  One of the bandits pointed up. You followed his finger and saw a legion of Camelot’s knights watching you.  “No one move!” They turned their mounts and rode to the mouth of the valley.  The men all looked at each other before taking off.  They were long gone before the knights made it to your position.

“You!”  The one you recognized and King Arthur demanded.  “Where did they go?”  You jabbed a finger in the direction they had fled.  Arthur waved his hand and five knights rode past you in that direction.  You avoided looking at Mordred, slightly saddened that he would forsake his roots.  Arthur dismounted and walked over to you.  “What is your name, and what are you doing so close to our borders.”

“Your Highness, you wound me!  I was under the impression I was expected.”  Seeing that he didn’t understand, you shrugged off your cloak, revealing your tattoo.  You dipped into a curtsey.  “Queen Y/N of the Forest Druids.”  He still had a dumbfounded look on his face.  “I was coming to meet with the King and discuss our people.”  Arthur raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve made arrangements for such a meeting.”

“Oh,” You laughed.  “Not you.” He gave you an odd look.  “I meant the Druid King.”

“There’s a Druid King?”  You turned to look at Merlin, who had remained silent during the exchange.

“You never told him?” Merlin shrugged as he tried to come up with a response.

“Tell me…what?”  Arthur turned to Merlin. 

“Yes, Merlin, what are you going to tell him?”  You played innocent and he glared at you.

“You’re cold, N/N.”  You gave him an innocent look.

“Well, out with it, Merlin!”

“Y/N’s my wife.”  He blurted out suddenly.  Your eyes widened.  Well that was…blunt.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Arthur looked between the two of you.  “You…You’re married?!”

“Yes.”  You said simply.  “And if I’m the Druid Queen, that that makes him…”  You helped him along.

“The Druid King.”   He went silent for a moment, before taking a step towards Merlin and giving him a smart rap on the head.  “Why didn’t you tell me, Merlin?!  Don’t you think that’s something you should’ve told me!”  Before you could intervene, the knights returned.  The one with long black hair swung down with a grin on his face. 

“We got them; Mordred’s taking them to the cells.” He told Arthur before turning to you.  “You’re safe now.”  You looked at Merlin, who just shrugged again.  “May I ask the lovely lady’s name?”

“Okay.”  You told him.  He blanked for a few moments. 

“…What’s your name?”  He asked awkwardly after a few moments. 


“Well, Y/N.  I’m Gwaine.”  He said as he produced a flower out of nowhere and handed it to you with a flourish.  You stepped back and held your hands out. 

“No thank you.”

“Oh, come now, don’t be shy.”  He persuaded.

“If I show you why I’m saying no, you’ll feel like an ass.  Would you like to know why I’m saying no?”  Gwaine thought for a moment with a confident grin on his face. 

“Sure,” You cocked an eyebrow in response to his smirk. 

“Alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”  Without waiting for a response, you walked over to Merlin, grabbed him by the kerchief around his neck, and pulled his mouth to yours.  He stiffened for a moment, before relaxing and loosely wrapping his arms around your waist.  When you pulled back and looked at your audience, their eyes were wide and their jaws were slack.  “This is my husband.”  You said simply.  Gwaine’s face flared up and he awkwardly dropped the flower he was holding.  The knights burst out laughing.  Arthur cleared his throat and the commotion settled.

“Well considering the sun will set in,” He looked up. “Three quarters of an hour, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t offer you and your…your husband,” He gave Merlin another weird look.  “A place to stay for the night. 

“That’s very kind of you, Your Majesty.  Thank you.”  You curtseyed.  You mounted Merlin’s horse behind him, and he turned his horse as you followed the convoy back to Camelot.

“You got me in trouble, you know.”  He said after a few minutes of silence.

“Oh don’t worry, you actually have rank now.  Use it.”  He laughed.

“Somehow I don’t think that will make a difference.”

Well, we’ll find out when we get there, won’t we?”  He removed one hand from the reins and lowered it to cover where your hands were clasped around his waist.

“Yes we will.”

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I Don’t Dance - Story Repost

A/N: I’m feeling a little down on my writing, which led me to dig around in my fanfic folder, which led me to find this. It will be canon in my head until something else airs. :) 

Oliver Queen didn’t dance. He could vaguely remember dancing with his baby sister at a wedding reception when she still wore dresses that puffed out. During his partying days, he avoided the dance floor, preferring other…activities. After the island, he didn’t even like parties―only holding them and running a nightclub to hide his now worthwhile activities. According to some people, at least. The only wedding he’d been to since he stepped foot in Star City again was his best friend’s, and he spent most of it staring wishfully at him and his wife, swaying to the music while they stared into each other’s eyes, so full of love.

So why, tonight, did he have his arms around his new wife, leading her in their first dance together as husband and wife?

He didn’t really know. Couldn’t imagine how he finally figured out how to love a woman so much that he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her by his side. Couldn’t believe that she would actually want him by her side for another fifty years.

But he did. Somehow, some way, he did. They did. It hurt to think about how many rocky hills they had to climb before they reached the top of the mountain, but with their love for each other, they made it, and tonight, they were waving that flag from the mountain peak.

In a tux and a wedding dress.

The song that Thea picked out for them played on, but Oliver couldn’t hear or see anything but his wife. His wife. Tears filled his eyes as he thought of his younger self. Never would twenty-three-year-old Oliver Queen have imagined that eight years later he would be dancing with the most beautiful, kindest, gentlest woman on the face of the earth. The thirty-year-old version would’ve had a hard time imaging it.

Felicity twirled in her gown and then came back to rest her head on his chest. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

“About you.”

“About how I hacked your phone to see where we’re taking the jet tonight?”


“I’m kidding. What exactly were you thinking about?”

“How if I could get Barry to take me back to seven or eight years ago, my younger self would never believe me if I told him what was happening right now.”

“My younger self wouldn’t believe it either. Getting married to a handsome man like you? I could go on but I already rambled about you enough in those embarrassing vows.”

He spun her around again and chuckled. “They made me cry.”

“Probably from embarrassment.”


“You have another sixty years with me, Mr. Queen. I will make it a point to embarrass you at least fifty times.”

This time when she twirled, he pulled her back and wrapped his arms around her waist. He buried his face in her blonde hair and whispered, “As long as you’re with me for that long, I’d be okay with that.”

The song picked up, and Oliver pulled Felicity along to the beat. Several times, one of them stepped on the other’s feet. Personally he thought her heeled shoes had to hurt more than his normal ones did.

But didn’t that symbolize them? They had their missteps; sometimes those missteps felt like high heels had just been slammed down onto shoeless feet, and sometimes they were just little slips.

Nevertheless, they found each other again. They swept along to the music; they found a reason to dance together. Just like now.

Diggle, Thea, Barry, and the rest of the crew cheered as he lifted Felicity in the air and spun her in circles. She squealed and gripped his forearms, throwing her head back laughing as he rotated twice before setting her down.

The music reached the end, and Felicity pulled away just enough to look at him. And smile. “I love you, Oliver Queen.”

He dipped his forehead down against hers and allowed a moment to catch his bearings. Everything that she said moved him to tears, even the little ‘I love yous’ that he’d heard a million times. Her look of love that she’d given him since the very beginning made his body wilt. Somehow he caught this amazing woman who saw him not as he was, but who he could be.

“What did I do to deserve you?”

Felicity’s arms came around his neck and she laughed. “You brought a bullet-ridden laptop into my office, remember? I knew you had a good heart from the beginning. And after a little while, I knew that I could love you. And to answer your question…you loved me. That’s all you needed to do.”

He bit his lip and nodded. Nothing else could really come out. How could it?

“Hey.” Her hands slid down his cheeks, her voice soothing away any doubts he still had. “You deserve me, Oliver. Don’t tell yourself any different. I’m your partner for life now. And you’ll definitely have to get used to me giving you these kind of pep talks.”

This time he smiled at her. “I’d be okay with that.”

Their kiss was met with roars of approval. Most of the noise came from Diggle and Thea. Oliver smiled as her lips claimed his, holding him captive for just one last moment before the night flew by them in a flurry of dancing and partying. He loved her. He loved this woman.

As the night wore on, he danced with his sister, his new mother-in-law, and countless other girls whom he knew. He and Sara Lance even took a turn.

“I’m happy for you, Ollie. Really, really happy.”

“Thanks, Sara.” He spun her around twice, careful not to reinjure her broken wrist. “I’m happy too.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard you say that. And before…you weren’t really telling the truth. Because you weren’t really happy before then either. Your soul was looking for the right girl. And you found her.”

“Yeah.” His eyes travelled the room until he found her, laughing with Roy and Thea. By the mortified look on Roy’s face, it had to have been wildly disturbing. He chuckled. Poor Roy. Felicity could pack a punch when it came to distasteful comments. Part of the reason he loved her so. “Yeah, I did.”

Because he did. Oliver Queen, former party boy and ex-killer, had found his light. With her help, he became the Mayor of Star City. With her help, he became the Green Arrow. He became a better man with her by his side. She changed him. And if someone wanted to argue that changing into a different kind of vigilante wasn’t true change, he had one fact to give them: Oliver Queen didn’t dance.

But tonight, he did. Because Oliver Queen could dance. As long as it was with one girl.

Felicity Smoak.


I was thinking about how some character designs in ML are based on a concept from the ground up, and tried my hand at foxy Marinette and buggy Alya where their designs were based on different themes, but without rendering them unrecognizable or making it look like they didn’t pick out their own clothes. Then I did potentially-a-peacock Adrien and way-less-repressed-than-our-canon-example black cat Nino, because I was on a roll.

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So obviously I want Captain Swan to get married and have all the babies and live happily ever after and I need that wedding like yesterday, but as much as I love Emma and Killian, a large part of this need is due to Captain Charming. And the fact (and yes I said fact and will hear no arguments to the contrary) that Charming will likely serve as father to the bride and best man to the groom.

And I will serve as dead person located in pew #1.

But seriously can you imagine:

  • Killian not precisely asking David for Emma’s hand in marriage, because his Swan is not a parcel to be passed and can do as she pleases. But still he makes sure to sit David down to share his intentions to love for with everything he has for all of eternity and do everything in his power to make her happy.
  • David coughing to cover up his crying.
  • David telling Killian about the best man tradition in this realm but leaving out the part about it being of the groom’s choosing and just saying he’ll handle it no problem, friend. 
  • Killian being like oooooooook whatevs sounds great, mate.
  • David fist pumping when Killian turns around. 
  • David throwing Killian’s bachelor party.
  • Will inquiring where the strippers are.
  • David punching him in the face.
  • Everyone else agreeing that it’s too bad it’s not that kind of party.
  • Then the toasts starting.
  • Robin’s is hilarious yet earnest and sweet.
  • Will’s is mostly snark but tinged with a sadness he quickly covers up, because celebrating someone’s True Love while being separated from your own kinda cleaves your heart in two.
  • David making no less than 12 toasts throughout the night, a mixed bag of brotherly love, awkward jokes, stern warnings, and sobs.
  • He’s drunk by the second one.
  • Hence the sobbing. And the hugging.
  • Killian not minding, however ridiculous the situation may be, brotherly affection is something he of all people knows to value.
  • David passing out in the corner booth by midnight, snoring and muttering about True Love.
  • Robin and Killian shouldering the slumbering prince to cart him home, with Will gathering his feet. 
  • Snow just rolling her eyes.
  • Slightly drunk Killian stealing up to Emma’s room for a quick snuggle.
  • The next morning, not a wince from David.
  • Killian is rather impressed.
  • The two of them in the little room off the lobby of the church, shrugging into their tuxes.
  • Killian staring at the black bowtie like what the bloody hell am I to do with this contraption.
  • Charming just smiling and tying it for him.
  • (Sorry, I need a moment at that visual.)
  • (Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnt.)
  • Archie popping his head in to say that it’s time.
  • Everyone agreeing that jesus can we find someone else to officiate these things so we don’t have to invite that wet blanket to all the things?
  • Right before they walk out, David clasping Hook on the shoulder and telling him he’s happy Emma chose him.
  • And he’ll be proud to call him family.
  • David coughing to cover up his crying.
  • My wailing sobs filling in the church.
  • Killian taking his place by the alter.
  • David knocking on the door of the other small room off the lobby.
  • The door openining, and Emma is standing there, a vision in white.
  • David not bothering to cover up his crying.
  • Emma threatening bodily harm if he makes her cry and ruin her makeup.
  • Too late.
  • She’s her father’s daughter after all.
  • Charming walking her down the aisle, watching Hook watch her.
  • And smiling because he knows the look on Hook’s face.
  • Or rather the feeling that inspires it.
  • True Love isn’t very subtle.
  • And then him kissing Emma on the cheek and giving her away, before turning and stepping up to stand next to Killian for the remainder of the ceremony.
  • Then stupid Archie finally pronouncing them husband and wife.
  • And Hook, in true #1 drama queen fashion, dipping her for their first kiss.
  • And David coughing to cover up his crying.

            “I took a walk on a cold, clear winter night. The sun had long since set, but stars were plainly visible through thin clouds that still released snow in lazy flakes. I was alone on the road, my breath in clouds before me and packed snow crunching beneath my boots.

            I was alone, in a silent world. The air cleared my mind.

            I had not gotten far I suppose, though I cannot be sure, when I saw a girl in the snow. While I walked the shoveled path, she seemed to glide over the fresh drifts without trouble. The thin moon and bright stars were enough for me to see.

            Her skin was smooth and pale as bone, slender legs and feet bare. She wore a thin pea coat, grey in the dim light, with leaves stitched to the hem. A crown of ivy clung to her head and pointed in many directions.  Her hair may have been what perplexed me most. Long dreads seemed tied in which perfectly normal hair, but each bunch was incased in ice.

            Perhaps it was the chiming of the icicles in her hair that drew my attention. She did not crunch through the glittering crust of last evening’s snow fall, and I could not see her breath ghosting in the air as mine did. I stopped to watch this fey creature’s odd dance over the snow. She seemed light enough to walk on the very top of the snow, hardly leaving any trace or prints. Her hands made smooth, sweeping motions, and small eddies of snowflakes followed her direction. I admit, I was spellbound at her delicate dance.

            I am unsure how long I watched her. I knew my fingers were cold and pained, even balled within my pockets by the time she turned her fair face towards me and became still as a deer. I hardly dared to breathe. She cocked her head at me, jerky and birdlike, to stare with eyes nearly full black.

            I withdrew my hands from my pockets, and taking the hem of my coat, fell into a small and clumsy curtsy. Her face did not change, yet somehow seemed amused.

            After a few heartbeats, she let out a whistling laugh, like winter wind through old air ducts. She mimicked my motion with far more grace, spinning on her toes. A flurry of snow picked up around her, and she seemed to vanish into the air. The last I ever saw of her.

            I do wonder though. Should I wander alone, late in a winter night, would I ever see her again? Perhaps. Perhaps you may, too." 

theodora14pines  asked:

15 with Starco please. If you can. Thank you.

It took a while, but it is here. The prompt was ‘I don’t want to hurt you’. Well, as you read this always remember: you brought this on yourself.

Without further ado:

Fire, Walk With Me

Marco and Star’s victory over the forces of evil is short-lived as Eclipsa’s last spell has unforeseen consequences.

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Before she turns around and walks towards the sun yellow bug of a car that will lead her and their son away from home, she kisses Regina.

She kisses Regina and does not hear the gasps of her family. Or maybe she does and just doesn’t let them distract her from the last moments where she’s still the Emma that’s Emma. She kisses Regina and wipes away a single shining tear with the tip of her thumb from the face of a queen, because the queen is human and human hearts break. She kisses Regina and does not say goodbye. She kisses Regina… and then she forgets.

Not all curses break from a kiss. But some kisses unravel the edges of spells.

Emma forgets. And yet Emma is a single mother who always thinks to herself ‘our son’.

Emma forgets. And yet when she catches their son watching Disney’s Snow White she flees the room and staggers against her bedroom door, and can barely breathe, and her heart hurts.

Emma forgets, but though she’s always loved them, will not eat apples.

Emma forgets. But when Henry screams in the middle of the night for his mom, and Emma rushes to his side to wake him from his nightmare, and he looks at her with a silent 'not you’, she is not surprised.

Emma forgets. But every morning she wakes up with numb skin around her eyes and dried saltiness on her cheeks. She knows she’s cried and yet does not know why.

Emma forgets and forgets and forgets and knows that she has. And a mind cannot take knowing, so she pretends that she notices nothing.

Emma forgets, but when the doorbell rings and she opens the doors, and a woman she’s never ever seen before, stands there with wide terrified eyes, she almost smiles.

And when that woman tells her impossible things, though it’s not in her nature to do so… Emma believes every word.

Not all kisses break every curse. But if there’s just enough love to make a dent, there’s just enough love for a happily ever after.

Do you ever just cry over how much you miss Tommy?

Or how proud of Oliver he would be?

He’d be so happy that Oliver finally got his head out of his ass and was happy with Felicity.

He would have talked some sense into Oliver and made sure Oliver didn’t team up with Malcolm.

There would still be Merlance.

And him and Felicity would have been such good friends.