dipped queen

            “I took a walk on a cold, clear winter night. The sun had long since set, but stars were plainly visible through thin clouds that still released snow in lazy flakes. I was alone on the road, my breath in clouds before me and packed snow crunching beneath my boots.

            I was alone, in a silent world. The air cleared my mind.

            I had not gotten far I suppose, though I cannot be sure, when I saw a girl in the snow. While I walked the shoveled path, she seemed to glide over the fresh drifts without trouble. The thin moon and bright stars were enough for me to see.

            Her skin was smooth and pale as bone, slender legs and feet bare. She wore a thin pea coat, grey in the dim light, with leaves stitched to the hem. A crown of ivy clung to her head and pointed in many directions.  Her hair may have been what perplexed me most. Long dreads seemed tied in which perfectly normal hair, but each bunch was incased in ice.

            Perhaps it was the chiming of the icicles in her hair that drew my attention. She did not crunch through the glittering crust of last evening’s snow fall, and I could not see her breath ghosting in the air as mine did. I stopped to watch this fey creature’s odd dance over the snow. She seemed light enough to walk on the very top of the snow, hardly leaving any trace or prints. Her hands made smooth, sweeping motions, and small eddies of snowflakes followed her direction. I admit, I was spellbound at her delicate dance.

            I am unsure how long I watched her. I knew my fingers were cold and pained, even balled within my pockets by the time she turned her fair face towards me and became still as a deer. I hardly dared to breathe. She cocked her head at me, jerky and birdlike, to stare with eyes nearly full black.

            I withdrew my hands from my pockets, and taking the hem of my coat, fell into a small and clumsy curtsy. Her face did not change, yet somehow seemed amused.

            After a few heartbeats, she let out a whistling laugh, like winter wind through old air ducts. She mimicked my motion with far more grace, spinning on her toes. A flurry of snow picked up around her, and she seemed to vanish into the air. The last I ever saw of her.

            I do wonder though. Should I wander alone, late in a winter night, would I ever see her again? Perhaps. Perhaps you may, too." 

Do you ever just cry over how much you miss Tommy?

Or how proud of Oliver he would be?

He’d be so happy that Oliver finally got his head out of his ass and was happy with Felicity.

He would have talked some sense into Oliver and made sure Oliver didn’t team up with Malcolm.

There would still be Merlance.

And him and Felicity would have been such good friends.

Here is the OFFICIAL Lush discontinued list

Soaps- Ice Blue, The Godmother,& Dirty,and Mangnificent

Phoenix Rising bath bomb,
Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb,
Rose Queen bath bomb,
Space Girl bath bomb,
Dorothy bubble bar, and
Amandopondo bubbl bar

Shower-Flying Fox shower gel, Grass shower gel,Sweetie Pie shower jelly, You Snap the Whip body butter, and Aqua Mirabilis body butter

Vanilla Puff dusting powder, 
Lustre dusting powder, 
Tiny Hands hand serum, 
Stepping Stone foot scrub, 
Putty for Your Hands hand soap, 
Lovely Jubblies breast cream, 
Formulae Known As body lotion, and 
Vanilla Dee Lite body lotion

Ultimate Shine shampoo bar, 
Squeaky Green shampoo bar, and 
Zeste hair gelly

Royal mother-to-be: Kate, whose second baby was due on Saturday, popped into Buckingham Palace for a dip in the Queen’s pool with her son, Prince George, this morning. As revealed by the Mail last year, Kate is a frequent visitor to Buckingham Palace’s covered pool, used by members of the royal family and staff, where she is teaching George, aged 21 months, to swim. Dressed in casual clothes and with her long hair down, the Duchess appeared distinctly unconcerned by the fact that she is now several days overdue, maneuvering her car carefully past a ten-deep crowd waiting at the gates of the Queen’s official residence for the daily changing of the guard.
—  DailyMail (x)