dipped neckline

The Family

This one is going up much earlier than expected, but here’s to the sweet anonymous pal for this request! xoxo 

Plot: [Hello can I have a fluffy josh imagine where you’re his girlfriend and you go to a family wedding with Josh and there you meet all of his family?thank youu x.]

It was a Saturday afternoon and you were rummaging through your closet trying to find the perfect dress, it was the day you had always dreamed of… meeting your boyfriend Josh’s family. The air was crisp outside as autumn welcomed itself into the world, leaves invitingly falling from the trees settling around the trunks. You were getting ready for his cousins wedding. The dress you ended up picking was a champagne color that subtly dipped into a sweetheart neckline and fell right past your knees, the capped sleeves were made of lace and the rest of the dress was silk. Your phone dinged as you zipped it up on the side. 

The screen read “Josh <3″ you opened up the message which said “Hey babe, I’ll be over in five to pick you up. see you soon! xoxo” You curled the last few pieces of your hair that had fallen flat since, and sprayed them with hairspray to ensure they kept their place. You took a deep breath as the doorbell rang, sliding on your white high heels to go and open the door. 

It was Josh, he stared admiringly at your figure framed by the doorway. 

“You look…. wow,” Josh stuttered, having trouble forming a sentence. 

“You look ‘wow’ too love,” you laughed running a hand down the arm of his black suit jacket that was complimented by a white dress shirt, a black tie, black pants, and black shoes. A seemingly sharp look, that deepened his dark brown eyes even further, and made his pink hair pop. 

“You ready to do this thing?” he asked, taking your hand leading you out to his car.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” you exhaled rather dramatically. 

“They’re going to love you.” he kissed you on the cheek before you two got in the car. 

You arrived at the wedding and were immediately immersed into all the introductions, you met his siblings first to warm up prior to meeting the parents. Ashley welcomed you with a hug, Abigail did as well and you received a handshake from Jordan. 

“You’re even more beautiful in person!” Ashley exclaimed, “Josh has shown me so many photos, I feel like all he talks about is you,” she laughed winking at josh who’s cheeks had flushed up pink. 

“Yeah, you make my brother super happy, thanks Y/N.” Jordan said

“Plus, I’m impressed by you.. meeting the whole family at once, that’s a keeper Josh.” Abigail chimed in. 

“I did get pretty lucky,” Josh squeezed your hand comforting you, assuring you you were doing great. 

“You guys are wonderful, I’m so glad this is finally happening,” you smiled at all of them.

“Mom and dad are right over there,” Ashley signaled her thumb behind her. 

“I’ll come talk to you guys some more later,” you called out as josh led you away. 

“C’mon babe,” Josh said, “I love you,” Josh whispered in your ear. 

“Joshy!” his mom was practically running up as she wrapped her arms around Josh, Josh kissed her on the head. 

“Hey buddy,” Joshes dad patted him on the back, bringing him into half a hug. 

“This must be the lovely lady I’ve been hearing about,” Laura hugged you beaming with excitement. 

“So nice to meet you, your son is amazing. You raised him well,” you giggled. 

“Well he’s been even better since you’ve been around,” his dad said. 

“You didn’t tell me your family was even nicer than you,” you said teasingly, rubbing his back. 

“And she’s funny? Hopefully your wedding will be next Josh,” his mom laughed, looking at the two of you lovingly. 

You heard Ashley shouting your name from across the room 

“Hey, Y/N, come dance with us!” 

“Go ahead,” his dad laughed, noticing your desire to want to, but also your respect to stay and chat. 

Josh twirled you around by the hand as you both walked out onto the dance floor. He held you close, rocking back and forth, swaying you to the rhythm. 

I have very big breasts. I’ve had noticeable breasts since I was ten, and very large breasts since I was like, twelve. 

And, since I was twelve, I’ve noticed the dress codes are enforced more strictly when applied to my clothing choices. Skinny girls with a cups or b cups could wear spaghetti straps (against dress-code), but if I tried, I’d be told off. 

I wore a dress with the slightest dip in the neckline and I’m told I need to change, or my clothes aren’t appropriate. 

I’m tired of my body being seen as somehow more sexual and more in need of policing because I have breasts.

Like, if I could get a reduction tomorrow without it impacting my life, I would gladly. But the problem is not with my breasts, but with people who pay far too much fucking attention to them.