dipped in the bathtub

Bleeding Heart

Sometimes I’m not even sure how these things happen. Suffice it to say, @komadoriwonder and I were talking about Dick giving Damian a bubble bath and I decided it needed to be written. Thanks to @audreycritter for helping me with the animal idea.

Warnings: Blood, and a dead deer

Words: 1,719

Rating: I’m going to say PG because of the blood and animal death. It’s angsty, but does have fluff

Summary: Dick has always loved Damian’s kindness, but what he loves more is helping Damian realize how kind he is. And sometimes, helping him realize that means giving him a bubble bath so he wont run away.

Damian’s first words to Dick when he found him were a defensive, “I didn’t do it.”

It made sense that those would be the words he chose, he was covered in blood after all. Covered in blood with a deer of all things, cradled in his lap. Well, it’s head at least. It was too big for Damian to have the entire thing in his lap.

“I didn’t think you did.” Dick said.

“Yes, you did.” Damian insisted, with a frown. His tone was hurt. “It was all but evident in your eyes when you walked up.”

“Dames.” Dick sighed.

He looked so small, and scared sitting on the outskirts of Wayne manor’s property with his hands, gently on the deer’s head, one hand curled around it’s ear. It wasn’t just his hands covered in blood, but his face, chest, and legs. It almost looked like he’d been dumped in a puddle of the stuff.

There were tracks through the blood on his cheeks, the kind that were only made by tears.

“I was surprised.” Dick told him. “The last thing I expected to do was find you out here covered in blood. Bruce said you two had a fight.”

“Tt. I came out to clear my head.”

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Princess - Part 9

Word Counting: 420 words
Warnings: Fluff. Sorta aftercare (Hunt aftercare?).

Princess - Masterlist

You stopped at the motel instead of riding straight to the bunker and Sam watched as you dragged yourself to the bathroom as soon as he opened the door to you. When he followed you, minutes later, you were dipping your foot into the water of a bathtub filled with bubbles.

“Planning something, princess?” He questioned in a low voice and you looked at his direction in silence, watching as he walked to your direction.

You always took a bath after a hunt if there was a bathtub available.

“Let me do this for you.” He whispered. “Please.”

You nodded, sitting down in the small tub.

Sam seemed awkward by your side. It was weird for the two of you to be in such position but you knew it was just because of the new feeling of being there.

There were no second intentions when Sam touched your naked skin, running his hands on your torso and cleaning you from the sweat and dirt. His touch was hesitant but sweet and you could see how he wanted to build intimacy between the two of you.

“Let me rub your back.” He whispered and you leant forward, exposing yourself to him. “Good girl.”

You closed your eyes and smiled as his words.

“You’re so beautiful.” He continued. “I’m so happy you’re with me. I’m so lucky.”

When you were done, he pulled you up and undressed, rising you under the shower’s water, using the timing to wash his own body. The motel’s towel wasn’t as fluffy as yours but Sam made it feel equally good when he patted you dry.

“Thank you, daddy.” You muttered and he smiled openly in response, lifting you in his arms as if you were as light as a feather, walking the two of you to the bed.

“May I?” He asked after stopping in front of your bag and you nodded.

Sam dressed you very calmly, first in a comfortable pair of boxer shorts and then in an equally comfortable baggy shirt you reserved for sleep nights.

He put on flannel pants and a tank top and pulled you into his arms, laying down next to you.

“Can we do this after every hunt?” You whispered.

“It will be a pleasure.” He smiled and you hide your face in the crook of his neck. “You want a bedtime story?”

You shoo your head, lips pressed against his skin.

“Too tired.” You mumbled and he chuckled.

“Okay.” He whispered, caressing your back. “Good night, princess.”

“Good night, daddy.”

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“You heard me, darling you look perfect.” [Tom Holland Imagine]

Originally posted by sexy-stan

Summary: Tom Holland and the reader just got into a relationship and she’s really insecure about taking her make up off when she sleeps over at his because she has acne and he tries to comfort her about it.

Requested? Yes. In case you want to request. Request here.

Word Count:  589

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top 5 mini Lodge-Cooper headcanons? You've got me hooked on the idea of them as moms!

1. veronica fights to keep her lids from drooping when it’s all over; she’s sweaty, and exhausted, and the rhythmic beeping of the hospital does little to help ward off sleep. and betty, her sweet, glossy eyed, sniffling betty. she just keeps looking between their baby girl and her exhausted wife, keeps telling veronica how good she did, how much she loves her, and veronica feels safe when sleep finally takes her, betty will take care of the two of them

2. the first couple weeks redefine exhaustion. their daughter, while tiny and endearing, can put up one hell of a fuss when she wants to. she takes after veronica in that way. it doesn’t help veronica’s sleep (or lack there of) that her fussing is only quelled when she’s cradled against veronica’s chest. that one, ronnie’s convinced, she picked up from betty

3. veronica falls asleep with their daughter pressed carefully to her chest and betty looks on with affection blooming inside hers. matching dark hair, identical brown eyes that betty finds are suddenly blinking up at her in miniature. and just like that, tiny arms are reaching out toward betty, pushing away from veronica’s chest with sleep kissed red into her cheek. and - and she’s never done this before. since they’ve taken her home she’s preferred veronica and betty’s been okay with that. but it doesn’t stop the tears that well in her eyes as she scoops her babbling little girl into her arms

4. she’s talking now, walking now, and lord does she use it all to her advantage. she’d dipped out of the bathtub while veronica was turned around getting her towel and she runs around the house dripping water as she goes. “betty! help me catch her she’s going to slip,” veronica tries sounding stern but she lets out a laugh when their daughter ducks under a table. it’s a joint effort, one where veronica nearly slips in a puddle of what she hopes is water, tossing the towel to betty, missing, and having it land gracefully over their shrieking toddler. betty grabs her then, wraps the towel around her more soundly and peppering kisses all over her face. veronica easily slips into the mix, arms coming around both her wife and daughter. she presses a triumphant kiss to betty’s lips and then another to soothe defeat into the still wet hair of their squirming toddler

5. saturday mornings have always been betty’s favorite and now that the two of them are three, betty’s only more sure of this. she rises first and let’s veronica sleep in, not bothering to change their daughter out of her pajamas as she scoops her into her arms and carries her back to their room. “mama’s sleeping,” betty whispers to her, “can you be quite for me?” she nods in response, pressing her tiny finger to betty’s lips to shush her. she sits in betty’s lap and the two of them watch saturday morning cartoons, betty carding through her short dark hair with one hand, the other tracing over veronica’s back to ease her into consciousness. it’s the sleepy smile veronica finally flashes when she rolls over and yawns, the way the youngest lodge-cooper starts bouncing excitedly in betty’s lap, telling her that, “mama’s awake!” that solidifies her love for saturday’s all over again

summary: throughout his life victor gets three small tattoos. the last is yuuri’s name above his heart. the first was for himself.

a/n: i have a lot of tattoo headcanons apparently. honestly this wasn’t meant to be a fic and just a headcanon but apparently i can’t help myself so here we are

word count: 866

Before he had the Olympic rings on his bicep, Victor had one other tattoo that no one ever saw: on the side of his foot in small black English letters, without any embellishment nor color, the single word HOPE.

It’s faded now as he had been warned that it would be, visible but greyed and worn beneath the callouses and scars of years spent breaking in boot after boot after boot. He never has to explain why he got it, because no one ever sees it in order to ask. Which is probably a good thing – it’s not a question Victor thinks he’d like to answer. I wanted gold, he might say if he had to give one. I wanted to skate forever. I always believed I would.

He shrugs it off when Yuuri asks one day as they’re climbing out of the hot springs. Yuuri never pushes, though Victor sees the frown and furrowed brow lingering long after the subject is dropped. It wouldn’t do any good, Victor reasons. He can still remember: the tension in his back and jaw as the needle scraped his foot, every moment of soul-sickening pleasure that he could feel the heat of it, angry and uncomfortable across the bruises and newly-healed blisters on his skin. Hope. There hadn’t been any irony to it. He’d wanted that reminder that no matter how many times he was broken and remade, he’d still feel alive. His feet were never as worn and tired in each new pair of boots as they felt on the worst days: he could still feel more, could still grow stronger, could still bleed and heal and push until the next day came and everything hard became easy.

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race reacts to your period headcanons

request: Headcanons about what race does when you get your period?

a/n: this was a little weird to write but i did it anyways! also i put it all under the cut just in case some people don’t want to read it :x

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Falling Back In, or Finally Out

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member: Junhoe

Word Count: 2,642

a/n: Some ikon for a dear friend of mine and those who are in need of it, please enjoy! let me know who you would like to see me write about next and what genre!

Summary: “I was very lonely actually, you know when you strangely feel empty? I was in a lot of pain, like when you can’t sleep for some reason. Something like that. When I dream, I think of you, I try to erase you but it doesn’t work that well, my heart wants to keep seeing you. I hope that you know.”

Originally posted by junhoenuna

Maybe it was the soft baritone of his voice as he hummed, his hand dipped into the bathtub, circling the foam on the surface as you settled under the water and soap, swimming under the honey of his voice. Maybe it was the way he so chastely kept you company by the side of the tub as you sat inside of it so easily exposed. Or maybe it was the way he only kept his gaze on yours whenever he stopped humming to actually sing certain words to you with a faint smirk. It could have possibly been the fact that he sang softly and took your hand in his, interlocking his fingers with yours so intimately but so carefully aware of its meaning. Maybe it was all these things that made the two of you stay together, all of it being quotidian and affection, more than love and fondness.

“What’s happening to us?” you asked quietly, his jaw tightened with a shake of his head, his hand still under water with yours. “I don’t know… but we shouldn’t break up, not over this” he said calmly in determination. A beat of silence settled in the quiet of the bathroom before you disturbed it, your voice low and with a hint of fear, “Are we… falling out of love?” you asked, the question suddenly ringing in his ears and making him meet your gaze with eyes wide.

You suddenly felt too lonely and scared, “I dunno” he stated, setting his arm on the edge of the bathtub and leaning his chin on it as he closed his eyes.

You let out a sigh and brought his hand to your lips, pecking the tips of his fingers as he watched. He smiled faintly at you and flicked water from that same hand on your face, making you scrunch your nose and do the same to him.

“Maybe we could fall back in” he commented and you stared at him, searching his face in case there was something else he was leaving out. With a small nod, you sat up slowly and hugged your knees to your chest as he brought his wet hand to your cheek and caressed your skin with his thumb. “Maybe we could” you whispered.

His feet took him to your doorstep, only one thought swimming inside his head and that was that a part of him simply had nowhere else to go but to the familiar grounds of your home, of your presence, and of your arms wrapped around him. It was beginning to get dark, and that gave him a little hope that you’d be home, not able to reject his visit. He knocked gently at your door, the action awkward, never having it done before when all he really had to do was knock once and turn the knob to find the door open for him.

In a few seconds, you were opening the door and he was suddenly realizing what he was doing, standing before you after breaking up with you just three weeks ago. Your eyes were wide with a mixture of disbelief, anger, hurt, and a familiar feeling of knowing he’d come back. Words were not needed for the two of you to break up, simple lack of actions like talking, texting, and seeing each other simply came to a stop little by little. But he was now back, and even though you thought, it’d be smart to tell him now to leave and end it for good, you did quite the opposite, stepping aside and letting him walk in without much to say. He took your offer out of instinct and stepped inside the premises of memory lane that your apartment was.

It was like talking to a wall, he didn’t even bother anymore. No longer spending the night and offering a dry farewell as you did the same. Anything he’d say to you sounded empty, as if it were small talk, no interest really laced in his words. Because of that, you heard him, but didn’t exactly listen. His words sounding so far away, you concluded that if he didn’t care, maybe neither should you.

He slept on your couch soundlessly as you stepped out of your apartment and left.

When you were back, he was gone, and frankly, you had forgotten he had stopped by earlier, if it weren’t for the fact that your couch pillows were misplaced that reminded you.

You sighed and fixed them back to how they were, stepping into your bedroom and getting ready for bed.

Where was he?

Back at his own place, because you were his only friend for so long that without you, he had no one else to see or to hang out with. He paced the apartment, kicking off any dirty clothes on the floor from his way, forming a small clean path from the hallway to the small kitchen. A few of your things piled in the mess of his own belongings, and he pondered over when to give them back to you, because he felt like maybe while returning your things to you, he’d be getting himself back from you as well.

He watched as you sat further from him on the couch, not much acknowledgement going into the need he had to get you back to listening to him. It was like he was a ghost to you as you passed him by without a single glance and a simple hum every now and then when he’d ask if you were listening. “You’re not, you’re ignoring me, how are we supposed to talk about things if you ignore me?” he asked, trailing after you as you stepped into your bedroom with a shrug, “What is there to talk about?” you had replied and he felt himself grow annoyed.

“Oh I don’t know, the fact that this relationship has become meaningless to you and clearly you don’t want it back” he stated, throwing his arms in the air. You let out a sigh and sat at the edge of the bed, “Do you? Is it worth the hassle?” you said and he narrowed his eyes at you, “Is it? You make the hassle that much more aggravating to go through” he retorted and you scoffed. “Speak for yourself- there’s no point in arguing and you know it, there’s nothing to argue about unless it’s the same things again and we already established there’s no hope for those issues” you said, shaking your head and avoiding his gaze in fear that you’d cry out of anger. “So, that’s it? We’re just going to say it wasn’t worth it and drop everything?” he asked, his tone dropping and if you didn’t know better, in some way relieved.

“That’s where it seems to be going” you said indifferently, picking at your nails with much attention. “Make up your mind on who is leaving and who is staying” you added, finally meeting his gaze and finding nothing but utter disbelief and a hint of sadness in his eyes.

His fingers caressed your skin more often than before, and you spoke more in between feathery touches. It was like that as the two of you walked down the streets of a city a few hours away from your own. You stared at him for a few seconds, watching as his hair parted away from his face when a small breeze swept by, and you found yourself remembering sweet little nothings from the past that had brought the two of you together. He sensed your fond stare and smirked, squeezing your hand a little and tugging you close to him so he could throw his arm over your shoulder.

You grinned widely and watched the other people on the streets, the many bright signs of restaurants illuminating the dark night. “Which one do we go to next?” he asked, a hint of thrill seeping through his words, you came to a halt and scanned the many available restaurants the two of you could go to, finally picking one and pointing at it. He nodded and the two of you made your way to it.

Restaurant hopping went on for an hour or two until the two of you were finally driving back to your hotel. Inside the hotel room, the dim light of the nearby lamp hid the effort the two of you were putting into piecing yourselves back together. You held him close under the bed sheets and molded into him, breathing in the smell of his lingering cologne and feeling yourself drift in and out of sleep. He rested his arms on you and closed his eyes, still not ready to succumb into the deep sleep that his body was pleading for. He wondered what had brought the two of you to this point, trying to revive past affection and desire to be with each other.

If he felt so close to you now, and so utterly fine, he questioned where it had all started to fade. He felt himself worry, and in that same instant, he held you closer as if it were even physically possible, scared that you’d disappear if he didn’t appreciate you enough. Maybe that was what made it all the exception to his efforts of falling back in love with you; his fear to no longer have you there because he was already so used to you. Maybe that was a good start to falling back in; fear of losing you.

Tangled limbs and mussed hair was what you had woken up to. His arm rested over your waist as you stretched, moving closer to him and massaging his scalp gently. With a sharp breath, his eyelids parted and his eyes met your gaze slowly. You smiled and felt his hand grip your side with a light squeeze. He sighed and closed his eyes once more, raising his eyebrows in an attempt to keep himself awake.

You grinned to yourself and patted his arm, still lazily over you, signaling to him that you’d be getting up. He let out a hum and moved to lay on his back as you sat up. You set up the bath for yourself and dipped yourself into the warm water of the bathtub.

Maybe this was the end of the two of you. Maybe the adventure of the previous night was a final farewell. Because one of you wasn’t trying hard enough, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault, one of you had just fallen out of love more deeply than the other. It was all just a matter of figuring out who.

You could tell he was about to snap. His efforts had reached their limit and you couldn’t be happier, because you could truly say he had tried his best for the both of you. He was desperate to love you again and it was working, but he couldn’t say the same for you, and he was only hoping you were falling for him again, because to his knowledge, you loved him, but you were no longer in love with him. It was late at night and you found him outside in the balcony of your apartment, leaning over the rail, a sweater keeping him safe from the chilly breeze of the ungodly hour.

You snuck up behind him and gently wrapped your arms around his waist, making him look over his shoulder with a tired smile. “What are you doing?” you asked calmly as he took your hands in his. “Nothing” he replied and you knew he was tired of trying to carry out a conversation with you because maybe this was the end, maybe he had reached the dead end. You took in a deep breath and soothed small circles on his hands, “You worked really hard, you know that?” you commented, earning a chuckle from his end. “I appreciate it, I really do” you added, feeling him tense at the slightest in your embrace, his grip slackening on your hands and his shoulders rising ever so slightly.

“Was it enough?” he asked, letting his head hang low. You brought your hands to his chest and nodded gently, making him let out a shuddered breath as he threw his head back. He was beginning to cry, and you simply held him tighter. “I love you” you stated and he only shook his head, sniffing and bringing one of his hands to his eyes as he closed them tightly. “Not like I do” he managed and you felt your heart flinch a little.

If you could describe the feeling of seeing him again after a few months of his absence, you’d say it felt something like going on a date with your crush for the first time. The nerves in the pit of your stomach shot up electricity through the rest of your body, making you grin too widely, sit too straight, clasp your hands together too tightly.

But somehow, as he smiled and laughed along to your conversation, his actions tactful, words and reactions careful, you felt yourself become calmer. Mostly because you knew who he had been, knew he had changed over the course of a few months, but still was the familiar person you knew so awfully well. You knew what he was doing as you two conversed, a cup of coffee in your hand as you watched his hair reach his eyebrows where it had been shorter before, his smile much more bashful, his fingers itching to hold you like before but his self control strong enough to keep his hands before him.

You were starting over, like if it was the first time you’d gone on a date. That was, of course, until it was time for goodbye’s.

“It was good to see you again, Y/N” he’d said and you had pretended like those words didn’t hurt as much as a hot knife to the skin would. “Same here” you had managed, too afraid to have your voice betray you and expose your sentiment. You wanted to scream and beg for him to stay longer, to not go away for god knows how long once again only so you’d find him with a new lover, a better one. One that wasn’t you and had qualities opposite of those he didn’t like in you.

You wanted to yell and cry because he had tried so hard but you had failed him and now you didn’t want him to go. You wanted to tell him he knew you better than you knew yourself and you needed him because you didn’t think there’d be anyone like him for you.

In the span of a few seconds, the urge to blurt out your emotions was halted as he made his way to you and encircled you in his arms. You let out a choked out sigh and brought your now shaky hands to his sides lightly. Tears fogged your vision but you decided against crying in public and squeezed your eyes shut tightly.

He didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to, because you knew how he felt and there was no need to make the hurt sting more.

“I’m so sorry”.

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For the 3-sentences-fic thingie: erica/boyd, PropertyBrothers!AU :P

this… is nothing at all like what you requested but i had fun with it? thank you for the prompt nas! *smooches*

“I want floor-to-ceiling windows in the kitchen.”

It was a game she played.

“I want a chandelier in the dining room.”

It had started out innocent enough.

“I want the living room wired for surround sound.”

It was a quiet, hesitant request, because she’d worked hard and now she wanted to build the life she deserved. 

“I want a conservatory. Or a studio. Something with a lot of natural light. Someplace I can see the stars.”

It had, somehow, snowballed. 

“I want mahogany for the staircase.”

It was a challenge, trying to think of more and more outlandish demands.

“I want red walls in the bedroom. But not fire engine red, a sexy red.”

It made her contractor laugh. He pretended not to, but she could see it, at the corners of his eyes, in the way he dipped his chin.

“I want a huge bathtub, something that can easily fit two people.”

It was… bordering on sexual harassment, possibly. 

“I want a mirror on the ceiling above the bed,” she said, her full lips pulled up in a wicked grin.

He paused. “Now, whatever would you want that for?”

“Would you like to find out?”

He smiled with his eyes, with his cheeks, with his hands and his tongue.

It worked.

Thinking Bout You 🌙

A/N: So I dug up this little gem of mine from the depths of my drafts and I decided to post this because I love all of you. At first, I was planning to save this for the future but I figured that all of you would need something to keep you occupied while I attempt to finish up my requests. So enjoy some ‘good good’ Lu smut (sort of) while I work on everything else ;)

Pairing(s): Luhan x Reader

Warnings: Masturbation

Genre: Light(?) smut

Requested: No

Summary: To fill up the loneliness in your heart when Luhan leaves for work, you decide to have a bit of fun by yourself.

Word Count: 1285

Soundtrack: Thinking Bout You // Ariana Grande (because I’m a hoe for her)

Originally posted by vixionz

I’m used to being alone. I’m used to rolling over in bed, opening my eyes and drinking in the morning sight of Luhan fiddling with his cufflinks and adjusting his suit jacket while gazing at his reflection in the wardrobe’s mirror. I’m used to the heartwarming smile he tosses in my direction as he smooths his perfectly-gelled ebony hair back with one hand, accompanied by the standard question of, “Do I look okay, baby girl?”

I’m used to responding with my usual and genuine, “As you do everyday”. However, let’s be honest for a moment. Luhan always looks way more than okay. In fact, the ravishing, mouth-watering sight of him in a neatly-pressed suit never fails to send little shocks of lust-filled heat right down to my core, throwing me into overdrive every single time. If he wasn’t always running late for work, I would have pounced on him and devoured every inch of his cologne-scented body without a second thought. But it’s okay. I’m used to it.

Following that, I’m also used to the little kiss Luhan blows to me as he turns and heads for the room door, murmuring, “See you tonight”. Then he’s gone, leaving me with a cold and empty bed and an aching core, as well as a hollow and needy void deep within me. I’m used to it.

However, I am never used to the desperation that overcomes me whenever I hear the door downstairs clicking shut, signalling the reality of Luhan’s departure and the dreadful fact that I won’t get the opportunity to see him for more than twelve hours. So here I am, abandoned with such raw sexual frustration that nearly drives me over the edge every single morning and clutching a pillow so tightly as though I’m physically trying to cling onto Luhan. Now that sexual frustration is something I can never get used to.

So sue me. Here I am, indulging in such sinfully delicious inappropriate fantasies about Luhan while he merrily goes on his way to work without a single clue that I’m deliriously horny and in need of his -and only his- cock in me. Well, then. It’s time to take matters into my own hands.

Laying myself back down on the pillows and allowing my body to sink into the welcoming softness of the mattress, I let my eyes drift shut on their own as my mind takes over. In all honesty, I must admit that I’m scared. Terrified out of my wits. Okay, so I may have read a countless number of steamy romance and explicit sex novels where the drop-dead gorgeous protagonist indulges herself in various self-pleasure moments but firstly, my life is not a novel and secondly, I’m not drop-dead gorgeous. I’m just me. Way too tiny, awkward me.

But all the same, my own insecurities don’t hold me back from exploring the inner depths of my own body in the heat of the moment. With newfound curiosity, I hesitantly slip off my boxers and pull my panties down to my ankles, slowly spreading my legs as I lean forward to peep at the most private area of me. My glistening womanhood winks back at me, enticing me to touch her, to feel and explore with one trembling finger. The digit slides itself in between the folds and the breath hitches in my throat as my mind throws up an image of Luhan, plunging every nerve of mine into sexual overdrive. In my mind’s eye, a mental slideshow of every minute detail of Luhan plays; his turfs of jet-black hair, the same hair which I grip on to tightly whenever he manages to hit my sweet spot. His eyes, the same eyes which always undress me lustfully whenever he gets in the mood. His ski-slope nose, his heart-shaped lips which have left the most fantastic kisses on my bare skin, his unscathed hands which have groped, grappled, stroked and held me.

With every little detail that crosses my mind, I gradually add a finger in between my own soaked folds and nervously pump them, breathless and desperate moans and whimpers tumbling from my lips clumsily and artistically at the same time. The silence in the bedroom is filled with my cries of high pleasure and my back arches itself as rapid images and memories of Luhan run through my head. His name escapes from my lips at the exact moment I manage to locate my sweet spot, the speed of my pumping, soaked fingers increasing as the need in the pit of my stomach grapples every inch of me, almost sending tears straight to my eyes. 


His name spills out into the open, pleading and needing as I ease myself into a temporary high while riding my soaked, slippery digits, nothing but the thought of him invading every sense of mine. Through my rapid breathing, a honey-like explosion occurs in the pit of my stomach, causing me to release right on my fingers to the erotic pumping sensation and the clouded images of Luhan in my head. White strings of my release drip onto the sheets and down the insides of my thighs, throwing up a blush on my cheeks at the bashful thought of anyone else ever finding out about my dirty little activity. Plus, I don’t even want to begin the thought of getting up and clearing the mess, especially since my entire form feels like it’s taken a nice, long dip in a bathtub of steaming hot water after that mind-blowing orgasm.

Pressing the palms of my hands against my burning cheeks, my gaze drops down to the guilty stains on the bedsheets. Good thing no one is around to take notice of it. Until the bedroom door bursts open, revealing a frantic-looking Luhan who immediately catches sight of me in bed; legs spread wide to show him my chasm of a womanhood, four fingers still drenched in my own sticky release, the stained sheets and to top it all off, the frozen ‘eyes as wide as a deer’s caught in headlights’ look on my flushed face as we stare at each other for what seems like eternity.

“H-Hi”, I blurt out stupidly, instantly shutting my legs and folding them over the evidence of my self-pleasure, but there’s no point to it, really. Luhan’s dumbfounded gaze flicks from me to my evident nudity, his socked feet rooted to the spot in the doorway, and I don’t miss the tent in his suit pants, growing in size as the seconds tick by. 

Coughing to mask my embarrassment, I busy myself with arranging the pillows and avoiding eye contact at all costs. “So what brings you back? Work finished early today? If that’s the case, it's really early, considering the fact-”

“(Y/N)”. Luhan’s curt mention of my name halts me from my aimless blabbering, clicking the door shut behind him and sealing us off from the rest of the world. Suddenly, the tension in the bedroom has risen ten-fold, causing me to break out into a sweat. It’s obvious that Luhan senses it as well, judging from the suggestive glint in his eyes and that smug little smirk of his which has crept onto his lips. He proceeds to take his own sweet time tugging off his tie, casually strolling his way over to the bed where I’m still seated on like a wax figurine, legs clenched together so tightly that the wetness of my core has spread itself all over the interior of my thighs.

He pulls his lips back in a Chesire-like smile. “Well, I was about to retrieve some paperwork which I’d forgotten but after discovering what my baby girl has been up to, I can’t just leave her in this state, can I?”

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idk what to do with myself at this point. you’ve got my hopes way up and i just hope it doesn’t backfire. but I agree it’s def not a tour or a book and I highly doubt it’s more merch bc they’ve been doing tons of merch lately. god this is the worst 😫😫😫 i literally haven’t been able to not contemplate about Friday’s thing since i woke up. i was legit theorizing in the fuckin bathtub. dip and pip got me fucked up.

I really get the vibe that it’s happening. but you can blame me if it doesn’t.

#79: You Have A Fever, So He Tries To Decrease It


Almost a year ago, I made a small one shot with Luke where you had a fever so now, I’ve rewritting it and put it in this pref. You can read the one shot HERE


“Okay” Calum said, adjusting the IPhone camera so it was pointing towards him and the other boys, Luke standing in front of them, not being showed on the video. “Hello Keeksters!” Ashton introduced, Michael smiling, standing on the other side of Calum.” We’ve got Luke here.” Calum said, turning the camera towards Luke who was standing - only in boxers. “Hi” he waved smiling towards the camera. “And we’ve got Y/N over here.” Michael said, and Calum turned the camera 90 degrees pointing towards you lying on the bed, half a sleep half-awake in your undergarments covered with your duvet, yet some of your limps were sneaking out from the warmness to get some cold breezes. Spending so much time with the boys, you didn’t really mind being shown half naked. The currently status was that you had joined the boys on their tour, catching up the missing time with Luke, but only 3 days after you landed in Paris, a fever had hit you like a brick wall. So there you were drinking every piece of water you could get, sleeping your day away and not to mention the terrible heat  - Which meant that the last thing you wanted to do were to be in any warm contact another word - cuddling, which to Luke’s entries were the most terrible thing ever. ”In the bathtub.” Michael started out and placed himself next to it, Calum following him. “We’ve filled it with ice cubes.” “In the matter of fact - we stole them from the kitchen down the restaurant.” Ashton interrupted making Michael hit him on the back of his head. “OW!” Ashton moaned. “Anyways.” Calum started. “Luke is going to dip his sexy body down into this lovely icy bath, and after that sprint into Y/N, hoping she will cuddle him.” “You ready mate?” Michael laughed, and Luke obliged, before letting his toe touch the ice. A funny look appeared on the blond haired boy’s face, making him look up at the other boys, before his gaze turned towards the bath again. “It was your idea!” Ashton smirked, Calum letting out small giggles, shaking the camera a bit. Hesitating for a moment, Luke dipped his whole body down into the bathtub, making sure that every part of his body was covered with ice. The boys were hollering around the camera and Michael let out a “WHIPPED.” which made Luke give him the middle finger. After not having the power to hold any longer, he hurried out of the bath tub, and sprinted towards the bed, almost jumping onto the mattress you were resting on. “Hi baby.” He cooed quietly, slightly pushing some hair out of your burning forehead. Your eyes were gazed in different directions, the heat making you really dizzy, making your eyes switch back on forth into a slumber. The feeling from the heated duvet stroke past Luke’s thigh, making him feel the burning sensation you were creating through your body. Removing the duvet away from you slowly, you already caught his actions, making you turn around in a swift movement, your back now facing him. “No, Y/N don’t turn me down already.” He pouted opening the duvet again, sliding under slowly, letting you yell at him any minute. When there was no complaining he took that as a “go” and slide under fully, his teeth still chattering, and he placed his hand on your upper arm, letting you pull away if you didn’t felt for it. Feeling his cold hand, made you snap and turning your body 180 degrees again, feeling how cold your boyfriend was. Cuddling into his chest, you could feel him shaking, so you took that as a cue to place your arms around his shaken body. “Aw look how happy he is!” Calum exclaimed, making the others laugh, seeing how Luke nuzzled his nose into your forehead, leaving small kisses on the warm skin. Looking up at them, he let out a big smile, finally satisfied.


”I’ll be out for about 15 minutes to go to the drugstore. See you soon.” The faint sound of Calum said, his slim body leaning against the doorframe of your bedroom, watching you as you were splattered out on the king sized bed, limps sticking out from the duvet in superheating. A small grumble was the only thing Calum received from you, he nodded his head before walking out and heading down towards the local drugstore down your street, trying to find anything possible that maybe could help on your fever attack. When Calum had arrived in the store, his mind instantly went blank, looking around in confuse, he had no idea what to buy, all he wanted was just to help you. To his luck, a lady had noticed his confused state, helping him out and suggesting things that could possibly help. Not only medicine but also stuff you guys could do at home such as taking cold baths and the most useful – drinking lots and lots of water. When Calum had paid for a few glass bottles of medicine, he hurried home as soon as possible, sprinting inside and throwing off his coat before walking into the kitchen, taking a glass of water and starting the tea machine. When the water had boiled, he put a tealeaf in it, waiting for it to be ready and when it was so, he threw it in the trashcan and headed towards your bedroom. Everything was as he had left, you still lying in the bed with knowledge about what was happening around you, your eyes dizzy but a very small smile came to your lips as he walked inside taking a seat on the bed. ”Hey you.” He said softly, sitting cross-legged and opening the bag. ”What have you bought?” You asked, suddenly interested, him motioning you to sit up straight and you did so, leaning your warm bare back against the header of the bed, a curious expression on your face. ”Some medicine.” He looked rather when he tried to open the bottle, finally getting it free and taking the cup and spoon, starting to fill the cup with what was looking like brown thick liquid into the tea he had made, putting the spoon in it afterwards. ”I’m not drinking that!” You stated dizzily as you saw Calum placing the warm cup in your lap. “You have to if you want to get rid of your fever.” Calum said making you shake your head. “It smells weird, seems disgusting, and I’d rather have a fever for the last of my life then.” You said sternly, laying your head back on the pillow. Calum let out a sigh, not wanting to give up. “What do you want me to do, to get you to drink it?” He groaned, wanting you to get better as fast as possible. “I’ll drink it, if you take a sip of it first.” You said, taking the wet cloth from your nightstand, placing it on your forehead. Looking at you weirdly, Calum took a small sip of the tea, but it was enough for him to let out a massive grimace, sticking his tongue out in disgust while his eyes were shot. Letting out a massive laugh, you finally smiled for the first time in days, seeing how your silly boyfriend would basically do anything for you to get better. “I’ll take it from here.” You grinned, taking the cup out of his hand, blowing lightly, before taking a sip. ”What does it taste like?” You questioned, laughing softly when he still looked horrified, trying to get the bad taste away from his mouth. ”I can’t even describe it.” He mumbled, taking the duvet and drying his tongue in it. ”Don’t scare me that much!” You scolded, looking at him wide eyed. ”Sorry.” He apologized sending you a warm smile, waiting for you to take a sip as well, so he could stop worrying about you being in a bad condition.


The sounds of Michael in the kitchen were honestly quite shocking to you. Since your fever had started, he had barely allowed you to move around and do normal things without his help. And having him in the kitchen were never something that would turn out great, especially without you being there to help him out when he got confused. ”I hope you don’t mind but I’ve invited Ashton over.” Michael yelled towards the living room where you were resting on the couch, him walking around in the kitchen in confuse, cutting out fruits. ”That’s okay.” You timid voice answered back and he nodded his head even though you couldn’t see him, expecting Ashton to be here any second by now. Like he expected, Ashton arrived at your house not more than 5 minutes later, a very confused expression coming to his face as he noticed your whole kitchen was being bombarded with stuff Michael had bought. ”Michael why is there the whole tropical adventure inside your kitchen?” Ashton asked with a confused expression on his face, seeing all the different kinds of fruits, filling every piece of space in their kitchen. “I read on some website that tropical fruits could help on decreasing a fever. Or more likely, that fruit thingy over there.” Michael pointed to his left where a dark purple reddish thing was lying, almost looking like a plumb but with green stuff on it too. ”What is it?” Ash asked confused, walking towards it and taking it in his hands. ”A mangosteen, apparently. It helps against so many things and has incredible health benefits. Or that was what the cashier at the vegetable/fruit store said and also on the website I read it on.” Michael explained and Ashton placed it back on the counter. ”But why all the other fruits?” Michael stopped his working, taking a look around. ”It was in case of if Y/N didn’t like it. I could just blend it all and turn it into a smoothie.” ”You’re so spontaneous.” Ashton said amazed, Michael only nodded his head as he crushed pieces of pineapple into the blender, almost filling it up with fruit pieces. ”I hope she likes it, otherwise I’ve been working here for almost 2 hours for nothing.” ”Did it take you 2 hours to cut out fruit?” Ashton send Michael a confused glare, ”No, but it took me at least half an hour to find out how to fucking work this blender.” Ashton tried to muffle his giggles by how stupid Michael had been, him only sending him a death glare. ”I think it is finished now.” He mumbled, looking at the orange drink color the drink had gotten, opening the lid and placing it on the table next to him before he grabbed a glass, filling it up. ”Looks good.” Ash said as Michael placed a straw in it, ready to serve it for you. The both walked back into the living room with hopeful eyes, taking a seat on the couch where you were resting. ”Did it work?” You asked, leaning up so you could sit straight by the help from Michael, taking the glass in your hand. Placing the straw in your mouth, you started to suck waiting for the liquid to hit your mouth and when it did, you just shrugged your shoulders and drinking it. ”How does it taste?” Michael asked with a raised eyebrow, ”Like fruits.” You smiled, drinking more of it. ”Let’s hope it will help then.” Ashton smiled, and Michael nodded his head. ”What about all the fruits you’ve bought?” ”I have no idea what to do with them honestly.” Michael started to laugh, you rolling your eyes at him. It was always pleasant knowing the small things that people did to you, just to make sure that you were feeling better. And Michael never failed to do that.


Turning around so you laid on your back, lifting your duvet with your feet, making it turn around in reverse, before pulling it down next to your body, you let out a sigh of the cold feeling. ”Want anything?” Ashton asked in a sigh, standing next to you with a crooked smile on his face. ”No, thank you.” You mumbled in a grumble, looking up at him fast before shutting your eyes again. Ashton let out another sigh before nodding his head, walking out of the room and down towards the kitchen again where the boys and him were chilling around the bar counter. ”How is she?” Luke asked when the boys saw Ashton coming down the stairs again, a not so satisfied smile on his face. ”Not any better. And she is starting to get grumpy as well. It couldn’t get any better at this point.” His last sentence was spoken in clear sarcasm, Michael and Calum starting to chuckle. ”Have you tried medicine?” Luke asked more interested, leaning forward on his elbows. ”Of course but she is stubborn as hell. Won’t get near any liquid and the pills we’ve given her doesn’t really help, sadly. I even called my mom to get help!” Ashton let out a sigh before running a hand through his hair, too many thoughts running around in his head. ”You could do like Luke did.” Michael suggested, Ashton’s eyebrows furrowing as he leaned forward on his elbows on the counter, looking at Luke questionably. ”You know.. That Keek we with his ex-girlfriend. Where he jumped into that bathtub full of ice.” Ashton’s eyes went wide by the sudden memory, his mouth falling open in thought looking over at your freezer. ”We don’t have ice enough.” He whined out in frustration, the boys looking around in thoughts as well. Calum took a look outside and that was when a smirk started to grow on his face, looking back at Ashton and the other boys. ”What?” Ashton asked skeptically, looking at Calum’s growing smirk. ”Take a look outside Ash.” He requested and Ashtons eyes adverted to the white snow covered garden, his mouth forming a small ”o”. It might be even better than ice.” Ashton thought for a second before almost ripping his clothes off, leaving him in his boxers before he opening the back garden door, feeling the cold weather instantly on his bare skin. ”This will be fun.” Michael started to laugh as Ashton let out a girlish whine when his to connected with the ice, his whole body now outside as he ran around in the garden, rolling around in the cold snow to get his body cold. “Why is Ash running around in the snow in his boxers?” You mumbled sleepily, standing next to the other boys, their eyes going wide as they noticed you, before they started crack up laughing. ”He’s making himself cold so he can get rid of your fever.” Your eyes went wide by Ashton’s ambition, watching him as he sprinted inside and seeing your small form next to Luke with a raised eyebrow. ”Don’t ask any further questions, you know I did this because I’m crazy in love with you so please not more words since I can barely feel my willy anymore, just warm me up.” You didn’t get the chance to move before you were engulfed in the arms of Ashton, the cold temperature from his skin making you instantly relax. ”Why did I deserve to have such an idiot like you as a boyfriend.” You mumbled into his chest and starting to feel it rumble with laughter by your question, raising your head to look up at him. ”You know I’ll do anything to make you feel better.” He smiled, placing a chase kiss on your forehead with his cold lips.


Energy: receptive

Planet: Moon

Element: water

Powers: psychism, peace, courage, purification

Magical/ritual lore: The aquamarine is the stone of the sea-goddesses of past times. Beads of aquamarine were found in ancient Egyptian mummy pits.

Magical uses: The aquamarine, a semiprecious variety of beryl, is a pale blue-green color and so has long been associated with the sea and with the element of water. Sea Witches cleanse the stone in ocean water at night by the light of the Full Moon. To do the same far from the coast, fill a blue vessel of water, add sea salt, and let the stone sit in this mixture overnight. 

In magic, this beautiful stone is worn or carried to enhance the use of psychic powers. Holding a crystal of the stone, or wearing a faceted aquamarine around the neck, reduces our conscious mind’s hold on the psychic mind and allows the ever-present psychic impulses to be heard and to enter our consciousness. 

Because the aquamarine is a cleansing and purificatory stone, it can be worn or rubbed on the body as a part of a purification prior to magical acts. A large crystal can also be worn or placed in the bathtub during cleansing dips.

A gentle, cleansing tincture can be made by placing an aquamarine in a glass of fresh water. Let this sit in full moon light, outdoors, if possible, for three hours. Retrieve the stone and drink the liquid for purification and heightened psychic awareness. 

Aquamarine is used much like the amethyst in soothing and calming emotional problems. It is a stone of peace, joy, and happiness, especially in relationships. Aquamarines exchanged by mates help sooth the path of their interactions, and it is a most magically appropriate gift for a bridegroom to give his bride on the day of their nuptials.

Aquamarine is worn or carried as a protective amulet while sailing or flying over water. When packing for a trip on water, whether a river cruise or a journey across the Pacific ocean, tuck an aquamarine in your suitcase to guard against storms. Fishermen and sailors have long made it their special amulet against danger.

Aquamarine has also been worn to relieve pain of tooth-ache and to cure illness of the stomach, throat and jaw.

As a charm, the aquamarine is worn to ensure good health, to halt fear so as to strengthen the courage hiding behind it, and for alertness of the mind.

(All information retrieved from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic) 

Steamy, Hot Shower // Draco Malfoy


 idk, I just had to write this *hides* 

 Your P.O.V 

 Stress. One word that probably described your one and only feeling for the entire week. You were studying so hard for the OWLS and obviously, nothing you’ve read actually went in your brain. You were studying about Transfiguration and your eyes was scanning the book, but you didn’t even understand what you were reading.

It was hot and you were in the Slytherin common room. “I swear to God Y/N if you don’t stop studying im going to burn that bloody book” Your boyfriend, Draco, said coming nearly out of nowhere. “Not my fault OWLS are coming up” was your comeback and returned to studying.

 "Yeah, but you gotta relax. I mean hardcore relax" he suggested. “Like thats easy” you said and closed your book and placed it on the table near you. 

“It is actually. As long as I’m here" he said with a smirk forming on his lips. “Yeah right” You said with sarcasm dripping from your voice. “Okay heres the plan. At 11, we’ll head to the prefects bathroom and take a quick bath. And dont worry, I have my sources for these shits” he suggested like it was easy.

 "Isnt it stressful trying not to get caught?“ You state in a matter-of-fact way. 

“I’ll take the blame then” he said and pecked your lips. Stupid boyfriends, you thought but a smile forming on your lips

. —11:15–

 "Told ya it wasn’t that hard. I have my ways" Draco said proudly and you rolled your eyes. “Yeah right we were ALMOST CAUGHT” You half-heartedly yelled.

 "But we weren’t. Now take off your clothes" he said and you were taken aback.

 "W-what?“ you stuttered. “Oh come on, you sound like we’ve never had sex before. And you wont take a bath with clothes. Or… Do you want me to take it off for you.” he said and started kissing your neck You moaned a bit as he removed your robe. 

You gave him more access to your neck, which was also your weak spot. it was surely going to leave mark right there. “Hmm… So you want me to take it off for ya huh?” Draco whispered with that familiar smirk on his mouth. 

You nodded and you wanted him to continue. His lips were on yours and it was like the both of you were fighting using your mouths. He pushed you gently on the wall and started unbuttoning your clothes. He was surprised when he saw you wearing a black laced bra which you knew was his favorite. “Hmm… You planned this didn’t you” He said and you nodded and which was your time to smirk. 

 "But I’m sure you like it off” You said seductively. He started kissing you again and this time, he pulled you closer with his hands roaming around back and trying to unclasp your bra. He did though and you felt a smile of victory from him on your lips. 

He discarded the bra and whispered, “Jump”. You did and wrapped your legs around his waist. One hand on his neck for support and the other tugging on his shirt telling him to take it. 

He took it off and started kissing you again. Your back was pressed against the wall and he started putting his hands in your skirt and in your underwear.

 "Youre. So. Wet" He said in between kisses. He started fingering you and your moans echoed everywhere. “Fuck… Ugh… Draco… Ah shit”

 "Foul language babe" he whispered. Which made him remove his fingers and you whimpered because you wanted more. You jumped off of him and noticed his erection. 

“Need a little help there” You said looking at his pants. “Maybe” He said. Without warning, he unzipped your skirt and let it fall to the ground, pooling around your feet. You started kissing him again and it was your turn to unzip his pants. You pulled down your underwear and palmed him through his boxers.

“I cant fucking wait Y/N. Please" He pleaded. And you gave in anyway. You pulled down his boxers and freeing his little (Well, huge) friend. He started pounding himself in you which made you scream in pain and pleasure. He was grinning himself in you and moans and groans filled the area.

 "F-Fuck D-Draco, I’m c-close" You said and your legs started to feel like jelly. Your orgasm came and you were a moaning mess right away. You were breathing frantically and you stared in to his grey eyes.

 "That was…. relaxing" You said and smirked. His kissed you and this time it was a soft one. “We should really take a bath now” He said. Both of you took a dip in the huge bathtub and you felt your muscles relax. 

“Ugh this is so good" You moaned, as he pulled you closer to him

 "Not as good as awhile ago though" he said and you rolled your eyes at him


SORRY NOT SORRY HII feel free to request or stuff

I’ve been in a really Soumako mood the past few weeks and I have a few headcanons so here I am.

And this was basically all because I was thinking about wanting Makoto to approach Sousuke when he found out about his shoulder which never happened in canon (and continues to make me sad up until now)

But I bet the freedom lets something loose in Sousuke.

He seems friendlier, more open, and he’s smiling more. His eyes don’t look lifeless and empty anymore.

So when Sousuke’s eyes land on him, Makoto can’t help but smile, and it only grows wider when Sousuke shoots him back with one of his own.

And it’s not quite one of those awkward smiles that Sousuke usually wears (and those smiles are cute and adorable in their own right), but this, this one is a smile reserved for Makoto alone, and he thinks beautiful.

When they hug, sometimes it will be the kind where Makoto’s arms are around Sousuke’s neck, Sousuke’s are wrapped around Makoto’s waist, and other times it will be their arms over each other and just holding. Makoto isn’t too tall for Sousuke, so he takes advantage of his additional inch and tucks him under his chin.

Sousuke can’t help but inhale, breathe in Makoto’s scent, faint but lingering. Makoto smells faintly of vanilla, and it reminds Sousuke of taking a relaxing dip in the bathtub after a long day, reminds him of soft pillows and clean sheets. 

He wants to burrow himself in Makoto and he almost does, except his shoulder brace gets in the way.

Makoto will let Sousuke take over his senses; Sousuke smells like mint, and the nostalgia hits him before he knows it. Sousuke is like taking a slow drink of ice cold water in the middle of summer, and the first dive in the pool before he gets into position on the wall. 

He wants to curl himself around Sousuke, and without hesitation and just a little shy of urgency, he does.