Some iPhone shots of Linnaeus my West African Lungfish(Protopterus annectens). Even though he uproots plants frequently when scooting around he really loves hanging out in them and spends more time off the bottom and climbing the plants. Because he keeps uprooting them it’s taking a long time for everything to fill in but it’s looking good! The staurogyne repens is slowly but surely covering this small garden corner and I’m going to add another Anubias (coffeefolia) to the driftwood when I return from vacation. But I seriously love this fish; he’s such a fantastic and intelligent animal. I’ve already taught him a few basic behaviors such as to surface when cued and hand feeding. I’ll have to take a video when I get the chance as these are basic behaviors nearly any fish can be taught.

Do you like lungfish? Of course you do. Who doesn’t like lungfish?

Are you appalled like I am at how little lungfish merchandise there is? Of course you are. They are one of the most hardcore creatures out there and we have done a horrible job at representing them! It is a shame.

Well, look no further!

I came across these little cuties a while back and finally ordered myself one. They come straight out of good ol’ Brisbane, Australia and are made by TheFishingCat on Etsy.



How can you resist that face? He is turning into such a ham and his tiny fins paddling along the sand in a walking fashion never fails to make me chuckle. Ive found it funny that he doesn’t eat the plants at all but will gladly scarf down an algae wafer (as you can see in he last picture). He’s getting those, blood worms, and new life spectrum large fish formula but I may switch him over to a repashy gel food or hikari massivore.