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15th SEPTEMBER 2017: Tam sorts out Brexit.

20th OCTOBER 2017: Tam deals with the Middle East peace process by barging into the UN Security Council shouting “Haw, whit’s the fucken Hampden Roar here by the way?”

30th NOVEMBER 2017: North Korea’s latest missile launch condemned in strong terms by Tam, who declares leader Kim Jong-un “a total fanny”.

JANUARY 5th 2018: World Peace declared as Tam takes everyone up the dancin’ and gets chips & cheese.

JANUARY 6th 2018: Crisis as Tam drops the nut on a cheeky bastard acting the big man. Old Firm game looms.

2019 - 2076: Irn Bru wars.

What if Lance had been really into history back on earth and every planet they go to he tries to learn everything about their history and cultures and religions and all that and one day he puts together a collection of all the histories he’s found and slowly adds to it with every planet and eventually it becomes a database of history and religion and culture and aaa history buff Lance

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I have a thing for allura teaching keith about diplomacy after the thing he pulled at that dinner.I kinda headcanon that some things that are taboo on earth and shouldnt be talked about in public are completely normal on altea so Allura sometimes says stuff that makes them blush and makes the coversatiom awkward but since keith isnt the most socially adept person on earth it doesn't phase him that much which allura appreciates cause its hard for her to navigate alien social norms and not mess up

Cue a re-enactment of the famous shower scene except Allura doesn’t act like its anything weird and Keith drops the soap trying to cover his junk.
“Oh–Nudity is taboo on Earth? I’m so sorry we can discuss plans later!”
Later at breakfast one day after things have gone around Pidge mentions that its pretty fucked up that Alteans dont care about being naked in front of each other and Coran looks at her, like “??? Who Alteans? Oh no nudity is definitely against norms. More than taboo even. Forbidden in fact: well, at least in public, in private–well that’s private business.”
Keith starts choking on his food and Allura briskly excuses herself from the table


Note: You and Ben Solo get into an argument during a mission together. It soon settles down when Ben reveals the true reason he is so frustrated. AU: Ben never joined the Dark Side or became Kylo, and started working with the Resistance.

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If there was one thing you had learned to be true in your relationship with Ben Solo, it was that when you were in a disagreement, you could both quite easily argue with another for hours.

Such was beginning to become the case after what was supposed to be a routine flyover, at which point Ben had spotted a rogue unit on the ground that he thought he could take on by himself. Unprepared for such an ambush, he told you to stay in your starship until he returned. But you cared too much to listen to that, and now here you were: arguing non-stop during the entire two hour journey back to the Base.

“Do you even understand that you could have died?!” Ben shouted at you as you finally walked into the Hangar on the Resistance Base.

You rolled your eyes, trying your best to ignore the throbbing in your head and the stinging everywhere else on your body as you mustered up the angriest tone you could manage given the circumstances, “Well do you understand that you would have died if I didn’t distract them?” You spat back, storming in after him, “You’re too proud to admit that you took too many targets on by yourself! I don’t care how powerful you think you are, you’re still just one man, Ben. And I’m sorry to break it to you, but one man can’t defeat an entire army on his own,” you breathed a heavy sigh after your rant. It became apparent that you weren’t so great at arguing when half your body felt numb and the other felt like it was on fire.

Ben saw your pained expression, and quickly snapped away from his sympathetic thoughts. As much as he hated seeing you in this state, he wasn’t exactly pleased with you at the present moment. “You went in there unarmed! What part of, ‘stay hidden’ did you not comprehend? Like you intervening and risking your own life was any better way to act,” he huffed.

You glared at him. Was he being serious? “I was trying to save you, idiot. You were this close to being shot at from all sides!” You indicated with your fingers.

“And look at the good that did you,” he said pointedly, glancing over your injured form.

“Well I’d rather have us both battered and bruised than you half dead because you thought you could fight on your own!”

“Don’t blame your decision on my actions, Y/N,” he said, quickly adding before you could retort, “If you had gotten yourself killed– and that could easily have happened with how carelessly you were prancing around out there– I don’t know what… what I would’ve done. I would never forgive myself.” His voice weakened at that, surprising you with how defeated he sounded after only just shouting in frustration at you.

You softened your expression immediately at the sound of his changed tone, smiling sadly as you stepped towards him, “And I don’t know what I would’ve done if you had been killed either.”

Ben frowned, closing the gap between you and wrapping his arms around you. He gently rested his chin on top of your head, “We’re hopeless, love. Too unwilling to let the other one fight and too stubborn to admit that we both acted recklessly.”

“Or maybe we’re just too damn protective of each other and don’t care what it means for our own lives if we can save the other person’s?” You suggested. This was as close to an apology that either of you were willing to muster up, but you were satisfied with that.

Ben smiled, “Now, that’s the truest thing you’ve said all day,” Ben said, “Look, I just want you to be safe, Y/N– and I know you want the same for me. Just… I just need you to promise me you’ll never scare me like that again,” he mumbled into your hair, kissing it softly, “I don’t care how much danger I’ve put myself in, you’ll get yourself into even more if you decide to intervene unarmed,” he emphasised.

You nodded, “Alright, I suppose that’s fair.”

“C'mon then,” Ben said, moving to keep one arm around your waist as he guided you further into the Hangar, “I don’t know which one of us is more in need of medical attention,” he said trying to lighten the conversation.

At that thought, you smiled in amusement at how damaged you two must’ve looked walking into the Hangar. Both of you covered in scrapes and bruises, and you were fairly sure you had broken something during the chaos of it all– you wouldn’t be surprised if Ben had too.

“People will start talking about how ‘Ben and Y/N’ returned from their mission shouting at each other and dressed head to toe in injuries,” you remarked, “They might think we did this to each other.”

A trace of a smirk danced around Ben’s lips as he raised an eyebrow slightly, “Then I think we need to give them the right impression,” he said.

“And what might that be?”

“Showing them all how much I love you, even after you nearly died trying to save me– Thank you for that, by the way. The rescuing part, not the nearly dying part,” he added, knowing he didn’t really need to clarify.

You smiled, not expecting a thank you from him after all that ranting, “Well I love you too… And you’re welcome.”

“Good,” Ben said before swiftly lifting you up into his arms.

You let out a gasp in surprise, “What are you doing?” You stifled a laugh.

“This is us giving the right impression… and making up for lost time.”

“Lost time as in… the last… What, two hours we’ve spent arguing with each other?” You questioned.

“Very perceptive, Y/N.”

“Could’ve been less than five minutes if you weren’t so cocky,” you mumbled, knowing that he would hear you.

Ben scoffed, “Well maybe I like disagreeing with you. Helps improve my diplomacy skills.”

“What diplomacy skills?” You laughed, “You ended up arguing with me for two hours about something I did, then concluded it all by thanking me for doing it.

“Yeah well who could actually stay mad at you, Y/N? Not like you give me a choice when you start bringing out the pouty face and the doe eyes.”

Your eyes widened as you let out a mock gasp, “I do nothing of the sort, Ben Solo.”

“Well whatever the reason,” he said pointedly, “I’ve got time to make up for with you.”

You met his gaze before wrapping your arms around his neck with perhaps a little too much eagerness than you had intended. You felt Ben tense up and parted from him slightly to see him wincing. You gestured for him to put you down, realising that carrying you really wasn’t the best thing for his sore arms and bruised shoulders.

“Let’s get us both patched up first… and I promise you we can make up for lost time later,” you smirked.

Ben grinned, pressing his lips to your cheek quickly, “Sounds like a plan, sweetheart.”


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“My life is for the people of Naboo,” the young senator says. “I cannot give them anything less.”