I love Josephine. While I have loved strong warrior women in fantasy stories for years, I have always longed for a character like Ambassador Montilyet, whose strength is in her diplomacy skills and ambition for peace. She even looks like me, with dark skin and wavy black hair! But now I find I love her most for inspiring me to become more like her in my own study and career. I used to be shy and full of self-doubt, but now, because of Josephine, I have become more confident, determined and passionate about my work and volunteering. Thank you Bioware for the gift of Josephine Montilyet!

How fucked up do you think the Mardum Ashtongue are tho? I haven’t played w/ Kayn as 2IC (for long…) but so far as I know, those dudes are still loyal to you even if you rip out Akama’s shade again. Were those dudes we left on Mardum just on Mardum since Illidan fell? It wasn’t for long but I’m sure it was time enough to create a gap between Mardum Ashtongue and Akama’s Ashtongue.

In the book, Akama’s narrative portrays his distaste with how some of the broken remain loyal to Illidan despite all his mistreatment. How awkward it must be for Akama to find them there upon setting foot on the Mardum. It’s isolating to be the leader to your people as it is but then Akama probably has to play double diplomacy duty while on Mardum.

The Dragon in the North, Chapter 4/?

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Lyanna realised she’d never seen the king in a rage, though when she snuck a look at the others, they didn’t look surprised. Lyanna realised that this was the Jon Snow who’d won them over, not the boy playing at diplomacy.

His words were directed at Sansa, and Lyanna saw the colour rise in her cheeks. Not in embarrassment, or maidenly modesty. No, that was fury.

“You need to marry to secure the North, your Grace, or have you forgotten that your father was no Stark?”

“Have you forgotten that you’re my half-sister, Lady Stark?” King Jon could be just as sarcastic as any court-trained lady, Lyanna thought.

In which the Marquis de Carabas attempts diplomacy

The Marquis tried to sit up. The Elephant pushed him back to the floor with one bare foot. “Beg for mercy,” said the Elephant.

That one was easy. “Mercy!” said the Marquis. “I beg! I plead! Show me mercy—the finest of all gifts. It befits you, mighty Elephant, as lord of your own demesne, to be merciful to one who is not even fit to wipe the dust from your excellent toes…”

“Did you know,” said the Elephant, “that everything you say sounds sarcastic?”

“I didn’t. I apologize. I meant every single word of it.”

“Scream,” said the Elephant.

The Marquis de Carabas screamed very loudly and very long. It is hard to scream when your throat has been recently cut, but he screamed as hard and piteously as he could.

“You even scream sarcastically,” said the Elephant.

~ Neil Gaiman, “How the Marquis de Carabas got his coat back”,  from the anthology Rogues

The story behind Michelle Obama's state dinner dress makes it even more stunning.
Michelle Obama wore a beautiful — and important — dress for her last state dinner.

In light of Trump’s attempt today to go after Michelle (REALLY, Donny?   You wanna go there?  Wait a minute, let me make some popcorn and get a basin for your bloodletting) this is a lovely, and important article about a lovely and important outfit woman.


One of my favorite things about pre-Book 4 Mako/Korra: they’re both H O R R I B L E on-the-spot liars

In honor of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, here are some inspiring words from Mia Hamm. What would you say (or do!) to encourage and empower girls around the world?

Learn more about the U.S. Department of State’s commitment to supporting women and girls through sports diplomacy by checking out the Empowering Women and Girls through Sports Initiative: http://globalsportswomen.org

Edith Sampson (1898-1979) was the first black US delegate appointed to the United Nations. She was also an attorney, having completed Law School with a special dean’s commendation, all while working full-time as a social worker.

In 1924 she opened a law office that served the African-American community of Chicago. In 1943 she became a member of the National Association of Women Lawyers, one of the first WOC to do so. She was elected by President Truman to serve on the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee of the UN in 1950, and 11 years later she became the USA’s first black representative for NATO.

In which Furiosa has to restrain her attack dog when some stupid idiot makes an offhanded derogatory comment about her during negotiations. (But a gentle stroke to his chest wordlessly tells Max: “SOON”)

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