This would be the first time in 200 years that the Iranians have had a major dispute with the West that ended up with a negotiation in which the Iranians did not lose.
—  Trita Parsi, founder and president of the National Iranian American Council. Watch his interview on Democracy Now! today about the Iran nuclear talks.

Yes, everyone, because we would elect someone president who wants to destroy our entire establishment and sever all U.S. interests overseas.

The reason Hillary Clinton has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning is because she makes sense for our government. She knows how diplomacy is done, she knows how to run a government, and she has her nation’s best interests at heart. Quit pretending she wouldn’t be the ideal candidate just because her ideas of how to run this country don’t match up 100% with your wet dreams of our first real female candidate for president.


One of my favorite things about pre-Book 4 Mako/Korra: they’re both H O R R I B L E on-the-spot liars

Communication Styles of the Zodiac Signs. (Must Read!!!)

♈  Aries: You’re an action person and like to communicate through deeds rather than words. Intellectual, vague and theoretic conversations can bore you. When you talk to others, you’ll be honest, open and sincere but sometimes just shutting up and listening is the better way to go. you have some things to learn about tact and diplomacy.

♉  Taurus: Generally, you’re a quiet, easygoing person. You don’t like too much talk because there’s a tendency for you to be a little introverted and

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For roughly 4 cents an acre, the fledgling United States doubled in size with the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, signed 210 years ago with France on April 30, 1803.

Acting on orders from President Thomas Jefferson (who had put his doubts as to the constitutionality of the expansion aside) American agents James Monroe and Robert Livingston had planned only to negotiate for the purchase of New Orleans and Florida from France.  Instead they were offered the entire territory for the equivalent of 15 million dollars, an offer they hastily accepted.

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Tammam Azzam

The digital collages of Syrian artist Tammam Azzam provoke questions about war, protest and diplomacy through the juxtaposition of familiar images of art history on the disturbing images of rubble from the current Syrian conflict.

  1. Statue of Liberty, 2014
  2. Syrian Museum - Dali, 2013
  3. Barrel, 2014
  4. Conscript, 2013
  5. Beautiful World, 2013
  6. Death Vehicle, 2013
  7. Syrian Museum - Andy Warhol, 2013
  8. Freedom Graffiti II - Peace, 2014
  9. Back to School, 2014
  10. Freedom Graffiti, 2013, Lightbox, 75 x 75 cm. Edition of 5, images posted with permission of the artist.

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