Title: shift and return

Summary: Allura knows she’ll outlive Shiro by centuries. But that doesn’t stop them from growing old together. 

Word Count: 1,

Warnings: Major character death (guess who lol)

Author’s Note: My first shallura fic~ I love these two so much and I love to write PAIN AND SUFFERING but this actually has a lowkey happy ending. Also, a non-canon concept in this is that with Allura’s connection to quintessence, she can pretty much feel people’s soul energy, and through it she discovered Shiro was her soulmate. 

Wrinkles weren’t easy.

               A larger whole—a complete being—was simple to shift into because there was room to leave out detail; as long as an Altean could shift their shape into something that looked like the goal species on the surface, there would exist enough familiarity to catalyze diplomacy. Intricate details, however, were infinitely harder to master.

               So no, wrinkles weren’t easy. But Allura, who could still appear as the young, beautiful princess she had been for over 10,000 years, needed them desperately.

               On one hand, they were an expression of how much the war had weathered her. Harrowing years as the commander of the universe’s only hope had hardened her, turned her skin into a shield. She had been strong before, but countless battles forged her into something unconquerable, impenetrable. Her heart, however, had been tossed like the tides at sea, dragged in every direction and nearly ripped at the seams.

               But her Paladins, in all their love and kindness, stitched her back together. When she awoke all those years ago, she had faith that they would stand at her side, that they would believe in her. She did not expect them to become her dearest family—and she certainly did not expect to find among them the man her very quintessence called to.

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a city built on water - Deputychairman - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Poe Dameron/Finn
Additional Tags: First Time, diplomacy and bureaucracy will save the galaxy, Finn is good at more than fighting, but he is also very good at fighting, salt n pepper undercut Poe, a space!motorbike, Swimming, and sex on the beach
Summary: things that happen after the war: diplomacy, bureaucracy, sex

Made better by @spaceoperafeerie and with much appreciated validation from many of you here

Finn finds him hands in pockets looking up at the engine of a smart Corellian freighter with the harbourmaster, nodding and listening earnestly while she points and gesticulates. Finn just stands there and watches him, watches the harbourmaster respond to his interest, the sincerity of his attention in what she’s saying. Something she points out makes him laugh, and even from here Finn can see the sunbeam of crinkles at the corners of his eyes. Poe has aged really, really well: it’s worn him, purified him, sharpened the line of his jaw and all the good things that show through his face. It’s brightened his hair with silver and darkened his eyes, brought everything into relief so sharp Finn has to look away before he calls out.

King of Cups

Key Words: stability, wisdom, diplomacy, generosity, support

Key Phrases:

  • Emotional security
  • Awareness of human nature
  • A wise person
  • Accepting one’s limitations
  • Keeping your head in a crisis
  • Acting from controlled emotion rather than instinct
  • Evaluating the situation
  • Creating a balanced atmosphere

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a city built on water

by Deputychairman

things that happen after the war: diplomacy, bureaucracy, sex

Words: 13639, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bZV38Y
Are you killing for yourself or are you killing for your saviour?

Hi, whoeverisluckyenoughtocomeacrossthistext!

I have been looking for a pen pal for a long time. I just haven’t got much luck finding one. But, great things take time, right? Well, let’s start form the top!

External image

My name is Nela and I’m Polish. I’m an introvert who had to do all kinds of things that introverted people hate before reaching the age of 18 due to my own ambition (I’m 20 now). My life is almost as complicated as my inner universe, sorry about that. I was brought up in Poland, lived in the UK for a couple of years, and I’m coming back home for the next school year. I had a huge carrier change very recently from medicine to diplomacy.

I’d be happy to talk someone equally complex. My mind is not set yet, but I can relate to in larger or smaller extent to things such as pacifism, secular humanism… I’ll gladly find out more about these topics as I’m really only beginning to understand them. I care a lot about aesthetics, so I like things neat and pretty. I have always held a bit of a grunge for most pop things; that comes with a package.

Likes: reading, writing, my own kind of aesthetics, quotes, certain TV shows (eg. Mr. Robot, Pushing Daisies, Psych, Daria, Drop Dead Diva, The Mentalist, Game of Thrones, Perception, My Mad Fat Diary & silly shows when my brain is too overwhelmed by the amount of studying I do) and films (eg. Transcendence, Maleficent, The Uninvited, Dracula Untold, The Last Unicorn & many many animated films), fashion, science, facts, mnemonics, deep long talks about things that cannot be defined, Tumblr, horse riding, learning languages and other new things, theatre, slam poetry, drawing, art in general, oh and lots more!

Dislikes: most mainstream things, TV shows and books in which romance is understood in terms of one night stand, intolerance, ignorance, crowds, parties and what comes with them, and many many more as I’m the personification of the Grumpy Cat.

I can speak English and Polish, and I’m learning Spanish and French.

My ideal pen pal (keep in mind that this is the ‘perfect’ situation and perfect does not really exist in the real world, so all responses are welcome):

  • Writes really long messages with proper grammar and punctuation (I’m still improving my English as well, aye)
  • Is keen on learning about anything and entertains me with random curious fact that they found
  • Also, likes receiving tons of music recommendations, funny posts, pictures, etc. etc.
  • Preferably, but not necessarily, is a native speaker of Spanish, French, Swedish or English
  • Is interested in becoming close friends, chatting via voice messages or Skype as well as writing letters
  • Likes drawing and does some art himself/herself
  • Is over 18, but under 26; I’d be happy to write with someone older than me as I’ve always been bit too mature for my own age

Contact me at dlaczegopytam @ gmail. com

PS. My favourite song at the moment is Yael Naim - Trapped. Ah, Christine and The Queens - Tilted/Christine too.

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Hi! First of all, I just want to say this is one of the best astrology blogs I follow, you interact with everyone so well! Could I get your opinion on a Scorpio sun, Mercury and Venus, libra moon, Aquarius Mars and cancer rising?

That means so much 💕

You know naturally when to use tact and diplomacy and when it is smart to be assertive. you are charming, trusting, leisurely, elegant, dreamy, romantic, creative, imaginative. somewhat lazy and self-indulgent. You have an amazing sense for fairness and always stand up against injustice. Sensitive to color.

Amalia González Caballero (1898-1986) was a Mexican diplomat who made history by becoming the first female member of a presidential cabinet in the country, as well as the first female ambassador, serving in multiple countries throughout Europe. She was also a devoted feminist, who in 1932 founded the International Women’s Club with the purpose of securing women’s suffrage in Mexico.

In 1945, she was chosen to represent her country in San Francisco to develop the Charter of the United Nations, where she pushed for the explicit recognition of equal rights for men and women. Female suffrage was finally obtained in Mexico in 1952, after a petition led by her accumulated 20,000 signatures.


Mercury In The Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Gemini: Yours is a lightning wit. You somehow know everything about everybody. Curious, you love finding things out – speculating, investigating. You are clever but not known for your deep thinking, and any and all kinds of communication satisfy. You are always exploring, testing. Debates, games, and puzzles please you. Quick.

Libra: Yours is a reflective mind, a mirror for others. You are equality-minded and easy to talk with - a great mediator or negotiator. You find it easy to accept the ideas and thoughts of others and to hear them out. You are good at relations (politics, diplomacy, sales), not to mention considerate, helpful, courteous and calm.

Aquarius: Original and clever, you thrive mentally on the abstract and dialectical. You are an impartial thinker, democratic to the point of being impersonal, and fascinated by the latest technology. Mercury is very much at home in this sign and it often produces the most innovative thinkers and inventors. Always thinking of the world as a unity, you are idealistic and believe in putting into practice what is preached. Group-conscious and future-oriented, often witty, quick and chatty, you find it easy to see through large concepts and schemes. When it comes to ‘mindgames’, others would find it you to be a most worthy opponent.


Venus, Sun, Moon

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how about the first time they openly display their relationship in public? they are in a meeting and clarke is getting up to leave. lexa being distracted just absently press a kiss to clarke's cheek muttering "see you later ai niron".

honestly in canonverse I don’t see them as being very outwardly expressive of their love and relationship, especially not in a political context.

like maybe it comes to be known in other ways–taking walks through Polis, and they stand just a little too close, or Lexa’s eyes are Particularly Soft when she watches Clarke sample food at one stall or run the back of her hand over some soft furs or fabrics at another. she’s just a little too generous, a little too invested in Clarke’s interest in and experience of the Polis marketplace for it to be a matter of diplomacy or cultural sharing. 

maybe at a festival-feast, when they sit too close and drink wine from the same glass. maybe it’s because this is part of a pattern; when the sky people come to visit, Clarke can always be found sitting next to Lexa during meals or public functions. maybe there’s dancing and Lexa teaches Clarke the steps, or simply watches with too much interest, eyes shining in the firelight, as someone else does. 

I think for a long time, they’d be very quiet about it, but then it becomes sort of something That Is Known. 

Science is Not for the Faint of Heart

After our Bones Oracle (Me) and Alchemist successfully brought a Troglodyte back from the dead by grafting its severed head onto another Troglodyte, and healing it, the (All-Kobold) party realized that several Drow had been watching the entire process. Wanting to avoid combat, I decided to attempt diplomacy.

Oracle(Gesturing to the panicking, two-headed Troglodyte): I am a GOD! Behold my creation, and tremble at my power!

Our Cleric(Who had watched us work in silent horror): Please, take them.

Drow: Yeah man, no, we’re just gonna… go.

How South Korea Uses Kimchi To Connect To The World — And Beyond
The traditional dish is so essential to the nation's culture and identity that the government promotes it globally in an effort to foster understanding and peace among countries.

Everybody eats, which is what makes food a perfect choice to resolve conflicts and foster connections among nations. The concept is called “gastrodiplomacy,” and South Korea is one of its strongest champions.

The country is one of the world’s best at branding itself through food, using its cuisine as a kind of “soft power” to help spread South Korea’s influence. And even as the government supports its citizens in opening Korean restaurants around the world, it pays special attention to promoting that most ubiquitous of Korean foods: kimchi.

“The Korean government studied a kind of diplomacy using Korean culture, music and especially Korean food,” says Byung Hong Park, who is in charge of agriculture, food and rural affairs at the Korean Embassy in Washington, D.C.

p.s. @eponymous-rose and I came up with a cool battle tactic today

Fenthras arrow does piercing damage + 1d4 lightning damage

Percy has gloves of missile snaring on

Vex shoots Percy (!!!)

Percy catches the arrow, reduces its damage, but still takes the 1d4 lightning damage…

and it charges Diplomacy B)

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The Fic I won’t write game : Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom "Did we just elope ?"

Did We Just Elope?

The Avengers are in the middle of what might be called a civil confrontation with Doom over his dangerous use of Gamma rays in his magical experiments, when an alien invasion cuts the diplomacy short. Cut off from the Avengers and taken prisoner, Tony and Victor must set aside their differences (”Magic!” “Technology!” “Magic!” “Technology!”) and work together to escape, overthrow a corrupt alien empire bent on enslaving all sentient beings in the universe, and found a new democratic government that won’t fall apart the minute they leave.

Also they should probably stop having sex. Any minute now. 

They definitely shouldn’t have agreed to participate in the “bonding rituals” that solemnized the new alien government. And Doom really needs to stop referring to Tony as Lord Stark, Prince Consort of Latveria, even if it’s kind of cute.

Explaining their space elopement to the Avengers is probably going to be Tony’s job, but at least this probably means the Avengers won’t have to yell at Doom as much, since Tony will be there to do it in person.

(”Magic!” “Technology!” “Magic!” “Technology!”)

DA2: Something bad is happening!

hawke: okay, I’ll deal with it. what are my options?

DA2: violence.

hawke: …that’s it?

DA2: that’s it.

Hawke: okay.

(It works as well as anything can in this awful city-state.)

Anders: something horrific has been happening for decades and gotten even worse in the last few years. I’m going to deal with it. I’ve tried diplomacy, i’ve tried small solutions, to no effect. what are my options? oh. violence. okay. well…something’s gotta give.


The North Node in Aries: Initiative, assertiveness, independence, leadership, individuality, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-direction, courage.

The North Node in Taurus: Stalwart effort, patience, loyalty, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, practicality, financial and business acumen, artistic ability.

The North Node in Gemini: Intelligence, communication and writing ability, logical analysis, a love of learning.

The North Node in Cancer: Sensitivity, compassion, empathy, intuition, kindness, ability to nurture.

The North Node in Leo: Leadership, willpower, self-confidence, playfulness, creativity, self-expression, individuality, managerial skills.

The North Node in Virgo: Devotion to service, discrimination, practicality, attention to detail, efficiency, organization, analysis.

The North Node in Libra: Selflessness, fairness, sharing, cooperation, mediation, diplomacy, skill in relating one-on-one, awareness of other people’s needs, an appreciation of beauty and the arts.

The North Node in Scorpio: Capacity for self-transformation, financial acumen, ability to be intimate and share resources, self-discipline, psychological insight, inner strength, passion, intensity of purpose, strong will, ability to deal with crises-

The North Node in Sagittarius: Understanding, faith, wisdom, intuition, future vision.

The North Node in Capricorn: Self-discipline, ambition, hard work, responsibility, reliability, self-sufficiency, practicality, initiative, leadership.

The North Node in Aquarius: Innovation, inventiveness, originality, altruism, humanitarianism, tolerance, cooperation, objectivity.

The North Node in Pisces: Devotion to service, intuition, imagination, creativity, compassion, idealism, spiritual awareness and understanding.





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