I think a lot about the fact that Josephine was a fucking bard I mean. She wore a mask and was an actual fucking assassin before becoming an ambassador.

Nothing can convince me that in case of someone coming into Skyhold to kill the Inquisitor she’d be the first one to notice them, jump in, and kick their ass without even messing up her hair

And the fact that even though she does have the strenght and the ability to use violence to achieve her means, but CHOSES to use diplomacy and dialogue instead to solve problems makes her even more badass to me 

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More on Fingon at Sirion?

If Fingon’s there, things get wacky - he’s ruler of all Noldor, Earendil included, but the settlement is mostly Sindar out of Doriath who won’t give a shit what he has to say, but their queen is married to Earendil and, given the patriarchal leanings of the setting, thus subservient to him (yes, I know, ew). 

Some options:

  • Presumably those letters do get answered in this AU and there is some attempt at diplomacy. Either it succeeds (unlikely given Doriath!) in which case the Feanorians regain the silmaril, possibly some kind of alliance is forged between the Havens and the Feanorian forces, but then Earendil gets fried trying to get to Valinor unprotected and Morgoth kills everyone anyway. 
  • If the diplomacy fails (which, of course, it will, Elwing is not going to stand for this shit and why should she?) then probably the Sack is much longer in coming but come it will, and the whole thing is just so fucking dramatic, probably Fingon kills Maedhros or Maedhros kills Fingon and then Maedhros, and everyone’s just really fucking embarrassed by the whole thing. Maglor is annoyed cause Elrond and Elros are older in this AU and thus less cute and abductable. 
  • Desperate ruleslawyering on the part of Maedhros. ‘Feanor’s son-in-law’ counts as Feanor’s kin, right? And he’s kind of at the top of the chain of command there, right? So arguably the silmaril’s been reclaimed, right? Right. Job done, no need for murder. …Morgoth still kills everyone. 

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M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.

There’s quite a few of them so I’ll pick a handful and provide some reasoning.

1. Elara Dorne (SWTOR). She’s similar to me in many respects and while I’ve never had to turn my back on my family, friends and entire country for the sake of my morals…I sympathize a lot with what she goes through thanks to my job and (occasionally) my personality. As a fellow nerd, I think we’d get along nicely. And let’s be honest, you all knew she’s be on this list even if we wouldn’t.

2. Josephine Montilyet (Dragon Age). Another sweetheart and someone who would understand the struggles of a corporate worker, much like I can understand what she goes through to keep the Inquisition moving forward. We could gossip, play cards and possibly affect international diplomacy together. Plus I would like to find out where to get one of her dresses so I can look ridiculous…ly good too.

3. Alistair Theirin (Dragon Age): If I could avoid crushing on him, I would really enjoy having a fun guy to hang out with, especially if he had a mabari with him. Plus I’m sure he’d rather chill in California than take the throne or be a Grey Warden, right?

4. Any friendly canine or cat (or analog for them) from fiction.


“Donald Trump’s won the election. We need a headline.”

“Aye, no bother boss.”

“Mind now, it needs to be tactful. Find that balance. Be diplomatic, but Scottish.”

“Boss, don’t worry. I’m on it.”


If U.S. diplomacy with China falls apart, it could have major ramifications

  • Trump continued to needle at China Sunday by openly questioning the so-called “one China policy” on Fox News.
  • China then issued a stern rebuke to Trump’s comments early Monday through its foreign minister.
  • “I don’t know why we have to be bound by a one China policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including trade,” Trump said Sunday, adding, “I don’t want China dictating to me.”
  • That provocative language prompted a Monday editorial in China’s state-run newspaper describing Trump’s diplomacy as “ignorant as a child.”
  • On Dec. 8, China flew a long-range nuclear bomber outside of the nation for the first time since the Taiwan phone call — reportedly a symbolic show of strength.
  • The threat of trade war with China is a real risk to Americans, experts warn.
  • Policy analysts also warn that military conflict could be on the table if aggression between China and the U.S. escalates further. Read more

“Trump is the forerunner of a new, authoritarian and chauvinist international movement. They stand for a return to the bad old times. In which women belonged in the kitchen or in the bed, gays belonged in jail and unions belong at the children’s table. And if you refuse to keep your mouth shut about it, you’ll be ripped apart in public.”

- Sigmar Gabriel, German Vice-Chancellor

FACTS: it’s 1,250 not thousands. LEGITIMATE REFUGEES not illegal OR immigrants. Fuck Trump. Fuck Trump and his outright misinformation. Fuck his dehumanising propaganda, fuck his sheer man-child tempered lack of diplomacy, fuck every goddamn piece of shit word that spews from the anus located where his mouth should be.

I’d say burn in hell but as I’m not religious I’ll go for the real world equivalent and say burn in a detention centre. Let’s put him in one and leave him there indefinitely.

I was about to make a post wondering how Percy reacted to Pike’s death, the first familial death he’d experienced since, well, his entire family - only temporary, of course, but as we’ve been reminded, that doesn’t make the emotions less complicated.

Then I remembered that canonically what he did is promptly spend six months designing and building the world’s first sniper rifle. So that kinda answers that.


Doing some concepts for a few of Vox Machina’s weapons/items. Basically just doing the ones I’ll be needing for comic purposes. I’ll just update this post as I sketch the others. (Many thanks to @otdderamin for this post to reference Bad News and soon, Animus.)

Bad News - Overall I’m happy, though I know full well I tossed out some proper gun structure in favor of appearance and silhouette. I already have some tweaks, but they’re mostly just for my nitpicking.

Diplomacy - Used plate armor and some Izzet League aesthetic for inspiration (and prolly some Iron Man, b/c let’s be honest, yeah). Apparently it is stated sometime that there is a wire connecting Diplomacy to Cabal’s Ruin, though I think I want to design some sort of neck piece that the wire from that top core connects to that IS in contact with Cabal’s Ruin. Rather than, just, this wire that Percy duct taped to the inside of his cloak. (Though I’m not gonna lie, I enjoy the idea that he just electrocutes himself every time he uses that lightning shot.)

Edith Sampson (1898-1979) was the first black US delegate appointed to the United Nations. She was also an attorney, having completed Law School with a special dean’s commendation, all while working full-time as a social worker.

In 1924 she opened a law office that served the African-American community of Chicago. In 1943 she became a member of the National Association of Women Lawyers, one of the first WOC to do so. She was elected by President Truman to serve on the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee of the UN in 1950, and 11 years later she became the USA’s first black representative for NATO.

DM: You encounter a very angry polar bear.

Me: Polar bears aren’t supposed to be this far south, are they?

DM: No. No they are not.

Bard (half jokingly): I use my speak-to-animals ability to try to convince it to join our party.

DM (dead-serious face): Roll diplomacy.

Bard: Oh. Uh. Okay. *rolls nat 20*

DM: … The polar bear joins your party. That wasn’t supposed to be that easy.

“So many of our ideas of democracy, so much of our literature and philosophy and science can be traced back to roots right here in Athens. I’m told there is a saying from those ancient times—kalos kai agathos—when someone or something is good and beautiful on the outside, but also good and noble on the inside, in terms of character and in terms of purpose. And I think that’s a fine description of the friendship that exists between the Greek people and the American people.” —President Obama speaking in Greece on his final foreign trip: go.wh.gov/POTUSabroad

In recent days, there have been reports of:

-a Russian spy ship patrolling off the US East Coast http://nbcnews.to/2kriHzK

-Russian jets buzzing a US destroyer in the Black Sea http://nbcnews.to/2lhLt5u

-a secret deployment of a new Russian cruise missile that US officials say violates a landmark arms control treaty, according to a New York Times report. http://nyti.ms/2lGUaGZ

Altogether, the actions by the Russians are not common in recent years, but they are not unprecedented. Some actions, such as the ship patrols, occur much more often than the rare missile movements.

The Trump administration has not reacted to the actions. Pres. Trump was not asked any questions on Russia during his news conference Wednesday, but as it ended, reporters attempted to question him in relation to Russia and Gen. Flynn, and he did not respond.

AU where Spock is a vulcan engineer at the NASA and Kirk is an astronaut -and constantly flirting with him-

(Vulcan has just been discovered and is barely starting diplomacy with our planet. Earth is still using space rockets and Vulcans proposed to send some of their people to help us with space travel)

The things I have to DM

Context: running Rise of Tiamat (under 4e mechanics) and they finally get to Tiamat and about to engage in combat. The party consists of a tiefling fighter (Calamitus), a tiefling rogue (Lilith) a human turned tiefling monk (Grim) a human fighter (Corvo) and a genasi sorcerer (Katahm).

Me as DM: Okay. This is what you originally were waiting for so roll initiative. 

Corvo: Wait! I roll diplomacy.

Me: You what? Nevermind. Are you actually going to talk your way out of combat?

Corvo: Nope. Gonna seduce her.

Me: For the love of…fine. Roll.

Corvo: *rolls nat 20*

Rest of party: No!

Me: Hang on. Going to see if this is effective. *rolls d100* 99?!

Corvo: I’m starting to regret this. 

Me: Too bad. She shifts to her human form and dive bombs you to a bed in another plane. We don’t see you again for 33 minutes. 

And so we defeated Tiamat…with sex.