I feel like people keep expecting CL’s music to be kpop but need to realize that she’s not targeting people who like kpop. She’s making western music geared towards a western audience and consequently, her music is going to be different. EDM is big right now, Diplo is big right now so of course she’s going to use those. Honestly, what did people expect? She’s trying to to establish herself as an individual and create an image that’s separate from the one she may have had in 2ne1 to help herself stand out more.

You like kpop? Great, I like kpop too. We are not her target audience

CL is smart. She knows how to target her new audience. Say what you will about Dr. Pepper and her music video but its been about 2 hours since it was released and already has over 100′000 views so she’s obviously doing something right. Just because its not your cup of tea doesn’t mean you have the right to determine what the “proper” way for a kpop artist to break into the western music is because so far, SNSD, Wondergirls, Boa all tried and failed so of course CL is going to take a different route.

We should be supporting CL. I mean, I’m not crazy about the song either but I want CL to succeed so if that’s the song that helps her branch out into the American market, then more power to her. 

And finally, people have got to stop slut-shaming her. She was acting no different then the guys in that music video yet somehow she’s the trashy slut? Fuck off. CL looked hot as shit with her fucking amazing silver hair and she was having a good time.

And for the record, Dr. Pepper isn’t even her debut single so everyone can calm the fuck down.

As a kid in school Skrillex was bullied, so he had some advice for those kids who are looking at back-to-school as something to fear; “No matter what, society can be hard. As long as you stick together in a group of people that are like minded, doing positive things, all of that stuff goes away,” says Skrillex. “There’s always someone like you. That’s when you have to take responsibility and be bigger and step outside of yourself and reach out to someone and mentor someone else.
—   Skrillex                                                                                           

Skrillex & Diplo - Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber) LIVE at HARD Summer Music Festival