You're a dinosaur...

…Or 4 :D been really busy this week experimenting with some eyelash wools, some patons fab and sirdar snuggly fair isle dk (which at £3.50 for 50g is the closest i’ve come to buying luxury wool lol) expect more really soon and i hope you love these ones.

check out my ravelry page (pumpkindoll) to see more dinosaurs and projects i’ve completed in the last couple of months :D


I was tagged by tronnor-phandom (<3)

Rules- Answer these questions with information about yourself and tag some people

Name: Rachel

Nickname: uh my names simple but sometimes Rach?

Birthday: October 22nd

Sign: Scorpio

Gender: female

Height: about 165cm?

Favorite Color: Black and blue bc I’m original

Time: 11:31pm

Average Hours of sleep: like 5-7

Lucky numbers: 36

Last thing I googled: this v cool thing

Words that comes to mind: Diplidocus

Happy place: bathrooms, coaches

Favorite Fictional people: Dil Howlter

Favorite Famous people: Dan and Phil

Celebrity Crushes: Shrek

Favorite Books: DO I HAVE TOO?

Favorite Bands: mcr, fob, sws, rhcp, 

Last Movie I saw: This german film about deaf parents?

Dream Trip: Japan atm

Dream Job: an internet hobo

What i’m wearing atm: Sweats and a T

I tag: I just did a tag and tagged a bunch of people but i don’t want to annoy anyone by tagging loads so everyone who sees this? sorry that’s fustrating please do it and tag me :)