This quick drawing/testing of manga studio is dedicated to BMP gree week!

More specifically this post (chiapeto) and even MORE specifically, this one (otomeproblems)

And really, to be more specific, it was inspired by both this (drawthecurtainstarttheplay) and this AWESOME dipiction otomesass made and also her straight up break down of this beautiful quote

I want to mention that Louis is definitely my favorite butler at this point(But very close along with Luke and Yu) Here’s something I want to point out between these three and their relationships

Luke: Very young and still in the shadow of his grandfather, he feels the need to constantly please Keith but when MC comes in and basically fucks up his cover, the only way he’s able to cope is by being cold and rude. Eventually, he recognizes that this isn’t how she deserves to be treated and starts to open up. Since they’re close in age, it turns out they have a lot in common. Yet, since Keith will always be the Alpha, he falls short in this aspect as well.

Yu: Dibs? NOPE. Glenn comes in one summer and sweeps MC off her feet, even when they were younger. However, he will always be her Yu-yu and it kills me that he’ll always be in the “friendzone”. The thing I like best about this relationship is that they know each other very well; before the royalty, they were best friends. Yet, their stars are off by just a pinch and MC ends up with Glenn.

Louis: This guy is the MOST passionate and super romantic out of them all. His words have a lot of depth and you can tell that most of his decisions and considerations have MC in mind. I feel that if it weren’t for all that he “owes” Edward, he would do anything to be with her. To me, it seems he’s the only one where you can tell that he’s hopelessly in love with her. (I would say the same with Yu, but there are a few times where you kind of question if it’s a battle of pride between him and Glenn) I also believe Edward is aware of his feelings (and if I recall, there’s a line in his non-gree route where he cleverly establishes this) but of course, there’s just no way he could give up his fairy. It breaks my heart evryteim. 


Louis let his work clothes fall to the floor, one by one, leaving a trail to his bed. He mentally scolded himself for letting his emotions get the best of him back there. What was he thinking, letting her see him like that? Surely, prince Edward wouldn’t be pleased with him feeling this way. And after all that he’s done for Louis…

Louis felt the tears sting his eyes once more and brought up a fist into his hair

“White chocolates, huh?” he scoffs, bittersweet. 

Why was he the one who got white, while the other royal attendants were given dark? He feels a stab into his heart; was she trying to tell him something?

It was quite a while ago, but he recalls when he was back in school and studying art. There was a theory that stuck with him ever since he wrote it down in his notes.

Black is the absence of all light; white is the presence of all light. This makes black void, and white all the colours. 

While pulling his blankets over himself, he sets the heart shaped box of chocolates in front of him. he plays with the bow, admiring the silky texture. Then something dawns on him, something he learned a few years ago in the philosophy class he took at Charles University. 

Symbolization - Chocolate: White chocolate symbolizes peace and the search for fairness and truth.

He bites his lip. There was something even more generic than that. 

May also symbolize inability to move forward with ones desires. 

He takes a deep sigh. It was proof, even now she was still in his thoughts. Even though the party was long over, he finished his duties for the night, and she was sleeping soundly in bed with another man. She captivated every aspect of his life, ever since she came to Charles. It was now officially his duty to look after and doesn’t trust anyone else to take care of her. Not even Edward, at times.

Every morning, he always checks in on her first. Some days, he’ll make her tea a dozen times over if it wasn’t good enough, even if she insists she doesn’t mind. He’s her shopping partner and fashion critic when needed. It wasn’t fair to him. Why does she get to captivate every aspect of his life, but he couldn’t be the same for her? 

Oh if she only knew what this chocolate meant to him…

Or was this her intention all along?

“My heart is already dyed in your colors…”