Dear Journal,

Hey, it’s Teddy. Yesterday was hard since it was the full moon. I wanted to go with my dads so bad and help them… but Remus didn’t want me to. I can understand. He would feel so guilty if he were to hurt me in his werewolf form.. but they use to be all the marauders together to handdle my dad’s transformations and now it’s only Sirius. I wanted to help. This morning I woke up next to my dad sleeping. He was still looking a bit dirty and exhausted so I left the room without making a sound. They both needed rest. I poured milk in my bowl of cereal and took thunder outside by the lake. It was so calm and peaceful. I sat on the dock and thunder dipped his paws in the lake, making me smile. Suddently my phone rang in my pocket and i instantly answered, knowing who it was. James Sirius.

“Hey babe” I answered.

“Hey! I wanted to call you this morning but i didn’t want to wake you up.” He said.

“Well I just woke up. I was a bit tired..”

“I wanted to check up on you. Are you okay with last night?” He asked.

“I’m okay.. I was worried but it’s over now. He’s okay.”

“Alright. I miss you. And the baby kitten misses you too!” He laughed.

“Awe I can’t wait to hug her and i can’t wait to hug you too baby.” I said, smiling.

“We should have a movie night in our tree house when you get back.”

“Definetly. I’ll be home in two days okay?”

“No i want you now! I miss you..” He said.

“I know baby.. I miss you too.”

“My days are boring without you.. I have to hang out with Harry.” He laughed.

“At least you have a sibling! I’m hanging out with a dog here!”

“A very cool dog!” He added.

I laughed and we talked for a good hour. I was throwing rocks on the water while talking to him. I miss him.

“I gotta go babe.. We have dinner at the longbottoms. I’ll call you tonight okay?” He said.

“Okay. I miss you.”

“And I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I hung up and smiled to myself. Even in hard times, James was always here for me. I couldn’t wait to kiss him.


Hanging out at the pool with Faith today. We can’t go anywhere without people commenting on how well behaved she is… even for a SD. I’m so proud. It’s great to know that all the hard work we’ve put into training is really paying off.

– Even public pools are private places because they require membership. Always check with the pool manager to make sure your service dog is allowed. Sometimes they will also have rules about where exactly a SD can be on pool grounds for safety reasons. Most have been pretty accommodating though, and allow Faith to accompany me everywhere BUT the water (she is placed in a down-stay several feet from the water’s edge). The pool manager has also kindly asked me to keep her vested while on deck.

– Use the 5 second rule to make sure the pavement is not too hot for your dog. Use the back of your hand to check pavement heat. If you can’t leave your hand there for more than 5 seconds, it is TOO HOT for your dog. Time to abort mission or put on some doggie boots.

– Notice the travel water bowl behind her. We never go anywhere during the summer without a collapsible bowl and a bottle of ice water. A pool is no exception. Even in the shade it can be very hot and humid. Not only do I encourage her to drink frequently, I’ll also dip her paws in the ice water to cool them off (dogs sweat though their paw pads, so it’s important they stay cool).

– Make sure your dog has a SOLID leave it before going to a pool. Kids drop candy and food everywhere (and many of these food items are not good for dogs). People have also tried to feed Faith, and a leave it cue is needed.

– Know the signs of overheating in dogs and be ready to leave THE MOMENT you notice them in your dog. I took Faith off deck today because she was getting too hot (panting rapidly, gums/tongue turning dark pink, wide eyes). We went to the car, blasted the AC for a few min, and went back on deck once she was comfortable again.

– Never do anything that your dog is not ready for, or would otherwise make him uncomfortable!! Be prepared to leave the moment you see any signs of stress in your dog. Pools are busy, distracting, and often overwhelming environments. Be a responsible service dog handler :)

The Fourth Apprentice- Chapter 1

Read the prologue here

“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting!” Firestar’s call rang out from across the clearing.

“That’ll be you in just a sunrise or two, Dovekit.” Whitewing’s tongue rasped gently over her ear. Dovekit’s sister, Ivykit, was already poking her head out of the nursery, her tail fluffed and twitching with anxiety, while in the back of the nursery, Daisyflower and Poppytail, two of the resident queens, were napping.

“Oh no, we’re gonna be late!” Ivykit moaned. “Whitewing, please hurry! Dovekit’s fine already!”

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I think my cat is literally trying to kill me.

Last October I was broke as hell and down to like a bag of rice and some ramen packets. Suddenly, he got curious about the contents of the rice bag and tore it open while I was in class, sending rice everywhere.

Now I’m out of money again but a bit better off (I have a lot more food in reserve this time) while I wait for my financial aid refund. The thing is, I’m about out of soda. So I decided to pour my last cup this morning for the caffeine while I made breakfast. Well, while I was stirring the pot, the cat decided now was the time to get curious again and when I turned around, he was on the counter, dipping his nasty paws into my drink.

It’s like he knows the precisely correct thing to do to inflict maximum damage when the chips are down. Maybe I should let him play outside with the cars and coyotes.

Behind the Shades

Blue Fox Production: A WolfTale! FreshBerry Fanfic  

~Inspired by BlogTheGreatRouge~  

(BTW I do not own any of these characters!)



Chapter 8~

The lights in the hallway brightly shone with a flick of a switch. Ink, in her whit lab coat, lead Error and PJ down the hall and into a side room by the meeting room. Sci waited patiently in the small observation room, waiting for the family trio. Once everyone piled into the room they all kept their eyes locked on the still sleeping FS. The lights slowly grew brighter in the habitat to simulate the sunrise as Sci spoke.

“You do understand what you are doing, right, Ink?”

“Yes, Sir. It’s worth the risk.” Sci nodded, giving a small smile and reached over to a skinny microphone. “Bring SB to the meeting room in building 7 please.”

The four skeleton monsters waited only a few moments until the intercom buzzed. “SB is in containment.” Sci thanked them and looked back at FS, who was still asleep. The lights seemed to be at full capacity now and the two would soon meet. Sci pulled a lever allowing the sealed door SB was behind to open.

SB shivered as the small steel door opened. She had never been out of her own enclosure before and frankly it was terrifying for her. She barely felt safe in her own habitat let alone a foreign room and since she wasn’t going to walk out herself, a panel pushed her forward. When the door was forcefully shut, she desperately scratched at it, wanting to be let back in. She stopped, knowing it was getting her nowhere. The stone cave was cold and empty with the faint sound of chirping pheasants. SB shook as she began to step out cautiously while looking at her surroundings. Her rapid breathing through her nasal cavity received every scent within the unfamiliar environment, including a frightening yet intriguing aroma. She hesitantly allowed her nose to lead the way to… a small pond? She was disappointed, but relieved that it wasn’t anything horrible.

She watched as the small fish swam around each other almost like they were dancing. Without knowing, SB dipped her paws into the water and began to play with them. She quietly giggled and her movements became more energetic with each attempt to catch them. She moved deeper into the pond, splashing the water more erratically. A large grayish blue fish came into her view and she took the opportunity. SB bared her fangs and went for its tail and, to her surprise, she caught it. She wasn’t very good at hunting, so this was a great highlight to her day. She tried to bring it up and take it back to the cave, but something else held it.

She looked over to the head of the salmon to see a large gray wolf staring at her with wide eyes. Her jaw reflexively released the salmon as she gave a short scream and scattered out of the water, not looking back.

Fresh stood silent and dropped the dead fish back into the water, staring towards the direction SB ran off to. His mind wondered with thoughts left and right. He shook his head trying to get them out, but one stood firm. Those eyes. Those beautiful scared purple-ish blue eyes… Just like his mother, but it wasn’t and Fresh knew better. He shook his head once more and pick the fish back up.

As Fresh’s teeth sunk into the meal, he savored every bit and made sure to get every scrap of meat, almost as if he had already forgotten the frightened female. However, SB hadn’t let the encounter slide so easily. She usually settled herself in a tree when she needs to ponder on something, which she was doing now. SB calmly tried to slow her rapid breathing as she sat on a sturdy branch.

“Okay, okay, calm down Blue, your fine, your safe.” She sighed “That was scary… and close.” She looked down at the ground to see if Fresh had followed her. “He didn’t follow me?” She shrugged. “Good sign, I guess. He didn’t look mean, but he did stare for a while. Maybe it’s best to avoid him. I can’t make it like last time.” Just the thought of the last male she had partnered with always brought her to tears. Not tears of joy or sadness, but fear. Her former mate wasn’t a very kind male, in fact he was the opposite. Doing unspeakable things and anything imaginable, it was absolutely dreadful.

Blue wouldn’t dare go near Fresh even if it was for a spare second. She was too scared to approach or even look at him in fear of a re-run of what happened last time. However, her curiosity grew by the day and she couldn’t keep it contained for long. She figured if he hadn’t hurt her already, maybe it was alright just to get a look. Just a look. That’s all.

It wasn’t hard to find him, he was usually hunting eating or just sleeping. Blue really hoped he would be sleeping so it wouldn’t be as scary to get a look. Luckily, he was, she approached him quietly and stopped when she thought she was close enough. She examined the male who was much larger than herself and was much more intimidating. Even though Blue was terrified out of her wits she couldn’t help, but admire him. His pointed fangs. His bushed tail and His beautiful face. Blue wondered what the rest of him looked like, but that was generally just inappropriate and disrespectful. She wanted to just stare at him all day, unfortunately wolves don’t sleep for that long as Fresh started to wake up. Blue was snapped out of her thoughts when he stirred and she quickly fled back up a distant tree, but was still close enough to see Fresh.

Fresh awoke with a yawn and stretched his limbs. He swore he had heard pitter patter of paws running, but was greeted with nothing when his vision was clear. He shrugged it off, thinking it was just that strange female hunting for food. He didn’t get her, he just knew she looked kind of like his mom, but that wasn’t something to judge off. He knew she was looking at him from afar, but if she wasn’t bugging him, he didn’t really care. However, something was getting a bit sketchy. She seemed to have been getting closer and he didn’t like it. Maybe it was best to just leave it alone. For now, at least.

NDRV3 Girls who let their S/O have a puppy but returns home to 20 puppies

This was quite nice and adorable to do to be honest! ~Mod Kiibo

Kaede Akamatsu

~ When you asked Kaede to have a puppy to have and keep, of course she agrees

~ After all it’s just a small, cute puppy right? No harm done and if it makes her S/O happy then she’s happy too!

~ When you finally get the puppy you instantly name it and thank her for it

~ She’s delighted that you are happy

~ She leaves you to take care of it to go to one of her piano recitals

~On her way back she picks up some dog supplies for your guys puppy not knowing the outbreak in store for her

~ When she got back though she found about twenty puppies surrounding you on the couch reading them a book

~ She squeals quite loudly after seeing the cuteness in both of your guys home

~ She pets all of them one by one and the puppies love her back

~ After a while she questions why there is twenty puppies in their home instead of the one and you just reply with “Because why have one when you can have twenty?”

~ She doesn’t mind nonetheless though, they are all so adorable but it will take some time getting more stuff for them since they only have the stuff for one dog

~ You two also name all of them as well, they all have very cute names

~ Also a lot of cuddling sessions with them all as well just a big hug pile of dogs, Kaede and her S/O

Miu Iruma

~ Oh? You want a puppy? HmMmM Sure!

~ It’s just a puppy it’s not like it’s going to be one  the cutest thing she has ever seen

~ Holy fUCK SHe WAS wRoNG

~ When you get the puppy she tries her hardest not to squeal and all

~ You both gather supplies for the little puppy you bought and you decided to go home while Iruma does some of her own shopping for a while

~ It takes a while since she has certain things she must have for the both of you and that it needs to be in high quality because of course nothing else will do for her gorgeous self!

~ When she does get home to her lovely S/O she’s greeted by twenty puppies??

~ As soon as she walks in she’s bombarded by them all, everything she bought is everywhere

~ Not paying attention to the…things she bought, her S/O immediately tries to get them all of Iruma but all they can hear is Iruma laughing

~ After all the puppies are off her, her S/O helps her up and apologies for the dog attack that just happened

~ She says that she doesn’t care about that and that the puppies already like her of course because she’s a gorgeous genius and they knew that from the moment she stepped in

~ You then reluctantly asked her if you could keep them since you didn’t really wanted to take them back and she agrees!

~ You have to stop her from using them to help on her inventions once in awhile

~ But overall it’s nice to have them all interact with each other like a family of some sort  

Tsumugi Shirogane

~ You wanted a puppy? Of course! As long as it doesn’t mess up her work

~ You swear that you’ll keep a close eye on it so she lets you get one, you are ecstatic when you hold them

~ Tsumugi thought she will help with this dog so when she was coming back home from what she was doing, she picked up some basic stuff for the new puppy

~ And some materials so she can dress it in little pet costumes which would be adorable

~ When he gets home she is greeted with not one puppy like you said you bought but twenty puppies

~ “I thought you were only buying one puppy S/O”

~ “I had a change in plans…”

~ She’s not mad at all since that means more costumes for the pets but that means you two have to go back the store to get supplies, a lot of supplies in fact

~ When she does have time, Tsumugi dresses up the puppies in little costumes of all sorts

~ She’s very proud of her work and gives them treats after every costume she puts them in

~ She enjoys their company as well and sometimes play with them too but they can’t go anyway near her important cosplays but she doesn’t mind of her pet ones since she made them especially for them

Tenko Chabashira

~ When you ask that can you get a puppy without hesitation she says yes

~ She’s so excited for when she gets home to see the cute little puppy!

~ You said you was going to buy things for the puppy so you had to go for now, she didn’t mind but was extremely happy for the new member of the household you two shared

~ She can’t wait to see the dog’s cute little face when she steps into the house

~ But when she does get home, she is greeted to around twenty puppies all around the place

~ At first she just thought it was the one reappearing over and over again but when she finally found you petting some of them she was confused but amazed

~ After you explained everything about basically buying twenty puppies instead of one she lets that sink in before immediately starting to pet them

~ She adores them all and basically walks them anytime they want to go outside, well it’s more like running but still

~ Tenko loves doing outside activities with them and it could last for ages but she brings them inside to take a break so she doesn’t entirely tires them out

~ She spoils them often because she doesn’t like seeing them sad at all but sometimes you have to calm her down on her gifts for the dogs

~ But you appreciate her genuine thoughts towards them and her loving them dearly so

Kirumi Tojo

~ You bring up that you wanted to have a puppy and she was hesitant at first but agreed with you nonetheless

~ After all with it’s all okay because when she agreed to let you have one she was on her way to get the basic bits instantly

~ She has a whole shopping list and everything

~ She has got this in the bag I swear

~ When she does get home to you two she notices it wasn’t just one puppy as she thought it would be

~ Apparently there were twenty puppies just waiting there at her home with you just trying to keep them calm and not run wild all over the place

~ She smiles at the sight of her S/O trying their best to keep them all under control

~ So as her duty calls, she helps her S/O out by calming them down and letting them play for a bit

~ She is honestly a great owner to them

~ She looks after them better than you do like she takes the out on frequent walks, feeds them the right things, has them all little beds so they can rest on and tries to play with them but that doesn’t work quite well so she leaves that to you

~ Also she has a very long list just for the dogs when she goes out to buy them things

~ You find it great that she interacts with them so well

Maki Harukawa

~ So her S/O wanted a puppy? That’s fine, she was quite hesitant on it first but if it pleases her S/O then she’ll allow it

~ She’ll probably be quite distant from the puppy at first though

~ Well that was what she thought until when she got home she saw twenty of them

~ Now she is just confused, why was there twenty puppies surrounding you? She thought you was only getting one but now it’s seems that’s not the case anymore

~ She doesn’t help that much for the first few days because twenty of them is quite a lot to handle at once but since her S/O seems like they are doing a good job of taking care of them it doesn’t bother her

~ Then she gets used to them after a while and occasionally pets them quite gently, not that often but it’s something

~ Sometimes she helps them get to sleep if they are being way too hyper

~ She looks pleased after every time she does it since it’s quite a hand full

~ She does go on walks with you with the dogs as well just to tag along of course but it’s quite nice of her to join in

~ When you are out shopping for you two and the dogs, she’ll watch over them while you’re gone

~ She mostly has everything down about what to do if ‘blank’ happens and etc etc

Himiko Yumeno

~ You brought up the topic of having a puppy more than once to her and she agrees to it without putting much thought at all

~ She’s probably asleep when you brought in the puppies into the house, surprisingly she doesn’t wake up after the many footsteps of tiny paws on the floor

~ When she does wake up and head to where you are at she’s surprised of how many dogs were there in the room

~ She doesn’t really mind though as she loves petting them when she does actually wake up and have the energy to do so

~ One time you stepped in the room to see that she was in a cuddle pile with all of the twenty dogs just snoring away

~ It was quite cute actually and it does happen often

~ You have to do all the rest like walking them and such which is fine with you

~ Himiko does sometimes play with them and sometimes fall asleep during it so the puppies lick her face to get her awake again

~ You can mostly find them in the living room with them sleeping on the couch, floor or wherever is comfy enough for them

Angie Yonaga

~ Honestly when you brought it up she was excited as ever

~ So them you both agreed that you was going to have yourself a little puppy in the household

~ When she did find out that you bought the dog home she was delighted, she can right home after you told her about it

~ She didn’t expect the many other dogs to be there to though but still she was too happy about it to care that much

~ She commented on how small and adorable they were but also how harmless and vulnerable as well

~ You wanted to question that but you let it slide since she was so in the moment

~ You already bought the things the dogs needed so you was ready as you could be

~ You do most of the caring after them but you didn’t mind since you enjoyed their company

~ Angie does love to pet them and one time she let them dip their paws in paint so many multi coloured paw prints were left all around the house which was a pain to get rid off

~ She likes them to be around her since it’s like a nice calming feeling to her

~ Also she has done some sculptures and paintings of them as well and they are either in her room or the living room

DiU cats
  • ☆Josuke
  • ¤loves to be brushed and groomed
  • ¤well behaved most of the time, but every once in awhile he'll get into trouble
  • ¤bats around balls alot
  • ¤gets into the catnip a lot
  • ¤a very peaceful cat, but if you or another cat messes with him, he will not show mercy
  • ☆Okuyasu
  • ¤kinda aggressive but really sweet too
  • ¤definitely not a smart cat. He'd probably try to fight another cat but it was just his reflection in a mirror
  • ¤helps Josuke get the catnip and now they're both high
  • ¤likes shiny things and will run off with it
  • ¤thinks he make a jump, but either he can't or he falls short.
  • ¤Will let you pet his belly because this boy is starved for affection
  • ¤please love this cat he deserves it
  • ¤can run at very high speeds but doesnt know exactly when to stop and smashes into stuff
  • ☆Koichi
  • ¤his breed is munchkin, so he has short little legs
  • ¤despite being almost full grown, he still looks like a kitten
  • ¤has a hard time keeping up with the other cats
  • ¤gets along well with most other cats, but will fuck their shit up when they try his patience too much
  • ¤probably hops a bit when he runs
  • ¤knows the best hiding places because he's so small
  • ¤All the other cats groom Koichi and he doesn't really know what to do about it and just lets it happen
  • ☆Rohan
  • ¤another asshole cat
  • ¤the tip of his tail looks like a paint brush
  • ¤definitely doesn't get along with other cats, unless they're calm and quiet.
  • ¤picks up Koichi cat by the scruff and runs away
  • ¤spitefully scratches the furniture when angry
  • ¤give him paint and he'll dip his paw in it and walk around. So make sure there's paper around for him
  • ☆Jotaro
  • ¤Really the same as his younger self, only 300% more chill
  • ¤doesn't mind being pet now, but he has a limit
  • ¤Dad cat to the Morioh kittens and his own (I.e. Jolyne.)
  • ☆Older Joseph
  • ¤not very energetic now, but he tries.
  • ¤needs help getting to higher places like a couch or chair
  • ¤meows pathetically when he wants to lay near Josuke, who's probably somewhere Joseph can't get too
  • ¤going blind, has trouble walking and can barely hear. His owner gets heartbroken seeing him like this
  • ¤some days are better than others and sometimes he can make a jump, but it still scares his owner to death
  • ☆Kira
  • ¤a seemingly boring cat
  • ¤very finicky and picky
  • ¤he's on a set schedule on when to eat, play, and sleep
  • ¤disrupting his schedule results in him going 0 to 100 real quick
  • ¤likes to lick his owners hands, especially if they're female
  • ☆Mikitaka
  • ¤one of those hairless cats, like Beerus from Dragon Ball Z, but way more friendly looking
  • ¤if you seen that kids show Kid vs Kat, he kinda looks like that alien cat
  • ¤a very curious cat. He accidentally gets into trouble lots without meaning too
  • ¤friendly to literally everyone
  • ¤has sensitive hears so high pitched sounds hurt the poor bby
  • And that's all the cats I'm doing since I haven't read the other parts yet ;^)

Hey let’s go on a tour of the household animals shall we? We shall.

First we’ve got Stan Lee, our oldest, and a large boy who enjoys sleeping in boxes and fresh laundry.

Next we have DC, a very large boy who is sometimes an asshole but that’s okay. Also he stick he leggy out.

Marvel, our most orange and most slippery boy who is also the most anxious about meds and getting his nails trimmed.

My boy, Sully (or Sullivan if he’s in trouble, which is often), a very special boy who sometimes tries to eat plastic and steals small objects and also puts his toys in your shoes.

Liberty, a sleepy boy who is very fluffy. Seriously, his fluff knows no limits. Also dips his paw in the water to drink it; very fancy.

Darla, the only lady of the house who does not tolerate the boys’ shenanigans. Very needy for attention. If you ignore her for too long she’ll jump on you.

Norman, another fluffy boy. Has a nasally meow. Loves to be held like a baby, and will sometimes get up on your shoulder to love.

Frankie, Norman’s brother. Sticks out his bottom lip when he wants something. Loves to eat cheese, and usually accompanies us at the table for dinner.

And finally, Emily. Technically a dog but was raised by cats, so now she acts like a cat. Still gets excited to see you.

I hope you all enjoyed this tour.

Little red and her big bad wolfie

He always stayed close, but kept out of her line of sight. She could feel his presence, the weight of his gaze as she bounded through the grass, chasing butterflies and dipping her little white paws into the stream. She basked in the sunlight for a moment, feeling the intense rays on her red fur, making it shimmer as if flames where dancing around her. Little red let her eyes slip close, losing herself in the sounds of birds chirping and the cicadas singing. She loved the sound the little brown bugs belted from the trees, tho most would find them annoying, she felt at home with it ringing in her ears as the leaves rustled.
Red had gotten so lost in the sounds of her home that she didn’t even hear or feel him grow closer. Until his large snout pressed against her side and hugged against her fur, she had no idea he had left his shadow realm. With a surprised yip she bounced away from him, her bushy tail fluffing out even more as she tensed her muscles, ready for a fight.
Before her stood her wolfie, his ebony fur was gleaming, the strokes of silver on his chest and paws were almost reflected like metal from the sun. He towered over his little fox but bowed his head to keep eye level with her, trying to seem less intimidating. Red let out a small huff, annoyed that he snuck up on her like that, but happy to see him outside of his hiding. She dropped her rump, sitting and peering up at the lanky beast before her, her little tongue lulled out from her mouth as she cocked her head to the side. This was her classic gesture of showing she was comfortable around someone. Wolfie took the cue, and began to lay down, placing his ginormous paws on each side of the fire fox, so he came eye to eye with her as he settled on his belly.
Red let out another soft noise, a sound of contentment as she curled up against his chest, right under his chin, trying to blend in with his dark fur. He let out an amused huff as he noticed that she was pulling his long fur around her, but still stuck out like the moon on a clear night sky. He laid his head down on his paws, resting against the tiny fox on his chest, and together they napped under the suns gaze.

Got7 in a high class restaurant

Mark - wears a cap and ripped jeans because #yolo. Nearly drops his phone into his salad. Accidentally dips his sweater paws into his soup:

JB - wonders how he ever gets himself into these situations. Contemplates braining himself on the candle stick before realising no one will be left to stop Bambam going AWOL if he’s gone:

Jackson - isn’t phased at all. Picks the most expensive thing on the menu then insists he forgot his wallet. Gets told to be quiet 3 times by the others and once by the staff:

Jinyoung - appears totally in his comfort zone. Excuses himself to the bathroom after the starter and loses his shit because he has no idea why anyone created so many tiny forks. Considers making chopsticks out of twigs:

Youngjae - finishes his food in record time. Finishes Yugyeoms food. Finishes Jinyoungs food. Tries to eat some of Marks. Never tries again:

Bambam - offers to taste test the wine even though he has no idea what he’s supposed to be checking for. Purposefully drops his napkin on the floor to see if a waiter will rush to pick it up:

Yugyeom - the most quiet and well behaved. In actual fact wants to talk to his hyungs but can’t be heard over the sound of Bambam trying to snort spaghetti up his nose and Jinyoung telling Youngjae off for making happy faces out of vegetables:


Pairing: RivaMika
Slice of Life
AU (Living Together)
Rating: G

A/N: HUWAH! I pushed myself to write,edit, post this in one day. This is written from the Revi’s point of view. For those who don’t know, Revi is Mikasa and Levi’s cat, in the AU, ‘Living Together’. He’s a mostly black cat, with white toes and underbelly. It was pretty fun writing this, I hope you understand his cat-lingo. Ahaha.


Revi sat on the windowsill of the living room, slowly turning his head, idly gazing out the window. Petra was on her phone sitting in the sofa. All was quiet but of the ticking of a clock hanging on the wall…

Levi and Mikasa were gone. It has been a fair amount of days since their sudden departure. A week perhaps? A cat really doesn’t measure time the way humans do. I’ve been feeling uneasy, like a stranger in my own home. With fair enough reason; things had been strange lately. Well, it has been for a while actually… 

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Hey let’s go on a tour of the household animals shall we? We shall.

First we’ve got Stan Lee, our oldest, and a large boy who enjoys sleeping in boxes and fresh laundry.

Next we have DC, a very large boy who is sometimes an asshole but that’s okay. Also he stick he leggy out.

Marvel, our most orange and most slippery boy who is also the most anxious about meds and getting his nails trimmed.

My boy, Sully (or Sullivan if he’s in trouble, which is often), a very special boy who sometimes tries to eat plastic and steals small objects and also puts his toys in your shoes.

Liberty, a sleepy boy who is very fluffy. Seriously, his fluff knows no limits. Also dips his paw in the water to drink it; very fancy.

Darla, the only lady of the house who does not tolerate the boys’ shenanigans. Very needy for attention. If you ignore her for too long she’ll jump on you.

Norman, another fluffy boy. Has a nasally meow. Loves to be held like a baby, and will sometimes get up on your shoulder to love.

Frankie, Norman’s brother. Sticks out his bottom lip when he wants something. Loves to eat cheese, and usually accompanies us at the table for dinner.

And finally, Emily. Technically a dog but was raised by cats, so now she acts like a cat. Still gets excited to see you.

I hope you all enjoyed this tour.

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The raccoon recoiled immediately, yelping. “you can just say you don’t want to play!” she was backing away, until she darted to her waterbowl, dipping her paws in it to press at the warm pain of the scratch marks. the cool liquid was nice, but now she was staring at the ‘kitten’ uncertainly. even the big kitty had merely bapped her before- there’d been no claws! she’d been expecting a bap at worse!

“You-you’re lucky dad’s getting me treats because he was gone for so long! he’d really hurt you for this, you bully!”

I’m the bully?! You charged at me and scared me half to death! That is not how you ask someone to play with you!’ Though his paw lowered and his nails eventually retracted, he didn’t move. His eyes wide still staring at her, his breath still heaving, and his fur still bristled. 

My cat Jasper has moved into my room for a little test. I got him a water bowl and a little cardboard scratcher with catnip till i can get him something better. He’s already dipped his paw in the waterbowl to play with some ice, had catnip and was rolling on the scratcher, and now he’s demanding attention. This is going to be a long night i think.

candles, cats, and confessions.

The second week of December in Scorpius Malfoy’s sixth year at Hogwarts presented an unprecedented bout of snow and an increasingly suspicious sequence of events. Albus was up to something; the whole House knew it. He disappeared for hour-long intervals each day, and upon returning, pulled a new entry from his repertoire of excuses. As frustrating as it was, Scorpius didn’t ask additional questions, partially because he trusted him- they were best friends, after all, and best friends trust each other no matter what- but more because Albus’s colorful explanations amused him; with midterms approaching at the velocity of a bullet train, he could use a good laugh sometimes. He was keeping a mental list of his favorite excuses. So far, the top contenders were: “I’m the godfather to Hugo’s pigmy puff, Annabelle, and he invited me to her first birthday party. I would’ve brought you, but, you know, family only. It was supposed to be a bit of a secret, even after. In fact, I just broke a promise by explaining that. Don’t go to Hugo with questions, or he’ll know that I told you.” and “Professor Longbottom asked me to accompany him to a seminar on the treatment of Squibs. He’s thinking of adopting an orphaned Squib, you see, and he wanted to learn more. But don’t ask him about it. He doesn’t want the news to spread because he’s still not sure.”

Days passed, and soon it was impossible to disregard Albus’s behavior. His excuses grew wilder and wilder as he begun to sneak off during the night, bedspread drapped over his shoulders and lantern in hand.  By Christmas Eve, Scorpius’d had enough. He’d spent the entire winter break watching his housemates skip off with their friends, headed for Hogsmeade or Quidditch matches, while he was left alone in the dormitory. To put it simply, he missed Albus; they hadn’t even held a proper conversation for days. Besides, he’d been giving Albus the benefit of doubt; it was only fair that he got some answers.  

That night, after his dormmates darkened the room with a flip of the light-switch, Scorpius crawled on top of his ivy green comforter and sat, cross-legged. His silver eyes searched through the blackness for signs of movement.  

Albus rose within minutes. It wasn’t hard for Scorpius to identify his stocky form, even in the dark. He crept across the room in a hasty tiptoe. Scorpius took special care to remain completely still, letting only his gaze trail after the dark-haired boy. Upon reaching the door, Albus inched it open and stepped through silently. It was left cracked. Scorpius counted to ten before pushing himself off of the bed and slipping across the door-frame after Albus.  

It wasn’t until he left the dormitory that Scorpius realized that he’d need a way to track Albus’s path; otherwise, he’d be lost in mere seconds. His only hope was to stay close behind the other boy. Cursing under his breath, he scurried forward at double-speed, but Albus had already disappeared from his line of sight. The common room was completely empty. He spun around hopelessly.

Just when he’d decided to give up and return to bed, a thunderous bang sounded from the right. His head whipped around. Spotting no signs of movement nearby, he tiptoed off to investigate the area that the noise had come from. After taking a number of steps in that direction, the faint glow of candelight came into view. He blinked rapidly and raised a hand to rub his blurry eyes. When his vision cleared, the scene before him caused his heart to flutter in his chest.  

Albus was kneeling on the floor of a room just off of the Slytherin common room, bedspread hanging loosely off his shoulders like a cape. The darkly-colored fabric gathered in bunches around his bare toes, in striking contrast with his pale skin. His arms were extended towards a mass of tawny fur that lay, shivering, on a haphazardly constructed nest of sweatshirts and scarfs. He beckoned the fluff-ball with slow waves of his hand and a string of melodious coos. It seemed as if it wouldn’t budge from it’s make-shift hideaway until Albus said, “It’s me, Cas.” The little creature- Cas, he must be called- stirred at his words. His head popped up, revealing two perfectly-round silver eyes, which he set curiously on Albus. It was clear now that the animal was a cat- a kitten, to be more precise, for he was no larger than Scorpius’s palm. “It’s Albus. Remember me? I come here every day.” Though his flank no longer trembled from anxiety, the feline still seemed hesitant. He blinked thoughtfully, as if searching through his mind for memories of Albus. “I brought your dinner.” Albus reached under the comforter and pulled out a bag of catfood. Slowly, making sure not to startle the tiny animal, he opened the bag and removed a red bowl from inside it. Placing the bowl a couple of feet in front of him, he filled it up with the pellets of food. He glanced up at Cas and offered him a gentle smile that took Scorpius’s breath away, even though it wasn’t directed at him. “I dropped a bit of it, but the rest should still be fine.” Scorpius suddenly understood: that must’ve been the clanging sound he’d heard. “Eat up, little guy.” He nudged the bowl towards Cas with his pointer finger. The light-furred kitten paused momentarily- the question in his eyes clearly visible- before inching forwards on delicate white-dipped paws. When he reached the bowl, he carefully gobbled up a bite of the catfood, eyes never leaving Albus’s face. Albus encouraged him with a second smile. He took another bite, quicker this time, and Albus let out a cheerful mumble of, “Good, Cas. That’s my boy.” He reached a slim-fingered hand out and gently stroked the feline’s back. He received a soft purr in response.

At this point, Scorpius could stand back no longer. He felt so fondly of Albus after watching him interact with the tiny kitten; his chest was flooded with warmth and he couldn’t hold back a massive grin. He entered the room. The sound of his footsteps grabbed Albus’s attention immediately. He watched as the lanky brunet leapt backwards, gathering Cas up in his arms and shielding him by bending his body into a protective stance. It was easily the sweetest thing Scorpius had ever seen. He found himself at a loss for words.

Albus didn’t seem eager to break the silence, either. He remained motionless, shoulders tense and expression startled, for a significant amount of time. His lips were parted as if he wished to speak but could not bring himself to form the words. Cas hung still in his grip.

In the end, Scorpius spoke first. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a cat?” Though he meant for the inquiry to sound as if he were simply curious, it came out in a tone laced with disappointment and hurt. Scorpius adored all animals, and Albus knew it; he would’ve been more than happy to assist Albus in taking care of the kitten. As he met Albus’s unresponsive stare, he felt a tightness building in his chest. Subconciously raising a hand to rub away the tension, he whispered, “You know you can trust me.” Perhaps- more than anything- it hurt that Albus had been keeping something from him. They’d always prided themselves on having an open, trustworthy relationship where they shared absolutely everything with each other. Or, almost everything. He dismissed the thought as soon as it appeared in his head. 

Albus moved before he responded. He unraveled himself from the tight crouch and rose to his full height, holding Cas loosely with one arm. As he crossed the room, his steps echoed off the stone walls and rung in Scorpius’s ears like gunshots. He cleared his throat. “I do trust you.” Scorpius blinked away the sting from the metaphorical slap of his dismissive tone. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to disappear in the darkness of the room’s corners, to run, to hide; he couldn’t hide the betrayal he felt, and he was worried Albus would notice it in his shimmering eyes. Despite this all, he remained stationary in front of Albus, even when the dark-haired boy took another step, positioning himself no more than two feet away from Scorpius. “He’s not my cat,” Albus explained, giving a light shrug. An interesting array of retorts popped up in the front of Scorpius’s mind, but he didn’t have the strength to vocalize them. "He’s yours.”

Scorpius felt the impact of yet another nonexistant hand meeting his skin. His expression shakily morphed into one of confusion and surprise- maybe even awe, underneath the other emotions. His lips made unsuccessful attempts to form words multiple times before he managed to utter, “W-what?”  

Albus lifted his gaze to met Scorpius’s. Candlelight reflected off of his eyes, making them shine like real emeralds. He held Cas out in a single, fluid gesture. When a meow of protest erupted from the feline, Albus soothed him with a pat on the head. Scorpius’s arms seemed to be glued to his sides. Albus must’ve decided the situation needed further explanation, because he resumed talking moments later. "I got him a couple of weeks ago in Diagon Alley. Your dad helped me pick him out. Two drunks were selling him and his siblings on the corner for just five galleons each; the bloody fools couldn’t wait to get rid of him, said he was a real pain to take care of. They were wrong, of course. All he needs is a bit to eat every couple hours; he doesn’t even need to be entertained. Of course, I do play with him anyways. He’s a ball of nerves, but he’s a real sweetheart.” Cas’s head tipped up, as if he was listening. Albus shot him an exaggerated wink, and then, letting out a throaty chuckle, reached up to scratch under the kitten’s chin. “He’s a smart little guy, too. Remembers words- commands and names. He likes to be addressed by his name; it’s the funniest thing.” He tilted his head to the side as he tapped Cas’s nose in a playful gesture. The petit feline made a sound similar to a squeak and batted a clawed paw at Albus’s finger. Albus scoffed and poked at his paw until he retracted it. Then, he looked up for the first time in what seemed like forever. “He was supposed to be your Christmas present.”

Scorpius drew in a sharp breath. “Y-you… You got me a kitten?”

Albus nodded, biting down on his bottom lip. “Yeah… Sorry that the surprise is spoiled. I shouldn’t have made such a loud noise. I guess Christmas is in a couple of hours anyways, though. So…” He readjusted his handhold on Cas before thrusting his towards Scorpius once more. He wore the grin of an angel. “So, Happy Christmas?” 

Scorpius finally moved, raising one hand to run across Cas’s silky fur. A lapse in conversation occurred before he cleared his throat and decidedly declared, “We’ll share him.” When he continued to trace the length of Cas’s back with his fingers, silver eyes were set square on his face. He met them with his own, finally feeling his lips rise into a smile.  

Albus seemed unsure of whether or not to agree, but he eventually gave in with a sigh and murmur of, “Okay. If you’re sure. He’s still YOUR gift, though. You’re parent #1.” He nudged Cas into Scorpius’s arms, which were now outstretched. 

“Parent?” Scorpius quirked an eyebrow. He lowered himself into a seated position on Albus’s bedspread, which was now sprawled out on the stone floor, and carefully sat Cas on his lap. Much to Scorpius’s relief, he seemed content there, and soon proceeded to curl up, tail wrapping around himself until it touched his nose. His mouth parted in a soft yawn, revealing a row of pearly white incisors and a curling pink tongue. 

Albus plopped down next to Scorpius, scooting over until he was pressed up right against his side. Scorpius’s breath hitched. He tried to play it off by faking a few violent coughs. “Parent,” Albus repeated confidentially when Scorpius’s false fit of coughing had passed. “To this lovely little boy.” He tickled the patch of fur above Cas’s nose with his pointer finger, causing him to let out a powerful sneeze. His eyes shot open, jumping around every inch of the room until they settled on Albus. Scorpius could’ve sworn they narrowed accusingly. His smile expanded exponentially. “See those eyes?” Albus motioned at Cas’s shinning silver optics with a sweep of his hand. “He got those from you.” He winked dramatically. 

A chain of high-pitched laughter spilled from Scorpius’s lips. Albus joined in after a second, and together they enjoyed the moment, relishing the pure happiness that radiated off of each other’s relaxed forms. It was so nice to be around Albus again, to sit with him, to laugh with him; Scorpius found himself overwhelmed by the strength of the feeling. When the moment passed, his smile shrunk, but it couldn’t seem to disappear. He spoke in a murmur.  “Thank you. Thank you so much. I love him.” 

“I love you.” The response came instantly, as if it’d been complete instinct, given no thought before it was released through the form of three words that caused Scorpius’s expression to be wiped blank in a matter of seconds. Everything around him seemed to quiet at once. He could hear his own heart’s mighty pulse.

When he looked at Albus, he could tell it’d been an accident. While Scorpius had undoubtedly lost all color in his face- he could feel the unnatural chill of the blood draining- Albus’s face matched the hue of Cas’s bowl. The mistakenly spoken words must’ve hung heavy on his lips, for they drooped miserably. 

Scorpius tried to swallow. Feeling Cas squirming in his lap, he jerked his head downwards. The kitten blinked his unusually large eyes up at Scorpius and let out a tuneful purr. He succeeded in swallowing. 

“I love you, too.” Though Scorpius’s response was fainter than a whisper, it was flooded with confidence- a sort of confidence he didn’t know he had. He believed his words, that much was detectable in his tone.  

Right then, Scorpius could’ve sworn he saw Cas smile, but in such muted candlelight, it was hard to know for sure. 

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Do you think kitten!jason does the thing where he "patiently" sits at the table or with someone and either slowly inches his paw towards the food or just all out kamikaze-paws on the table in the hopes of knocking something down? Or maybe Dick is doing gymnastics, thinking Jay just wants to watch, but as soon as he's in a vulnerable position Jay is just like "BOOP" and topples him over?

Jason’s the type of cat that’ll watch you carefully and wait until you look away for a moment, then LUNGE for your food and run off with it between his teeth. And if anyone tries to take it back from him, he grrRRRrrrrs while eating and/or runs farther away with it.

Whereas Dick’s the type to persistently keep going for the food. Just hops onto your lap if you’re eating a slice of pizza, or every few minutes will try and dip his paw into your cereal milk, like “maybe it’ll work this time.”

I feel like Tim is the one smart enough to do the SUDDENLY PAWS EVERYWHERE technique until he manages to knock something down for the eatings.

Cass is the type to circle Bruce’s legs going “meow? meow?” in a high pitched tone while purring like a motor boat, all calculated to weaken his resolve until he gives in and shares some food with her.

Damian will sit right next to you and just “MOW.” at you disgruntledly and demand that you give him a food, occasionally patting your face until you pay him adequate attention and give into his demands.


Types Encountering A Cute Animal

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ESTJ: *momentary d'awww* Okay back to work!


ESFJ: Do you think it needs a home? *picks it up and squeezes it*

ISFJ: *picks up the animal and goes home* Mine now.

ENTJ: Okay then.

INTJ: Meh.

ENTP: Ahhh look at it! I wonder if it can run faster or slower than me…

INTP: I wonder if it wants to help me with my latest project…yeah, I’m taking it home.


INFP: Awww, it’s adorable! *snuggles the animal*

ENFJ: Ohhhh, look how sweet! You need a family, don’t you? Come on, follow me home…

INFJ: *sits next to the animal silently for a while* Hey. I wonder what your story is… *picks it up and holds it* *keeps sitting*

ESTP: Heck yessss this seems cool.

ISTP: What do I do with this.

ESFP: AWWWWWWWW I love animals

ISFP: *dips the animal’s paws in paint* *makes pawprints* See, you made art!