Just incase your chocolate hangover wasn’t intense enough, check out these rings of deliciousness! Homer Simpson would have to fight me for these dark-chocolate-dipped almond butter donuts! Squishy, sweet, and super simple - keep an eye out on the blog for the recipe 🍩💫

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Strawberries dipped in raw chocolate + toasted hazelnuts and almonds ❤️🍓 You can find the super easy recipe on the blog 😘


“Please, stop staring at my chocolate stained shirt.” She laughed, then looked at her spoiled shirt. “I was in line waiting for my freshly made churros when someone turned around and accidentally poured his chocolate dip on me. It was horrifying, considering the fact that it was hot.” She sighed, pouting slightly. “So, how’s life lately? I know I barely go out nowadays and this is really spontaneous of me to call you and ask you to hang out with me.”

met an indian girl at a party the other night. she apologetically said she was just white dipped in chocolate & it made me want to yell BE YOU NO NEED 2 APOLOGIZE UR GR8 THE WAY U R FUCK PPL TELLING U UR NOT BRWN ENOUGH 2 BE BRWN FJKD
i’m turning 22 this month and i think i’ll spend it being me as much as i can whether it’s physically, socially, to like mentally. maybe i’ll grow my unibrow out? whatever i do, i’ll try to embrace what i am ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀
may you run into much happiness this month~

Cinnamon Churros with Mexican Chocolate/Caramel dipping sauces 

I have had this fling with churros for the longest time. I absolutely love them! There’s something fun about them, perhaps that is one the reasons why you can always spot them at the county fair, birthday parties, and etc. If you want to make them yourself, there are plenty tutorials on YouTube and various websites. I used Martha Stewart’s recipe.  

In the background - a replica aztec - jaguar shaped cuauhxicalli figurine

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