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As you can see I am packed up and ready to go to youth camp.  I am part of a team cooking for 60 teenagers and youth leaders, so my free time will be very limited.  However, I am prepared - I have a certain book to read and my trusty notebook in case inspiration strikes! 

Level 2: Workout Regimen

***Six Week Program***

Letter pairings (i.e. A1, A2) are supersets. After the completion of your set for workout 1, go directly to the next set of workout 2. After you complete that set of workout 2, follow the rest instructions provided and go back to the next set of workout 1.

(There’s less detail for this regimen than Level 1, so refer to that in my tags for more detail)

Monday - ARMS
A1. Preacher curls
A2. Dumbbell extension
B1. Dumbbell curls
B2. Skull crushers
C1. Seated cable curls
C2. Triceps pull down

A1. Leg press
B1. Kettle ball squats
B2. Standing calf extension
C1. Leg extension
C2. Seated calf extension
D1. Lateral lunges
D2. Forward lunges

Wednesday - CHEST/ABS
A1. Barbell bench press
B1. Incline bench press
B2. Dumbbell close grip bench press
C1. Cable punches
C2. Cable chest flies
D1. Cable front lift
D2. Tricep dips
E1. Decline dumbbell press

Thursday - BACK
A1. Pull ups (upstairs)
A2. Back pulls (upstairs)
B1. Bent over dumbbell flies
C1. Lying back lateral raises
C2. Corner bar raises
D1. Face pulls
D2. Lateral side cable pull downs
E1. Lat pull downs (upstairs)

A1. Squats
B1. Straight leg dead lift
B2. Lying single leg lift
C1. Reverse lunges
C2. Standing calf raises
D1. Leg curls
D2. Seated calf extensions
E1. Machine leg push backs

Saturday - SHOULDERS
A1. Machine shoulder press
A2. Kettle ball frontal raises
B1. Dumbbell endurance military press
B2. Side lateral raises
C1. Dumbbell shrugs
C2. Hang clean
D1. Cycle dumbbell bust