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my gf and I are makin a list of date ideas for the summer do u have any suggestions?? 💓

this is adorable and i would love to see your completed list!

my first suggestion: make a summer scrapbook to document all your adventures! have a page for each bucket list item with photos, funny things that happened, ticket stubs, etc.  

  • try (and fail) several pinterest DIY crafts
  • bring a blanket and attend to a local outdoor concert
  • start a book club between yourselves (i.e. read independently, or out loud to each other, with discussion questions)
  • hide and seek in ikea
  • start a mini herb garden or terrarium
  • beach bonfire with volleyball competition
  • host a dinner party
  • twister with paint (wear white shirts for keepsake)
  • hangout with animals at local shelter
  • make homemade ice cream (i know the salt+shaking method) or popsicles! get creative
  • couples massages
  • build/paint a bird house
  • stay up all night and attend a dawn yoga class
  • kayaking/canoeing/paddleboarding
  • spin art?
  • complete a coloring book together
  • stargaze - download an app or find an online guide
  • draw with sidewalk chalk
  • drive in movie theater!
  • make smores!
  • fly kites
  • hike and picnic at a local national park
  • trip to the beach or lake! bonus: skinny dipping?
  • fruit/berry picking!
  • if you have young siblings/family members: help set up a lemonade stand
  • win each other something at a fair or carnival
  • kiss on top of a ferris wheel
  • scavenger hunt in mall/zoo (could potentially be a group date idea, with couples as teams)
  • water gun or water balloon fight
  • sleep outdoors (real camping, backyard camping, rv camping, trampoline camping)
  • body paint each other
  • buy local produce at farmers market, then bake/cook together
  • tie dye!
Witchy Wonders: Honey

I know that I have not been posting as often as I would like, but I’m super excited to announce the new Witchcraft series I’m starting called ‘Witchy Wonders’. For my very first post, I’m going to be delving deep into the universe of honey. This classic and long-loved sweetener has so many uses and it represents so many things.


The long and rather broad history of honey is actually not as boring as it sounds. Knowing the history of any witchy tool can really help you figure out how it works and how to incorporate it into your craft. In honey’s case, the color really stands out, and oftentimes it is used to represent happiness or prosperity. 

Throughout history, honey has been dubbed ‘of the gods’ and it has also been happily associated with sweet and pleasant things because of its rich, thick flavor. When people had no other kind of sweetener to turn to, honey was their solid rock. Bees thrive nearly everywhere, so it is mentioned in history all over the world. 

Honey began its trek to greatness thousands of years ago, whereas Witchcraft has only been prominently known for around five hundred years. Therefore, it can also be respected for its age and usefulness. 


The color of honey varies depending on the flowers from which the honey has been derived. If a colony of bees gets their flowers in Autumn, the color of their honey will be much darker than we’re typically familiar with. If the flowers bloom in Summer instead of the later months, you’ll see the more infamous shade of yellow/golden syrup. 

With the usual color correspondences, gold stands for wealth, prosperity, abundance, good luck, and fertility. This makes honey perfect for money magic, as well as magic for general abundance. Since honey’s golden shade also represents good luck, an abundance spell done with honey doesn’t have to be super specific because it already brings good luck. For instance, if you were to do an abundance spell that wasn’t super specific without honey (or another good luck ingredient), then it could bring an abundance of sickness or loss or absence of some sort.

If you have access to some darker, autumnal honey, it can be used for earth magic because of its brownish color. Use it for animal magic, earth magic, spring and summer sabbats, and other such forms of Witchcraft. 


Using honey in the kitchen can make superbly delicious food, and it can also aid in Witchcraft. When honey is put into kitchen Witchcraft, you can use it so many ways. Add it to your breakfast in the morning for a happy and pleasant day. Dip fruit in it. Mix it with your favorite herbs. The possibilities are nearly endless, considering how many amazing recipes you can find.

Replacing sugar with honey in a recipe will make it closer to the earth and nature itself. Sugar has been refined and processed, therefore reducing its natural Witchcraft uses. Of course, sugar is still good for many spells, but less ideal for earth and nature magic,


For thousands of years, honey has been widely associated with happiness and pleasant feelings. This is because of its wonderfully sweet and syrupy taste. It leaves behind reminiscent feelings of spring and summer, and it marks the memory of nature and the flourishing earth. 

If you’re ever feeling in need of a sugary treat, make something with honey instead of sugar. It will bring you the same happiness without the unhealthy side effects. 

Honey is absolutely perfect for happiness spells to make things just a little bit better. You can also enchant items for happiness using honey and you can place them around your home to radiate positive vibes all day long. Honey is one of the best resources for witches with depression, anxiety, stress, and any other negative feelings. It can help you feel better when you’re feeling down, and it just makes things cheerful.

Whatever you choose to do with honey, it’s always a great tool to have in your witches’ armoire. Without a doubt, honey is the happiest, golden-est, grandest sweetener available for your magic endeavors. Have fun, and happy bewitching!

P.S. Do not hesitate to send me some messages! Questions, requests, and just a little hello sometimes are all welcome. :)

Whenever You Need

Bucky X Reader

Request: @nowayitzaarya Hi, I have a request :) can you make an imagine where the reader is going through a hardship and Bucky as the s/o comforting the reader? And they end up cuddling and cute stf? Lol hope that’s not too much to ask for. And if you do plan on making this come true, tag me if you want. Thanks xx 

Summary: You’re having a hard time and Bucky decides to help you. Teeth-rotting fluff. Warnings: Nudity (you take a shower, so yeah).

Words: 1883.

A/N: Thank you for the request, dear! I hope you like it :3 Requests are open. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it! Feeback is appreciated :3


You tossed yourself on the couch and sighed. You dipped your head and covered your face with your hands, taking a shaky breath, trying to keep the tears from falling.

Then you remembered Bucky wasn’t home, he was away on a mission. You could cry without him seeing.

It wasn’t that you didn’t him to see you weak or anything. It was that, after all he had been through, he deserved happiness. He was only ever happy as long as you were happy, so when you cried he felt like he had failed. And the reason you were crying had absolutely nothing to do with him.

So, knowing you were alone, you just the salty water fall from your eyes. 

It didn’t take long - not a minute actually - for you to hear steps coming from the corridor toward the living room. 


You knew the voice. 

All you managed to do was bury yourself deeper into the cushions, your hands still covering your face.

The steps came closer.

”[Y/n],“ Bucky whispered, "What can I do, baby doll?”

One thing Bucky always did was give you space when you needed. He wouldn’t force or ask an explanation until he felt utterly necessary, usually he’d wait for you to open up with him, no matter the subject. He was glad these were actions as well when the situation was reversed and he had to gather his thoughts from the guilt and pain he felt because of his Winter Soldier’s day’s deed.

He touched your knee. His voice was strained when he talked. “[Y/n], please, let me help.”

You took a deep, shaky breath, but didn’t open your eyes. Your voice quivered. 

“Bucky, I-”

But you didn’t finish. Instead, your tears and sobs attacked and your throat closed up.

His strong arms wrapped around you and he pulled you to his embrace. With your head buried in the crook of his neck and your arms around him, he stood you, lifting you, and set you down on his lap when he sat on the couch.

He changed his arms so his cool arm was around your back and his warm one was around your legs, which you had pulled up to your chest. As you were perpendicular to him, you leaned to the side to rest against his chest, your arms clinging to him. His lips placed kisses in your hair and forehead, because those were the places he could reach when your head was on his shoulder. 

You lost track of time before your tears ceased and your sobs followed suit. 

Once you calmed down, he asked, “What about a hot bath?”

You nodded, but didn’t move. 

He rubbed your back and moved his other hand so it was placed under your knees. He got up from the couch after kissing your cheek and carried you bridal style to the bathroom, where he placed on the marble counter as he turned the faucet. Hot water started pouring into the tub and he added a liquid to make bubbles. Bucky stood in front of you and arched an eyebrow. You raised your arms and he got the message. He pulled your shirt up and out of you then the same with your other clothes. His hands roamed sweetly around your skin, an adoration tone to his touches and looks. 

Bucky lifted you bridal style once again and set you on the tub, keeping your hair out of the water, he had plans for those. He stopped the water from pouring any longer and you closed your eyes, enjoying the hot water on your skin.

You opened them when you felt Bucky’s hand on your hair, first carding his fingers gently through it then sanctioning in two large parts. Bucky was lowly humming an old song as he on the ground, behind your head.

The light was out by then, the illumination coming from the several candles Bucky had scattered around the room. He used a brush to untangle your hair, he knew how much you loved it when he did that, and then pinned it with a hairband in a loose bun. 

Bucky placed a folded towel behind your head and upper neck and gently pushed your shoulders, telling you to lay down. 

Bucky kissed your forehead and murmured, “I’ll be right back.”

You closed your eyes and wait as he left the bathroom. Soon calm music comes from the living room and you smile.

The hot water relaxes all of your muscles and the soft music clears your thoughts.

Bucky came back with a tray full of food, setting the tray down on a stool and sitting on the ground next to the tub, his back propped up by the porcelain.

“Chocolate fondue?”

You chuckled lowly at this. If Steve heard this, he’d get the wrong idea of the situation. Bucky seemed to get what you thought, because he laughed as well.


He dipped your favorite fruit on the melted chocolate and brought it to your mouth.

“Hum, this is great, Buck,” you said.

The chocolate was warm and just the way you liked it, while the fruit was fresh and sweet.

“Wanda taught me.”

“She does know how to cook,” you smiled. Wanda was one of your favorite people in the world.

Bucky kept feeding you with fondue and some wine, talking about the team and series. You laughed at his stories, but the first time you did it, Bucky was beaming. He smiled at you, fondly and adorable. “There it is,” he murmured, cupping your cheek, “Your beautiful smile.”

You blushed and looked at your hands, resting on your lap.

Bucky gently pushed your chin up and focused his steel eyes to yours for a second. He leaned down and fit his soft lips to yours. The kiss was calm though intense, Bucky tried to display all his emotions to you at that moment: love, care, admiration… And you smiled into the kiss. His tongue skimmed your bottom lip, asking for permission, which you didn’t hesitate to concede. His tongue slid onto your mouth and your own met his, in an intense yet peaceful dance.

When you broke apart, the both of you gasping for air, it was only enough for you to touch your foreheads together, eyes still closed.

When it finished, he took the tray away and poured more hot water in the tub.

Bucky reached for the soap and started rubbing your skin with it. First were your feet. He held the bottom of your foot with both hands and his hands went to the top, kneading the muscles. He made his way down, applying more pressure as he neared the sole. He repeated the movement a few times on each feet, using his thumbs to move in circles at the heels. His hands went up to your ankles, massaging around the ankle bone from both sides.

The lavender soap helped his task, its sweet smell relaxing you.

His hands climbed up to your knees as his soapy hands massage all your muscles. He continued his work up your hips, your stomach, your arms, kissing your hands, and your face, using a towel so nothing would fall into your eyes.

Then he stood behind you, still out of the tub while you looked over to shoulder.

Bucky got the hairband out of your hair and let it fall in waves around you. He used a bowl to wet your strands and his fingers massaged your scalp, making you close your eyes from the insanely good sensation.

Once your hair was washed and conditioned, he squeezed it so most of the water would leave it. He moved your hair away before his fingers touched the back of your neck.

Bucky worked along your neck and upper back muscles. His long fingers did light and long strokes on its length first, then his fingertips starting warming up your muscles. Then he places his palms on your shoulders and his thumbs kneaded your shoulder blades. He moved so his thumb was on one side of spine and the other four were the other side, and gliding his hand up and down your neck, relieving the pressure.

Bucky tilted your head a bit to the right, exposing the left side of neck more. He used his usually-cold-but-now-warm-due-to-your-skin hand to slide from top to bottom of your neck as his right hand stabilized your shoulder. He repeated the process on the other side. Lastly, he put his hand on the front of your shoulder and started kneading the muscles in your shoulder blades.

He applied focused pressure at any tension knots.

His hands travelled down to your middle and lower back, where he rubbed your muscles with patience and calm, getting rid of any sore spots.

Once finished, he kept his hands on your shoulders, lightly rubbing your skin there.

“I think I’m good now,” you told him, peeking over your shoulder to smile at him.

He leaned in and kissed your cheek. Bucky grabbed a fluffy, big towel and offered his hand to help you up without falling. 

He wrapped the towel around you and used another, smaller one to hold your hair with a pin.

“My sister used to do this,” he chuckled, “Is it okay?”

You felt a lump in your throat again that night, but this time the reason for it was a happy one. It was Bucky.

So you nodded, smiling a bit.

Bucky kissed your lips.

He ran the bigger towel through your skin, drying every inch, then he lifted you up again and carried you to the bedroom.

He got his red Henley - which he knew you loved in him and loved to wear it - and your favorite pajama bottoms, along with underwear.

The clothes were comfortable and soft, exactly what you needed.

He got the towel off your hair and made you sit on the bed, him right behind you with a brush in hands. He had all the care and patience in the world with him as he detangled every knot from your hair, squeezing it with another small towel. By the time he finished, you had your eyes closed in pleasure and your hair almost dry.

He then drew the cover back and you both got in, Bucky changing into more comfortable before dimming the lights and joining you. He laid by your side and you don’t know who leaned in first, but your lips met in a soft kiss. 

Bucky pulled you into his chest and circled his strong arms around you. 

“Not that I don’t like you here or anything, but,” you quietly said, “How are you here?”

His hand rubbed your back and pulled you closer to him. “Mission was completed before expected. We only got back two hours ago and I wanted to surprise you.”

“Oh. Was everyone alright?”

He smiled. “Yeah, we were all okay.”


“Now, are you alright?”

His eyes showed concern and love.

“Thanks to you, I am,” you smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him.

You laid your head on his chest again and Bucky kissed your forehead.

“Sweet dreams, my love.”

“Night, Bucky.”

You were out the second you closed your eyes, Bucky’s heartbeat inducing you to sleep.

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Couple’s Bath Spell

A bath spell to be done with your lover to increase lust and sexual energies between you.

You Will Need:

  • ½ cup of milk
  • 2 drops Rose Essential Oil
  • 2 drops vanilla extract
  • Rose Petals
  • Rosemary (may be loose or in a sachet)
  • Dried Raspberry Leaves (may be loose or in a sachet)
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Rhodonite
  • Red candles (you may add in white candles as well)
  • Apple Slices, red grapes or strawberries (if you can chocolate dip your fruit)


  1. Draw your bath, while it is filling begin lighting your candles and line your tub with your crystals.
  2. Add to your bath your flower petals, herbs, milk, vanilla and oil
  3. Carefully get into the tub together facing one another if you can. 
  4. Each take a piece of fruit and offer it to the other. After exchanging fruit continue your bath as you choose. Though it is important to feel the energies from the fruit, the candles, the bath and the crystals filling the room and combining with your own energies. Feel how your energy connects to that of your lover’s. Visualize them combining and heated like a flame.
  5. Once done with your bath drain it and carefully step out. Be sure to blow out any candles still burning. It is best to let yourselves air dry.

other note: thought it would be a good time to post this now that it is nearly valentine’s day. have fun everyone.


Lovely timelapse and drone tour takes you through the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia - something in here for everyone who follows this page, from saltwater crocodiles to timelapse night sky shots to outcrop and waterfalls. Original video caption:

Click HD for better resolution and don’t stop the video after the main feature. There is still a “behind the scenes” after it.

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taylor sapphirestump’s i needed to do something to feel productive masterpost, seven ish hours after finally giving in to the anons asking for a second one !! have fun kids ok, remember to tag this as food and bookmark for rainy days !!

movies (be sure to check their imdb page for smth that may be triggering)

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this site has a lot of stuff and this one has like every anime ever


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Hamilton Character’s Guilty Pleasure Foods

Hamilton:  Coffee, or anything coffee flavored.  He enjoys it for the fact that it keeps him up for days while he applies himself to work, but he also takes pride in trying almost every coffee creamer there is.  His personal favorites are Vanilla Caramel and Hazelnut.

Burr:  White rice.  People often joke about how it’s as bland as he is, but he’ll often eat on it’s own with a little bit of butter and salt, or as a side with steak.  That, and dark chocolate.  Not together, of course, but he’ll often sneak a few pieces during his studies/work when no one is looking.

Eliza:  Cookies, any type will do, but chocolate chip are her favorites.  As much as she loves eating them, she loves making them even more.  The kids love them, and it’s one of the things she can get Alexander to eat without a struggle.  She’ll often bake too many and have Alexander hand them out at work.  (He’ll say he gave them to everyone, but doesn’t give any to Jefferson or Madison.)

Angelica:  Cherries covered in dark chocolate.  They’re expensive, but if she’s in the mood, she’ll buy a dozen boxes.  She often eats them while watching trash TV, and before she knows it, will be through an entire box.

Lafayette:  Strawberry crepes.  Again, expensive to find well made, but he makes them himself if he’s in America since he doesn’t trust them to do it for him.  They’re a little fattening, but he can two or three at once, so he tries to keep his sweet tooth in check.

Thomas Jefferson:  Easy mac with ketchup.  He hates having to make easy mac since he thinks it’s disrespectful to the dish, but if he doesn’t want to go through the effort of making his famous macaroni and cheese, and he’s home alone, he’ll pull out a box of Kraft and drizzle it with ketchup.

George Washington:  Anything you can find at a cookout.  He throws them for any holiday he can, grilling up burgers and hot dogs.  His wife makes potato salad and they buy chips and dip for everyone.  He invites everyone to the cookouts, and more often than not it usually ends with him breaking up a fight between Jefferson and Hamilton.  

King George the Third: Nothing. He’s king, he can eat anything he wants. However, he’ll never admit to liking anything American. He hates himself for it, but he’s a sucker for hamburgers and American bacon. He’ll often binge on two of three baconators if the craving hits him hard enough.

Laurens: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with cheetos inside paired with a tooth rottingly sweet soda, usually something cotton candy or blue raspberry flavored. ONLY GRAPE JELLY THOUGH, FUCK STRAWBERRY.

Philip:  Anything his mom cooks.  He loves her cooking just as much as he loves her, and often times will get irritated if he finds out she’s not cooking, and they’re ordering out.  He also steals his dad’s food when he’s too busy working to be bothered with eating, and during Thanksgiving he always eats the most.

Eacker: Fudge, specifically a swirl of peanut butter and dark chocolate. He likes the bitter taste dark chocolate provides, and that mixed with the savory taste of the peanut butter makes him very happy.

Peggy:  Bananas.  She adores the yellow fruit, and anything that is made with it.  Banana bread, banana smoothies, banana yogurt, any of it is fair game in her book.  The sweetness of a banana without the messy juice that comes from other fruits is also a plus.

Maria: Chocolate covered strawberries/oranges.  It’s a sexual food, but she doesn’t mind.  She likes it, and won’t let anyone tell her it’s weird that she dips her fruit in chocolate.  While any chocolate will do, she prefers white chocolate.  She most often eats it with strawberries, but when she dives into chocolate covered oranges, she always forgets why she stopped because the tangy taste mixes so well with the chocolate.

Hercules: Steak.  If he ever comes across an extra bit of money, you can be sure it will be spent going to a steak house and eating them out of business.

Madison: He’ll deny it until the day he dies, but he prefers chocolate ice cream over vanilla. He pretends his favorite is vanilla since Jefferson makes it for him, but if he can get his hands on chocolate ice cream, it’s game over.

Seabury: Girl Scout cookies.  He takes great joy in the things in life that aren’t a constant, so when the Girl Scouts start selling cookies again, he buys a few boxes of every type and eats a few cookies with every meal.  He also likes the fact that the money is going to help an organization that helps brings girls together and offers them a sense of belonging.

Lee: Vodka infused gummy bears.  If it were up to him, he’d be drinking every minute of every day, but unfortunately he has shit to do, which means a baggy full of gummy bears helps to get him through the day.


Portion Sizes

 28 baby carrots (10 oz) + 1 1/4 Tablespoons blue cheese dressing

• pita chips (0.8 oz) + 4 Tablespoons hummus

• 1 1/4 cups blueberries (6 oz) + yogurt (6 oz)

• 65 raisins (1.2 oz) + 1/8 cup sunflower seeds (0.6 oz)

• 33 grape tomatoes (20 oz) + goat cheese (1.3 oz)

• ½ regular bagel (1.3 oz) + 3 Tablespoons light cream cheese

• 12 wheat crackers + 1 slice cheddar (1 oz)

• 1 large apple (7 oz) + 1.5 Tablespoons caramel dip

• 3 rice cakes + 1 Tablespoon peanut butter (0.6 oz)

• One 6-inch tortilla + 2.5 Tablespoons guacamole

• 2 cups whole strawberries (10 oz) + 4.5 Tablespoons fruit dip

• 2 medium peaches (8 oz) + cottage cheese, 1% (5 oz)

• ¾ large banana (4 oz) + 1 Tablespoon Nutella

 2 squares dark chocolate (0.7 oz) + 15 almonds (0.6 oz)

• ham (2.2 oz) + 1 slice Swiss cheese (1 oz)

These are sooo yummy and filling. Give them a try!

forbidden love chapter two    {demi lovato fanfiction}

“y/n can you please go find demi i need you both to put on these dresses.” my mother says as she paces the room signing away on the fourth clipboard today. a lady behind her tries to keep up with my mom as she paces trying to finish clipping her hair up. i cringe at the twin puffy dresses we must wear in less than a hour. i rush through the church passing three people hanging sparkling lights along the wall and passing a framed picture that says something about uniting as a family as one or something like that pulled off of google. “yes thats fine just place the food at the left table.” eric instructs. “hey eric have you seen demi?” i ask watching as the people carry trays of food into the church. “umm i saw her a few minutes ago near the back.” he tells me as i steal a chocolate brownie off the passing plate. “okay thank you.” i say rushing around the building. when i do get to the back i see nothing but massive trees that are a line with one another around the church. one of the bushes moves near the far right side and something tells me its demi. “or a monster that wants to have you for dinner….” my mind comments. i pass the bush and keep going in as straight of a line as possible ducking under branches and stepping over tree roots that bulge out of the ground. a twig snaps and my attention shoots in the direction to see demi leaning against one of the larger trees. “why hello there.” she smiles playing with her hair. i smile walking towards her. “looking for me?” she questions. “my mom wants us to put on the dresses.” i scrunch my nose. “that bad.”  “big and pink and puffy.” i reply. she laughs. she holds both of my hands, connecting our lips together. my hands grab her waist as she bites down on my lower lip pulling it until it snaps back.  “think we have enough time?” she smiles. “iam not doing it in the woods.” i comment. “what? why not one with nature ya know.” she says motioning towards the trees around us. “yeah well do you know what happens every time two people have sex in the woods?”    she shoots me a confused look. “they get killed by some monster that lived there for millions of years.” i say looking at the trees. she laughs,” i need to get you out of the syfy section of movies.”  “very funny.” i narrow my eyes at her. she kisses me again trying to slide her tongue in my mouth. “no i still wont do it.” i say pushing her away. “why?” she whines. “because i dont want like bugs crawling in my… you know.” i say. she just smiles kissing me. her phone vibrates from her pocket but she does break our kiss. “dems.” i mutter against our kiss. she reaches down pulling out her phone and “dad” flashes on the screen. she sighs, looking towards the direction of the church. “ready?” she asks. i nod. “looks like the wooded monster lives to see another day.” demi nearly shouts clearly mocking me. i push her making her laugh. 

we walk closer than we should making our way make inside the church. demi pulls me towards the food table before going into the larger part of the church where the wedding will actually take place. “yum.” she smiles picking up one of many sweets biting one half then putting the other half to my lips. demi spots a chocolate dip near the fruit and dabs her fingertip into it, lifting her finger in front of my lips. i wrap my lips around her finger letting my tongue slide along, she smiles biting down on her lip. some people move through the area and i pull away. she steps forward leaning towards my ear. “i cant wait to taste you later.” she whispers reaching down cupping my pussy through my clothes. “demi.” i gasp looking around making sure people didnt see. she smiles walking into the larger area. people i never met start filling the church benches. my mom is still a nervous wreck as i swiftly make my way into the nearest doors hoping demi is there. “gross.” demi mutters to herself facing the mirror. i cover my mouth to keep from laughing when i see the puffy pink sack around her sexy body. “nice dress.” i laugh. demi narrows her eyes at me though the mirror. “i didnt think it would be this bad.” she admits looking down. i grab the second dress from the table besides me. i pull my shirt off and slide my jeans down knowing full well that demis eyes are watching me. “like what you see huh?” i tease leaning against the wall. she walks over to me running her fingers through my hair. she kisses me sliding her hand in my undies rubbing my clit. her fingertips rub over my clit pressing nice and hard. “demi.” i moan against her lips. “yes baby.” she smiles back slipping two fingers inside me. “fuck.” i whimper wrapping my arms around demi.” i wanna taste your cum so fucking much” she whispers pumping faster. “dont stop demi.” i say connecting our lips. “you nasty little whore.” she smiles looking down to my undies. “listen to how wet you are.” she says proudly smacking my pussy. i whimper grabbing her wrist. “i want to suck this pussy dry.” she whispers leading me towards the couch. she lays down flatting out the puffy dress as much as she can before pulling my towards her. “i want those off.” she demands with a smirk. i slide them off walking forward. “now sit on my tongue baby.” she whispers grabbing my hands. “what if someone walks in?” i question looking back towards the door. “then someone sees me eating you out.” she laughs pulling me. “demi.” i linger. “i locked it.” she smiles assuring me. a bit more relieved i inch closer to her. “dont be shy.” she smiles lacing our fingers together. i swing my leg over slowly, she meets my pussy half way wrapping her arms around my thigh pulling me down. i rock down on her mouth. “oh demi.” i moan as quiet as possible. her tongue goes deep inside me, i lean over rocking my hips as she hums into my pussy. “demi yes baby.” i whisper feeling my high take over. demi slows down sliding her fingers into me as i shiver and moan above her.“that was so sexy.” demi smiles as i sit on one of the chairs next to her breathing heavily. she sits up wiping under her lower lip. “i missed the taste of your pussy.”  “its only been a week.” i remind her smirking as i catch her eyes drift down my body. “but with a body that good y/n i want it on my face daily.” she smiles. i laugh, getting up straddling her lap, reaching down under the dress to touch her. she takes a breath in grabbing the sides of my waist. she is soaked, “iam not the only one who is wet.” i whisper pushing my lips to hers. she smiles. i rub her clit then slide three fingers into her causing her to moan. my fingers are covered in wetness, i push deeper into her pussy. demi shivers, opening her legs more. “you like that?” i whisper into her ear biting down on her earlobe. she nods with her mouth hanging open. “say it.” i demand, the dominant side of me showing. “yes i love you finger fucking me.” she pants gripping my waists between her hands pushing my pussy down on her thigh. i whimper, trying to focus on making her cum. her thighs shake under me telling me she is close. “i … want… to…oh fuckkk…cum….together.” she pants grabbing my ass in her hands pushing me forwards and backwards against her thigh. i lean forward against her locking our lips as she pushes my clit on her thigh and i pump faster with my fingers. our tongues fight with each other, but soon we both lose because we are both moaning into each others mouths. demis cum leaks onto my fingers just as my cum spills on her thigh. “oh shitt!!” she moans, i lay my head on her shoulder pulling my fingers out. i suck them one by one making sure demi is watching. she smiles sliding her hand under me, i feel two fingers dig into. “demi.” i whisper wrapping one arm around her neck. she pulls her fingers to her own mouth licking up all my cum from her fingers as i do the same with her cum. 

 i sit on her lap for a few more minutes before getting up reaching for the second dress. “no undies?” she asks watching as i pull the fabric around my ankles pulling it up my thighs. “no undies.” i smile. “well make sure to keep close to me.” she smiles. “demi !!! y/n!! where are you!!” my mom shouts from behind the door. “ready?” i ask trying to zip the back of the dress up. demi stands walking behind me. her fingers grip the zipper kissing up my back as she leads the zipper up. i close my eyes, her lips lead around to my collarbone then finally meet my lips. “ready.” she replies smiling taking my hand walking towards the door. 

let me know what you think!! hope you liked it , let me know if you want to see a chapter three! xxx 

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I though guava was just another name for mango

Sportarobbie Headcanons!

So I read the other day on this health blog that eating an apple can give off the same energy as drinking a cup of coffee and I just thought of sportarobbie. Ok hear me out:

-Robbie drinks like a looooot of coffee (being that he has insomnia and all), and sometimes Sport really worries about his health because he is a good bean and only wants the best for his bf
-So one day Sportacus reads that an apple can wake someone up as much as a cup of coffee would is like “YES THIS WILL GIVE MY BOY ROBBO AN EXCUSE TO EAT SPORTSCANDY WOW”
-Then, the next day, Robbie wakes up and goes to get a cup of coffee only to find a grinning Sports Elf™ standing in his living room
-And then, Sport whips out a mug and is like “hey carrot cake I brought you your caffeine"
-Robbie thinks this is kind of weird considering that Sportacus always makes it clear that he thinks drinking coffee isn’t good for him but whatever.
-So he goes to take the cup from Sport only to find that there’s just a single apple in it. No coffee.
-Robbie, all while fighting the urge to scream at Sport, gives him a big hug and tells him to never mess with his coffee again or else he’ll dip all his fruit in chocolate
-Sportacus never touched Robbie’s coffee again after that

Note: A big thank-you to @sukkuladiepli for correcting my post. Stay lit, buddy :)

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Heyo~ is there anything filling I can use non-fat Greek yogurt for other than oatmeal and fruit/veggie dipping? I'm making a chocolate mousse, but that definitely won't use up the whole container! Thank you💕

I’d just eat it tbh.

You can do salad dressing (add some dill and salt and pepper) add it to smoothies to make them thicker, or some ‘cheesy’ spices like garlic powder and have it with shirataki noodles ;) I hope that helps somewhat!

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Companions react to finding chocolate


Cait - Makes sures nobody’s watching her and quickly eats it whole.

Codsworth - Gives it to SS.

Curie - Offers it to SS instead, she prefers to not eat things over 200 years old.

Danse - Leaves it behind, he doesn’t feel like it would be any useful to neither him or SS.

Deacon - Hogs it to himself, keeps it secret, keeps it safe. 

Dogmeat - SS snatches it away from him, before he can eat it and poison himself.

Hancock - Imediatelly thinks of all the opportunities of how he could mix it with chems. When he mixes some sort of chem into the chocolate, he shares it with SS and they get high together.

MacCready - Hides it from SS, but ends up sharing it, while they’re hiding together in an old cottage for a night.

Nick Valentine - Offers it to SS and recommends heating it and then dip mutfruit and other fruit into it.

Piper - Is excited and eats it with SS on the spot. Then feels bad about eating it whole.

Preston Garvey - He never ate chocolate before, so he shares this moment with SS. Loves it so much, he, anywhere they are, keeps looking for chocolate.

Strong - Doesn’t like chocolate, too sweet. He gives it to SS, or throws it away, along with a stash of caps.

X6-88 - Doesn’t like it either, gives it to SS.