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Roommate Problems

“I fucking hate college boys!”

Adam is livid, yelling, not even bothering to say hello, how are you? Ronan holds his phone out, away from his ear and steps out onto the front porch. The sun is setting, dousing the fields in hazy, golden light. Ronan leans against the porch railing and listens, a small smirk twisting his lips.

“Language, Parrish.”

You don’t get to call me out on my language, Ronan Lynch!” Adam huffs, exasperated.

“So…what’s so fucking terrible about college boys, College Boy?”

Adam growls and Ronan hears a door being slammed, the dull pulse of music, laughter.

“Jackson and Darren brought their friends over to celebrate 420.”

Ronan grins, delighted. “Shit.”

“Yes, exactly. The entire suite smells like pot and they keep playing this god-awful music about getting tipsy and fucking girls. I swear to God, I am this close to reporting them to the RA.”

“I’m sorry, babe, that sucks.” Ronan pulls a slender joint out of the pocket of one of Adam’s old flannel shirts. Opal’s napping with Chainsaw and while he doesn’t make smoking a habit today is special. He sparks the tip and listens to Adam rant.

“And then,” Adam continues, really worked up, “Darren’s friend brought like three bottles of Fireball and they all started doing shots and playing some ridiculous drinking game. Like all this hella stupid shit and God, what am I even doing here, Ronan? College feels like such a joke sometimes.”

“Hella?” Ronan’s voice feels different in his throat, probably due to the smoke.

“Oh, shut up.”

Ronan laughs quietly and gets up to walk through the fields. The grass is cool against his bare feet.

“Gansey spoiled you for college life, Adam. You’re never going to meet anyone like him, no one who gets such a hard on for learning.”

Adam scoffs at hard on but he doesn’t try to deny it.

“I thought it would be better than this,” he says. There’s real sorrow and disappointment in his voice. Ronan hates that Adam is gone, but even more he hates that Adam is unhappy.

“It will be,” Ronan says. “You just gotta find your tribe, man. Go to the library and find your fellow nerds. Study with them and forget about your fucking roommates.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Adam mutters. “It’s just, I’m paying to live in that room and I can’t even be in there right now.”

Ronan takes another hit, holding it in, enjoying the buzz building. Everything feels nice and lazy.

“I know,” he replies, his words drifting dreamily from his mouth. “But things’ll get better. You can move off campus next year, right? And you’ll start your classes in your major…it’ll work out.”

Adam doesn’t say anything for a while. Ronan can sense him stewing, thinking.

“How do you know so much about how college works?” Adam finally demands.

“Shit, I may live in the country but I do read, Adam.”

Adam snorts. “More like watched every season of some stupid college show.”

“Yeah, that too,” Ronan agrees easily. He’s walking by the cows, offering pats and scratching behind ears. The animals nuzzle against him, nearly knocking him over. “Anyways, I can kick Jackson’s ass the next time I visit. That dude is overdue.”

Adam laughs for real. “Yes, he is. Darren’s alright, most of the time.”

“Mmhmm,” Ronan hums. The house looks so good from the fields, the lights in the windows glowing welcome. The swallows dip and dive above the many barns, heading to their nests for the night. Fireflies rise from the tall grass, drawn to Ronan the way all his dream things are.

“Miss you,” Ronan says softly. It’s true. He never knew how hard long distance would be, how much it would hurt.

“Miss you, too,” Adam responds, and the irritation is gone from his voice, replaced by longing.

“Come home soon, okay?” Ronan holds his breathe, waiting. The sun goes down behind the trees.

“I will,” Adam promises. “Give Opal a hug for me, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t kill your roommates, or, don’t get caught.”

A small laugh. “I never get caught.”



After Adam hangs up Ronan lays down in the field, small mice scurrying up to see if he has crumbs, the deer nosing out of the woods to settle down near him. Opal is making a racket looking for him, Chainsaw calling. Ronan finishes off his joint, watching the smoke rise into the air. He makes a finger gun and shoots it at the sky. He lets the smoke mellow him out, removing the sting of Adam’s absence, and the lingering sorrow for all that’s been lost. For now it’s a beautiful evening and his College Boy is coming home, not now, but soon.

some v spoiler heavy thoughts on TAZ episode 58 because i need to SCREAM


- Griffin ‘Forbes 30-Under-30 Media Luminary’ McElroy is a sickeningly good writer holy fuck?? Those CUTSCENES… THAT IMAGERY… THE LANGUAGE…

- Kravitz may be okay now but he’s lonely and scared and therefore I am still JUST as concerned for him as I was before (AND I WAS VERY CONCERNED BEFORE)

- That whole Kravitz scene had me literally Weeping but the “Lovable doofuses” line…… Hoo Boy……..

- Killian can see through bullshit so easily oh my God

- Carey and Avi’s reactions to Magnus’ ‘death’ were too fucking heartbreaking to be legal. That shit isn’t allowed! Cut that shit out!!

- Garfield is apparently better at straight up dipping and diving that Taako could ever hope to be. Garfield is VERY good out here.

- Also? What the unholy fuck was Garfield gonna do with Magnus’s body???

- The exchange between Magnus, Taako and Merle on the subject on Magnus taking back his body- Like??? Can Travis in particular win an award for that scene because holy SHIT the amount of genuine EMOTION in it brought tears to my eyes


- No piece of media has ever made my heart race as much as this podcast has and frankly I’m Pissed because this was supposed to be a dumb easy listening comedy cast but nope. Nah. NAH. ITS NOT.

- Short synopsis of this episode: Shit’s going down and I’m being dragged down WITH IT

To You, With Regret

Request: A lot of reblogs with comments like “OW MY HEART" and “I need a part 2 plz”

Word count: 1,811

Pairing: None

Part 1

This is the sequel to To Newt, With Love

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt walks into the small, two story house that he knows like his own home. The familiar smell of pine floor cleaner floats up from the floorboards. He clenches his jaw and breathes it in, wondering where he should hang his coat since the coat tree that usually guards the front door has quit its duty and marched somewhere else.

Bulgaria, perhaps, as that’s the last rumor Newt heard about you. To study a Horntail that set up a nest there. He’d laughed once, humorless, when he heard that. You always did like a rush of adrenaline.

He doesn’t laugh now as he turns into the small living room and finds the couch and armchair must’ve marched along with the coat tree. A film of dust coats the ground, dulls the wood’s normal shine.

The boom of his dropped bag disrupts the dust’s slumber. It bursts into flight. The clumps of grey twirl in the setting sun’s light, the same way he had twirled you five summers ago. You’d put a record on and dragged to the middle of the room, forcing him to sway until he willingly took your hands and tried to waltz.

He swallows the memory. He’s here for one reason.

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Brave Enough to be Happy

Well, it’s 11:19 at night on a Thursday. This is 3,654 words long, it’s a Captain Underpants fic, and I’m crying.

Take that as you will.

This is my half of the trade with @crispcomet who for me illustrated the last bit of ch 6 from It’s Hard and it is the CUTEST SMOOCH I’VE EVER SEEN. Look- go look- do yourself a favor and look.

And to note- Baron von Berry Redberry is a real cereal from the 1970′s. Yes, I did check. (Also it’s a guy in a plane and his ‘arch rival’ was Sir Grapefellow who also flew a plane and look, your wiser to the world now. You’re welcome)

      Benjamin gripped the edge of the sink, staring into the mirror and watching his own eye twitch as he quietly whispered to himself, “Come on, come on, come on.”

      He could do this.

      Or, rather, in theory he could do this, but there were a lot of things that only worked in theory alone; quantum theory, string theory, the theory of relativity, so many things yet to be proven and yet held near and dear as though infallible. He wouldn’t pretend to understand any of it, or this, least of all this, but he could make a couple of well-informed guesses.

      If Captain Underpants could fly, and he was Captain Underpants, then by all reason, he too, as Benjamin Krupp, should be able to fly.

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Fairy Pools by Chris Golightly
Via Flickr:
Another grey overcast day on Skye. Even though the weather was not on my side I think the fairy pools hold some kind of magic that allow you to create a beatiful scene regardless of the light. Home of the Winged Ones, Deep inside a hidden valley, a-ringed by the arms of a mountain, there is the home of the Fae Folk, who live by the Faerie Fountain. On oppressive, grey sky days, the fog slides down the hills, to hide their lives from prying eyes, and muffle laughs that lilt and trill. The deep, soft grass is floor and bed, to hide marks where tiny feet dance. They dive and dip and gurgle and splash, like the river in which they prance. The river it sings and gurgles, or so we Big Folk are led to believe, but in the silence of the Faerie Pools, the songs of the Winged Ones are weaved. K.T. Miller 4/7/2015


fandom: monsta x
member/reader: changkyun, female
genre/warning(s): smut, hogwarts university!au
length: 2K+
summary: [request] i want to request a smut for the cheeky maknae of Monsta X, Changkyun-ssi! I’ve always seen people viewing him more as a sub, but I think he’s more of a switch? So I had this idea of him taking control over his session with the girlfriend ohoho (with consent ofc)

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A/N: follower asked: “Episode 1 Shiro just coming out of being put under while on the flying bike thing with Keith and the gang. The combination of the drugs and the sharp movements get him motion sick and he ends up puking on the back of the bike.”

“Oh, god,” Hunk swallows around the urge to gag as the rover dips into another sharp dive. “Please tell me we’re almost there.”

“A few miles,” Keith answers, sounding annoyed. “Lean right, big guy.”

Hunk groans but complies, shifting his weight in order to steer the rover away from a looming sand dune. He accidentally slips back onto Lance’s hand. The boy lets out a startled yelp before punching Hunk in the arm.

“Dude! Stay on your side,” Lance growls, shaking out his smashed hand.

“Okay, technically there aren’t any sides,” Hunk retorts, about to turn around and give Lance a shove when the stranger shifts in his arms, moaning softly.

“Um, guys?” Hunk peers down at the slack features beginning to contort into a grimace. “I think he’s waking up.”

“Hold his head,” Pidge says, nudging her shoulder where the man has fallen against it. “He’s kinda crushing me, here!”

“Right. Sorry,” Hunk braces the guy’s forehead, easing him back against his own shoulder. He feels the stranger’s stomach heave with a convulsive gasp as his head lolls before snapping to attention.

“Wha’s…what’s goin’ on? What…” The man glances up, absorbing his surroundings and apparently making an immediate decision as he springs forward with surprising speed to grip Keith in a violent headlock. Keith chokes, swerving abruptly as his airway is obstructed by the crushing grip.

“Fuck, Shiro, stop! It’s me. Shit, get him off!” Keith struggles, causing the rover to lurch unsteadily as he scrambles to regain control. “Calm down! We’re here to help you!”

Shiro’s panting heavily, head swiveling in obvious confusion as he absorbs the whirling scenery and the teenagers holding him upright. “What’s happening?” he breathes weakly, head thumping against Pidge’s shoulder blades as the initial adrenaline rush drains away.

“Well, technically you’re being rescued from an evil, purple, alien race that was probably gonna kill you, which, before like an hour ago, I had no idea existed so -“

“Lance, you’re not helping,” Keith shouts, steering the rover over a cluster of trees.

“Lemme off,” Shiro slurs, clenching at Lance’s shirt as the rover swerves violently. “I…I - let me off!”

“Hey, just take it easy,” Hunk soothes, rubbing the man’s back. He’s clearly out of it. Poor guy’s gotta be pretty confused right now. Emerging from a drug-induced coma on a speeding rover with four strangers straddling you has got to be a little jarring. “We’re almost there. Right, Keith?” He emphasizes with a subtle growl; because if they’re not he might just hurl all over the guy’s rover to prove a point.

“Ten minutes,” Keith’s voice is clipped, sounding like he’s about to kick everybody off if they don’t stop pestering him. “Hold on to Shiro.”

As if he was going to do anything else, but Hunk tightens his grip anyway. The older boy squirms in his arms, hard muscles coiling beneath Hunk’s hands.

“What the hell…is happening…” Shiro grits out, panting raggedly as the rover dives over another hill. He groans as his robotic arm flares to life, sparking with glowing, purple bolts of electricity. The alien thing was freaking Hunk out before he realized it was a deadly weapon.

“Um, guys?” Panicking, he snatches his hand away from Shiro’s metallic arm. “I don’t think his alien arm thing is happy! Maybe trying to kill us?”

“Don’t be stupid,” Keith shouts back.

Lance yelps as the electricity grazes his thigh, “Oh shit, get it off me!”

“Can you power it down?” Pidge demands, head swiveling frantically as Shiro’s arm continues to hum menacingly with a foreign energy.

“I don’t think it has a power button,” Hunk yells back, struggling to maintain his grip around Shiro’s waist as the older boy slumps forward with a strangled whine.

“Try to keep him calm,” Pidge suggests, nervously glancing over her shoulder.

“Almost there,” Keith assures, steering the rover into a sharp left.

Hunk rolls his eyes but ends up petting Shiro’s back. The broad shoulders hitch with a choked noise and Hunk tries to get a better look at the older boy’s face.

“Hey, guys? He’s not looking too good,” Hunk brushes the snow-white fringe out of Shiro’s face, frowning at the sheen of sweat glistening on the other man’s face.

A low gurgle vibrates in Shiro’s throat as he swallows convulsively, flesh hand clenching spasmodically around Hunk’s arm.

“Lemme…off,” he repeats, though Hunk can barely hear his strained voice over the rumbling noise of the engine.

“Just hang on,” Hunk says, emulating a confidence he absolutely does not feel. “We’re almost there, man.”

Hunk barely has time to register the urgency as Shiro suddenly leans to the side, jolting with a wet sounding burp. “Oh, crap,” he breathes, belatedly realizing what’s about to happen just before Shiro convulses with a gurgling retch.

A stream of vomit splatters all down the side of the rover, coating Hunk’s leg in sludgy warmth as Shiro coughs, gagging on another mouthful of sick.

Oh…oh my god,” Hunk sputters, simultaneously trying to hold the guy steady and keep his own stomach contents down. “Keith, please stop this thing!”

Everyone erupts into panicked exclamations of disgust as Shiro continues retching weakly over the side of the rover. Keith complies and brings the vehicle to a hovering stop. Hunk immediately slides off and Shiro follows him, landing in a graceless heap as his back arches with an unproductive gag.

“Oh, okay,” Hunk swallows thickly, pressing a fist to his mouth as he kneels down, awkwardly patting Shiro’s back. “Wow. That’s a lot of…geez, all right. Get it up.”

“What happened?” Keith demands furiously.

“The drugs are probably making him sick,” Pidge supplies, staring with wide, frightened eyes.

“Or maybe it’s your shitty driving,” Lance sneers. “I don’t blame the guy. I feel like puking, too.”

Keith lands a punch on the other boy’s arm which sends him tumbling off the rover with a startled, “Hey!”

“Guys, cut it out,” Hunk says, gripping Shiro’s bicep as he jerks forward, bringing up a much weaker dribble of brownish bile. “You’re probably freaking him out.”

“Shiro?” Keith kneels down in front of the other man, cupping his cheek in a strangely intimate gesture. “It’s Keith. You’re safe, all right? Can you hear me?”

Shiro coughs, glancing up uncertainly at the vaguely familiar voice. He squints, swallowing hard and giving a weak nod.

“Good,” Keith breathes a sigh of relief. “We’re taking you home. Don’t worry. Just hang on a little longer, okay?”

“Ke - Keith?” Shiro reaches out with his metallic hand, face crumpling as Keith instinctively flinches. He instantly pulls back and collapses, supported only by his trembling arms and knees.

“Yeah, I’m right here,” Keith frowns and places a hand on the back of Shiro’s neck, glancing up at Hunk. “Can you lift him?”

Hunk wraps his arm determinedly around the other man’s waist, hauling him back onto the rover with ease.

“I’ve got him,” he assures, climbing on behind and settling a half-conscious Shiro against his chest. He rubs a soothing hand down the older boy’s arm as Shiro moans something that Hunk doesn’t quite catch.

“Everybody hang on,” Keith commands, revving up the engine. “Lance, you’re welcome to go hands-free.”

Lance squawks indignantly as the rover glides into motion, carrying the five of them into the emerging sunrise.

The Day the Sun Danced

No big deal.

October 13, 1917

As 70,000 people watched, the sun appeared to dip and dive in the sky, instantly drying their rain-drenched clothes. It would be the final apparition of the “lady brighter than the sun” who had appeared to 3 peasant children beginning a few months earlier.

Mother Mary,”Our Lady of Fatima” pleaded with them and with us to do penance and acts of reparation. 

She said, “Let them offend Our Lord God no more, for He is already much offended.” 

If the mother of Jesus chose to appear in such a supernatural way, who are we to ignore her request?

Fatima Prayers

Eye witnesses to the “Miracle of the Sun.”

anonymous asked:

Could you do Hanzo, Soldier 76, and McCree visiting their mermaid s/o? Maybe going for a swim with them?


The archer really isn’t one for getting wet. He can barely stand rain let alone any kind of swim. Although he doesn’t mind his s/o being aquatic in nature, he certainly doesn’t mind it. After all, he wants them to do whatever makes them happy–so long as that doesn’t involve him joining them.

Sitting by the pond, Hanzo tried to ignore his s/o as they begged him to hop in with him. They were getting increasingly pouty, and he knew he would run out of excuses sooner or later.

“Why do you hate water so much?” they whined, flicking their finned tail impatiently.

“It makes one disorderly, not to mention the mess,” he retorted, then realized his condescending tone, “That is not to say you look disorderly in the water. Your kind are meant to live it the water, but my kind really is not, so–uh–we just don’t take to the water as well as you do.”

“Hanzo…” they crossed their arms, “Can you even swim?”

“Of course I can,” he shot back, “I just choose not to.”

His s/o let out an irritated noise as he went back to sipping his tea. There had to be some way to get him in the water. Then an evil little plan popped into their head! Shooting their hand out from the water, they grabbed his arm and gave a sharp yank!

“aaAAGH!” he yelled as he was sent headlong into the pond.

Bubbles rose to the top of the water’s surface as he slowly stood up, his hair now dripping around him and a disgruntled look on his face.

“Heeheeheehee!” his s/o giggled at him, “What do you mean disorderly? You look so handsome in the water!”

Hanzo tried to keep a straight face, but couldn’t help but feel his partner’s laughs become contagious. A small blush dusted his cheeks and smile began playing at his lips. Soon enough, he couldn’t help but chuckle along as well, wrapping his arms around his partner’s waist and hugging them close.

Soldier: 76

Jack stood at the end of the pool, his eyes locked onto his s/o as they glided about the water with their sparkling tail-fin. Most of the time, when he went for a swim with them, he’d just sit and watch them dip and dive around the pool, admiring them from afar. He felt like if he got too close, he’d interrupt the show. But then his s/o swam up to him, an innocent look painted on their face.

“Watcha doin’?” they asked, placing their hands on his bare chest.

“Just watchin’ you, hon,” he purred, pecking them on the lips.

Laying their head down on his chest, they sighed, “Why don’t you ever join me, though? You only ever stay over here.”

Then they looked back up at him with a devilish look, “Aren’t water aerobics supposed to be good for old folks?”

“Ha. Ha.” he huffed.

“Pleeaaaase get out of your grumpy corner and swim with me?” they begged him, tugging his hand, “Spin me around like you do sometimes?”

At first he just looked at them with a deadpan look, like he wasn’t going to. His s/o slowly let go of his hand, pouting as they realized they wouldn’t persuade him. Suddenly, Jack rushed over to them and scooped them up in his arms.

“Ah! Hahaha!” his s/o yelped in surprise.

Then he spun them around in the water, making them squeal in glee, a sound he always loved to hear.


His s/o wasn’t even expecting him to come swimming with him that day. But as they gracefully swam around the lake, they suddenly heard a thudthudthudthudTHUD coming closer and closer. They looked up just in time to see a shirtless Jesse do a canon ball into the lake, a big, goofy smile stuck to his face.

His partner laughed as his splash hit them and watched as he burst out from under the water.

“Whew!” he shook his wet hair like a dog, “Nothin’ like a swim on a hot summer’s day!”

His partner eagerly swam over to him, their fin swaying behind them. They wrapped their arms around his neck, letting him wrap his around their waist…and having one hand wander down to their tail. He always loved how smooth their scales felt.

His s/o was smiling up until he reached over to the shore for his pack of cigarettes. He had barely placed one in his mouth when they swatted it away and gave him a disapproving look.

“No smoking in my lake!” they ordered him.

Your lake?” he chuckled, “It’s on my land.”

“But I live in it!” they said haughtily.

“But you’re my girlfriend/boyfriend,” he argued, reaching for the whole packet this time.

They snatched the cigarette packet away from him, holding it out of his reach and swatting him in the face with their tale.

“Ack! C’mon, darlin’!” he whined.

“Never!” they laughed evilly, shoving the packet into the water and making them unusable.

“Aw c’mon…” he muttered under his breath, crossing his arms.

They couldn’t help but feel a little bad for spoiling his swim in the first few moments, so they swam back over to him and ran their hands up and down his abs.

“You don’t need any stupid cigarettes in your mouth,” they smirked, “My tongue should be enough, shouldn’t it?”

Jesse glanced back over to them, a mischievous look in his eye. He wasted no time in gathering them up in his arms again and placing a hand on their chin.

“I s’pose it’ll do,” he whispered, kissing them hard.

The Most Beautiful Moments in Life | 6

Originally posted by jeonbase

Hello everyone ;_: I know I have been gone for quite a while. I have been having the worst kind of writer’s block, but I think I am finally cured. I started this chapter last weekend but only now finished it :( I hope you still enjoy it and continue  to read :) Also, first part is in Namjoon’s POV. ~ Moon xxx

Pairing: min yoongi x reader

Genre: college au ? (they’re young adults but it is not focused on college) | angst

Warning: mentions of drugs, cigarettes/smoking. Depictions of violence, blood and a whole lot of cussing. 

Word Count: 4,045

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

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Essays In Existentialism: Slow Dancing

clexa slow dancing, please! (Song Choice: Fools Rush In- Elvis)

The vineyard was filled with lights and dancing. Deep in the distance the ridge of the mountains hid the last bit of sunset, though they themselves burned like permanent bits of charred wood in the summer heat. The sky was a two tone eclipse of black in the night above and rimmed with a stubborn kind of blue. It made Clarke feel as if she were trapped in a big beautiful eye, as if she could look out into the universe from this one spot and see something purposeful or useful. As people floated around her in their best suits and dresses, sipping champagne and wine by the gallon, until their hiccupping laughs and overall merriness extinguished even the stars, Clarke felt very singular and she liked that, right now.

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Soulmates in the Shadows (Val x Kenna)

Summary: Val and Kenna have been keeping their trysts a secret from the world. What happens when one of them wants something more?

Author’s Note: This is written for one of my giveaway winners, @ivyschoice. She requested for a Kenna x Val fanfic, with the prompt “I’m tired of being your secret.” I also tied this in with this week’s #ChoicesCreates prompt “Do you believe in soulmates?” (Rating: M, sexually suggestive but not explicit).

Soulmates in the Shadows (Val x Kenna)

Her dark brown hair was strewn over the pillows, framing her face like a lion’s mane. Fierce, regal, beautiful. She looked up at me with heavy-lidded with eyes, biting on her lip as she broke into a smile. “See you in the morning?,” she asked softly.

I nodded, tying my hair up in a ponytail. “In the morning,” I replied, leaning down to kiss Kenna on the forehead. The moonlight bathed her form, covered only by the sheets of the bed we had laced with our lust and desire a few hours ago.

“Kenna,” I whispered, kneeling before her. With her eyes closed, she angled her head towards me. I cleared my throat, looking at the floor as I mustered the courage to ask her a question I had been holding within me for a long time. “Do you believe in soulmates?”

My question was met with silence. I looked up and saw Kenna fast asleep, her breathing deep and steady. I smiled, brushing her hair away from her face. My Queen, my lover. I tiptoed into the shadows, making my way out yet again from her chambers in secret.

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Imagine you are the child of Regina and Emma but both have a hard time believing you…


“So you’re telling me that you’re my daughter” Regina rubbed at her forehead.


“And mine” Emma grimaced.


“Yes” (Y/n) nodded, a small smile forming in the corner of her mouth “Both of you are my mother’s”


“How is that possible?” Regina asked.


“I kinda hoping you could tell me that” the girl bit at her lip, shrugging.


“How do you know we’re your parents if you aren’t-?”


Emma didn’t finish her sentence, watching as the girl opened her palm, a bright white dove floating up into the air.


They watched in wonder as it dipped and dived for a few moments, chirping. Suddenly a dark look over came (Y/n), an evil glint in her (Y/ec) eyes as she crushed her hand into a fist. The bird shrivelled up until it was nothing but a pile of black dust on the floor.


“You have both light and dark magic” Regina mused, tilting her head to the side “that’s odd”


“You don’t know the half of it” (Y/n) chuckled, all the previous malice gone “All I can remember is waking up in the woods this morning”


“But why do you think we’re your mothers?” Emma frowned. The child reached into her jeans pocket, placing an old locket on the table.


Regina managed to grab it first, tracing over the patterns on the metal. A swan. An apple. And on the back one sentence.


Your mothers are in Storybrooke.