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Has Batman ever had encounters with Harley and Ivy as Bruce Wayne? Would he ever try using that part of his identity to help them or any other of his rogues, for things like trying to start a new life away from villainy and such?

Someone was in Bruce Wayne’s office, and there was no graceful way to avoid them without making it obvious that he knew they were in there. There was a smell in the air like mulch and roses.

He had no frame of reference for what would constitute a normal amount of things to notice, and so chose to err on the side of oblivious moron.

If there’d been a smell like marzipan dipped in bleach, he might have chosen differently.

“Heya, Mister Wayne,” Harley Quinn greeted, sitting on his desk. She waved as much with her feet as her hands. He closed the door behind him.

Bruce considered his response. Hopefully his momentary indecision with regard to his facial expression could pass for surprise, or confusion, or fear. “Hello, Dr. Quinzel.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m not with Jay no more.”

“She’s with me,” Poison Ivy said.

“Hello, Dr. Isley.”

“I really prefer Ivy.”

“Dr. Ivy,” he corrected.

“Doncha love the way he says doctor?” Harley asked Ivy.

“Charming,” Ivy said. She did not sound charmed.

“I told her we oughta come talk to ya,” Harley explained, “on account of you’re a real nice guy an’ all.”

“Thank you?”

“I was just going to kill you,” Ivy added.

“Thank you. For not doing that.”

“Isn’t he just like a puppy?” Harley asked, pressing her hands to her cheeks.

“You can’t keep him.”

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I got two new plants for my tank! A sword of some sort and a cardinal plant. I was hoping I could just quarantine them for a day and pick off the little snails as I see them, but it looks like I’m going to have to do a bleach dip too. Under flashlight I can see miniscule bugs swimming around the plants and I don’t really want those in my tank… I feel bad for killing them though!

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s DIY is one of my favourite, super easy, ways to make your fabrics look so cute with the help of bleach!

1. Dip the eraser end of a pencil into bleach

2.Then use the eraser to create beautiful patterns on dark fabrics such as napkins or curtain.

Enjoy, Robin x

but yeah, if anyone is looking for aquatic plants I HEARTILY recommend h2o plants. their plants are always so large and healthy and you sometimes get extras like plants with runners or plants that are big enough to be divided, I’ve rarelyyyy had issues with pests from them (I mean snail lord came from them but he was just ONE single snail and it happens they’re born fuckin miniscule also bleach dip yo plants), the shipping is affordable compared to some that I have seen (some require you to pay one day air which for plants unless temps are extreme I think is just not necessary), and they have an addictive rewards program where you can earn “trimmings” which basically go toward coupons and you earn rewards from shit like writing reviews for plants you bought and sharing on social media (no rewards for tumblr dont worry this isnt me trying to get a reward) and for buying more plants lol it’s great.

Also, as a bonus, the guy does livestreams on instagram of tank maintenance and he’s just a cool dude in a basement. It’s a small company and maybe doesnt have a hugeeee selection and stuff comes in and out of stock but he has a long, long list of stuff thats up and coming and always new plants when i check the stocking list and I keep buying them help me