Neighbors? ((closed rp))

==> Go for a walk

>Snow crunches beneath your boots, compacting loosely under your light foot falls.  Everything is so deathly quiet when it snows, which was kind of relaxing in it’s own way.  You stuck out like a sore thumb in all this white, but for once you didn’t mind.  Most of the more dangerous lusus were hibernating right now (like your very own), or moving to warmer climates.

>You were really only out here for a relaxing stroll, something you rarely did nowadays, and to think.  About what…you weren’t sure.

(( viridian-trolls ))

Forest walk

=> You are waiting for your date, sitting on a bench overlooking the central square of the town. Feeling secure in Antonis ability to find you - you are hard to miss - you allow your thoughts to drift aimlessly, alternating between all the warm feelings that you already share, and a sinking feeling of being unable to entertain him during this trip.

=> Needless to say, you are stressed over it. What if he would consider going to your arboreal hive an utter bore, or worse? Or what if he wouldn’t like the decorations?