diosas al natural

Puerto Ricans in solidarity & unity with Black Lives Matter

“Así como mi Puerto Rico está de luto por las muertes injustificadas, por la desigualdad y la injusticia permanecemos con el puño en alto (como símbolo de solidaridad y unidad) conectando nuestros corazones a la comunidad negra en Estados Unidos y nuestros hermanos de Black Lives Matter”. 

Photo by: Joaquin Medina 

Puerto Rico esta de luto. Cobra vida la protesta ante el lente fotográfico. Part.2

This picture symbolizes Puerto Rico in mourning with the current economic crisis, the implementation of a Fiscal Board, the fumigation of our island with  Insecticide Naled, the murders that occur daily, racism that still exists, the lack of jobs, just to mention some …and we are also mourning for all of our Black brothers & sisters in the USA that have been unjustly killed by the police. 

Photo by: Joaquin Medina / FOTOSbyJOAQUIN / Puerto Rico


How has your experience been living as an A​f​ro-Puerto Rican in ​Texas?

It’s been hard because I crave alcapurrias and mofongo (all day, everyday), but they’re not the easiest to find. The selection of Puerto Rican restaurants in Houston is scarce. Please tell me you understand how hard that can be?

Other than that, it has been interesting to say the least. I think being an afro-latina is a shocker for most people down here. They’re not used to seeing many women that look like me, with excess melanin and thick, curly hair, speaking Spanish. I always get asked where is your family from? Where are you from? But after the initial shock wears off, people are open and enjoy asking me questions about the beautiful little Isla del Encanto. - Mercedes @twodollarsricher  

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