Eres como Medusa.
Te miro a los ojos y me paralizo, me petrifico, me convierto en piedra.
Te miro a los ojos y me envuelves, me conquistas; y así sin más… te pertenezco.
—  Laura Pacheco.
Chibs Imagine

Imagine Chibs thinking that you are on of the Diosa girls and comes up to you after a run asking if you can have a session with him, saying he needs to de-stress. What he doesn’t know is that you are not a Diosa girl and that you are actually Neros daughter, despite this you take Chibs into one of the back rooms to show him a good time. When he finds out that you are Neros daughter he asks you why you gave him a session, you say that you did it because you liked him. Your father eventually finds out.

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