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Dior Rob made unexpected appearances

A video of Rob having fun with some photography crew for a Dior campaign shoot, same location as the shared photo with Diane Nguyen, presumably more Dior Homme campaign judging from the sharp suits he is wearing *very Kris Van Assche designed*.  (Both Torbjørn Rødland and Diane Nguyen who posted the video and photo have since removed their posts on Apr 22, 2 days after original posting).

The stills are from various magazines: GQ, Esquire & Vanity Fair France (April |May issue), all shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Showcasing various Dior Homme fashion and accessories (sunglasses, bag, hoodie).

Rob also attended a function in LA wearing a Dior Homme sportwear jacket but not showing because those are paparazzi photos. *2 days after, Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Jamie shared this picture of Rob wearing the aforesaid Dior Homme Sport jacket at their products collection “Spring Soirée”. So no missing out for anyone.

Dior Rob has been pretty busy doing his thing!