dior bar suit

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Oh, wow, those Serbian designs--ouch. Quite apart from how not-Phantom they look, I'm reminded of one of my costume design professors insisting that we use realistic proportions when designing, because people aren't two dimensional coat hangers. Those men's costumes look like they were designed for people made of silly putty. Or maybe for Gumby.

Yes to all of this!

Also, it looks so terribly generic. Had someone said it was for an upcoming Evita production, or Moulin Rouge, I would have believed it. The bare-midriff dudes in Don Juan… The strapless bodices for women… The “Dior’s New Look” dresses… The white meringue thingie… the berets… the roses… Christine’s strapless evening-gown Aminta… MAKE IT GO AWAY.

The 1940s Dior flair seems to be especially strong. The “Bar Suit”, anyone?

The only I like so far - in terms of it looking appropriate for the scene and character - is the Elissa one. The tall headgarb and the assymmetric skirt with fringes draws clear inspiration from ancient Assyrian/Babylonian cultures, but with a suitable “fancy” bodice and cloak:

But of course, that one is for Carlotta, I’m sure they’re sticking Christine in a huge white dress. *massive eye rolling*

That said, the actual sketches are nice! A secure line, and very Parisian-Haute-Couture flair to it. I agree it’s impossible proportions, but it’s definitely within the fashion design tradition. So I’m not saying the designer is not talented. But I think the design is wrong for Phantom unless - as I wrote in an earlier comment - they’ve updated the whole libretto to take place in the modern era. You can’t give POTO a 1940s look and pretend it still takes place in the 1870s/1880s.

Outlander 2.02 “Not In Scotland Anymore” Review

*SPOILERS* for Outlander 2.02 “Not In Scotland Anymore”

I’ve now watched the episode 12 times. I still enjoy it, in more parts than others, but the more times I watch it, the more holes and issues I do find. And yes, I realize that sometimes over-saturation does do that, but this weekend I have struggled with my attempted “Weekends are for the SHOW ONLY” and part of the sheer number of watches has been me trying to get back into the show mindset and out of the fandom mind. Another reason is, there are a few scenes I am still struggling with and I will get to that in this review.

What I am going to TRY this week is below in italics is my c/p from my 2.02 First Thoughts post I made a few days ago. Below that in regular type is my further feelings on those initial thoughts. I am NOT sure at all this is how I will continue to do these, but I wanted to give it a try. Comments or opinions are more than welcome. And not just on the format of this review, on anything really. 

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