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So I'm taking World History 101 and the teacher says that scientist have no proof that the Phoenicians had any communication with Kemetians and that the connection between the Phoenician language and Kemetians can not be proved. I have shown my teacher the picture you posted with languages from Kemetians to Greeks. Personally, I think she's stupid if she still wanted to believe that. The connection is obvious to me, what do you think?

according to Cheikh Anta Diop…:

“..Egypt could count on the Phoenicians as one can more or less count on a brother…

..To be sure, we should not minimize the role of economic relations between Egypt and Phoenicia in explaining that loyalty which seems to have existed. One can also understand that Phoenician religion and beliefs are to some extent mere replicas of Egypt’s

..Phoenician cosmogony reveals once again the kinship of Egyptians an Phoenicians, both of Kushite (Negro origin)…

…the Sidonians founded the first Phoenician colonies in Boeotia…Thus, Thebes was created, as well as Abydos…The name Thebes confirms, once again, the ethnic kinship of Egyptians and Phoenicians…

..During this Sidonian epoch, elements of Egypto-Phoenician civilization crossed into Greece.” (!!!)*

~ Diop, 1954, The African Origins of Civilization: Myth or Reality, pg. 108-110.

…ur teacher is ignorant.

*the fact that Egyptian-Phoenician civilization “crossed into Greece” would explain how the Greek script is descendent of an African language.

More on the NBA lockout to come, but I wanted to touch briefly on the posturing from both sides and why I really see no end in sight in for thevAssociation.

This brief report from ESPN reports the news that David Stern is threatening to cancel the entire 2011-12 NBA season if a deal, or at least the framework of one, isn’t reached by the end of the week.  This seems like an incredibly desperate negotiation tactic and one that is bound to be received by poorly by all sides (unless you’re a small-market owner hemorrhaging money).

As much as I have a love/hate relationship with Grantland, Bill Simmons’ long-form site does a good job of writing about the NBA (it is the ultimate nerdy white-guy sport) and explaining the ongoing lockout drama.  In fact, a piece yesterday by Jonathan Abrams and Simmons introduced you to some of the cringe-worthy contracts on each and every NBA team that owners are desperately trying to find outs for.  One can see why a piss-poor team like the Charlotte Bobcats would want to get out of owing DeSagana Diop $14.3 million over the next two years when he has barely played at all over the past three.  One can also see why Diop wouldn’t want to give up that money.

As a fan, it’s awful to see the NBA follow-up its most successful season in over a decade with this.  It should be riding high and even casual fans should be talking about the Association before the season starts.  But it’s looking like there won’t be a season for a very long time.  And while that’s a blessing and a curse for a Rockets fan, it’s horrible for a basketball fan.  

It can be difficult to justify saying that the NBA is an “under-appreciated” league when it’s an industry that brings in billions of dollars a year.  But, compared to the NFL, college football and big-market baseball, the NBA often putters along until the playoffs when there isn’t anything competing against it on television (sorry hockey).  Prior to the 2010-11 season, regular season games were for die-hards only.  Suddenly, watching the Heat and Lakers became an event and there were more marketable stars across the league than there had been in the past decade.

However, owners in Milwaukee, Charlotte and Sacramento, among others, are saying that under-appreciation is a key reason for their “dire” financial situations.  They don’t get to share in the Lakers/Clippers’ luxurious television revenues and they can’t sell LeBron, Kobe or Yi jerseys to a basketball-mad population in China.  But they also paid tens of millions of dollars for Drew Gooden, drafted Adam Morrison with the third-overall pick and alienated one of the most passionate fan bases in sports, respectively.  So they haven’t really given their markets a reason to appreciate them at all.  

It’s going to be very sad if the NBA misses what could be its most important season ever.  The league certainly does have real financial issues, unlike the NFL which was arguing over how to split up billions in revenue.  But the players and owners are in a Mexican stand-off (cue imbed of clip from “Inglorious Basterds” that I can’t find on YouTube) and neither side appears to budge.

Welcome to the Audible Sigh.  I’ll write about basketball, things that annoy me and post Simpsons clips for my own entertainment.  Your continued support is appreciated.


HIS AIR(BALL)NESS. This might be the worst free throw attempt in the history of ever.

Eurocentric insanity

i’m convinced that the European mind is detrimental to social progress and peace (see two cradle theory by Cheikh Anta Diop)

it’s fuckin shit up for everyone

got ppl fallin for the most shallow swindles

you point to the stars all ppl see is the tip of your finger (–African proverb)

we strugglin between love and hate, the ego and the true self

dealin wit some root chakra muhfuckas

wit no education

ignorance kills the soul

it alienates you from the source, the one

with wisdom comes responsibility

why are we afraid to learn? to be responsible? to live healthy lives for ourselves and each other?

why do we tolerate bullshit?

we got demons walkin in human form, eatin away at people’s energy, and we havent been able to detect that. most of us have been desensitized

but some of us know the truth, some of us understand why, and have found their path. that’s what gives me hope

educate the ignorant. each one teach one



Gemsona reference…… Her name is Diop (Di-OP; as in co-OP), and her (actual) gem is the Diopside Star. She’s what I’d like to call a ‘Copy Gem’, or a gem that acts as a mirror, though she’s corrupted, in the sense of not being able to fully copy a gem. She can copy the abilities and physical attributes of other gems, but this is what she normally looks like. She uses shell gems to protect her actual gem from harm. She is able to copy non-corrupt fusions (Ex; Opal, Stevonnie) but not triple, quad, nor corrupt fusions (Ex; Sugilite, Alexandrite). But, only at half, or even a quarter of their power, due to her not knowing how to fully utilize her abilities. Normal copies are half-power as well, by default. She is indeed able to fuse with other gems, but this causes a corrupt fusion to happen, making both the body and personality really unstable, similar to Sugilite in a way. The idea of the whole 'Copy Gem’ thing came from how people think that the diopside star reflects the light of the stars upon themselves, but in Diop’s case, it’s gems. EDIT: Forgot to add her most important feature; her personality! In most cases, she’s cold around people she isn’t used to, and has a very short temper, along with a small attention span for things she isn’t interested in. When she knows someone, she acts more childish and happy-go-lucky, though she still hangs onto her temper and small attention span. She loves candy, though it’s also her weakness, as she will eat it at any time of the day, anywhere, no matter how dire the situation. 

10 Arguments That Prove Ancient Egyptians Were Black

Even today, a significant number of mainstream Egyptologists, anthropologists, historians and Hollywood moviemakers continue to deny African people’s role in humankind’s first and greatest civilization in ancient Egypt. This whitewashing of history negatively impacts Black people and our image in the world. There remains a vital need to correct the misinformation of our achievements in [&]


In a press conference held on August 11, 2011, longtime activist and organizer Diop Olugbala announced his candidacy in the mayoral race in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He also slammed neocolonial mayor Michael Nutter’s Jim Crow-like curfew laws.