Meet the model redefining #BlackGirlMagic in the usually white- and light-skinned fashion industry

You may recognize Diop from The Colored Girl campaign, which launched in June to celebrate all shades of beauty — and if you follow the 19-year-old (that’s right, she’s only 19) on Instagram, you’ll know she often refers to herself as “Melanin Goddess.” “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change,” is how she captions one of her photos.

Photos: Instagram/Khoudia Diop


Hyenes (1992) directed by Djibril Dop Mambety

“After being kicked out of her African village three decades earlier for getting pregnant out of wedlock, Linguere (Ami Diakhate) has returned home. While Linguere has done well for herself, her home village has fallen on hard economic times. Intent on punishing Dramaan (Mansour Diouf), the man who fathered her child but refused to own up to the act, Linguere makes a proposal: She will help the town financially, if the locals agree to execute Dramaan.” via Google