dionysus and Apollo

okay but everyone knows nothing actually works to discourage Grantaire from drinking

like threats, bribes, interventions, programs, encouragement, games, whatever, he don’t care, they all fall flat

until one time he’s sitting next to Enjolras’ table in the Café Musain and he’s lifting his drink to his lips and Enjolras mutters something and it’s just something totally stupid and inane like, “Just lay me on a guillotine why don’t you” or something while he’s working on his homework and Grantaire overhears it and for some reason it’s just so fucking funny and he just snorts and chokes and has to set down his drink because damnit Enjolras and every time he tries to pick it up again he can’t because all he can picture is a tINY ENJOLRAS SITTING ON THE RIM OF HIS GLASS DRAMATICALLY AND SOLEMNLY PROCLAIMING HE WOULD RATHER BE GUILLOTINED and he just can’t stop snickering in exasperation and eventually he just gives up and turns to Enjolras accusingly with a glare and goes “I can’t finish my drink because of you”

and Enjolras just blinks and goes “What?” but figures it out after watching the other keep trying to drink before covering his mouth and muttering “Guillotines…” and eventually giving up

but like Enjolras intentionally does this again the next time he sees Grantaire picking up a bottle next meeting, just says something random and inane and stupid and out of place and Grantaire just snorts and has to put it down to cover his head because god fricking damn it Enjolras only it KEEPS HAPPENING

every time Enjolras spots him lifting a drink, even if he’s in the middle of a conversation on the opposite side of the room, he’ll suddenly whip his head of blonde curls around and give this intense glance and say something like “I’D SUFFER ANOTHER REIGN OF TERROR TO CHANGE THIS WEATHER” and Grantaire will just slam down the bottle cos FUCK and it’s so frustrating trying not to laugh because it’s NOT EVEN FUNNY IT’S JUST STUPID DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE AND FRICK

but despite the weird looks Enjolras keeps getting he still does it and it becomes his own ridiculous little anti-drinking campaign

(Grantaire swears he’s going to throttle Enjolras when the day comes that he looks at a can of beer and can only hear Enjolras’ voice pealing out some godawful French-Revolution-related pun, but as much as he won’t admit it it’s actually been having a significant effect on his intake and the more drinks he puts down the easier it is to do it when no one’s around)

((and then they make out maybe))


                                              Tuesday, June 7th

                             Day 3: Greek Gods / Greek Mythology


The Non Diamond Leaders! I’m sure y'all can figure out which is which but I’ll throw y'all a bone and tell ya anyways!

Page One:
Sunstone - Apollo
Moonstone - Artemis
Smoky Quartz - Hermes
Hematite - Hephaestus
Rose Quartz - Aphrodite

Page Two:
Ametrine - Ares
Milky Quartz - Athena
Purple Scapolite - Dionysus
Corundum - Persephone

And that’s the gem gods headshots! I’m going to start on the full body shots for them and the earlier gems I didn’t get too now so be on the look out for more new stuff!

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Songs Of The Greek Underworld

Eleven tracks including music by Γιοβάν Τσαούς, Στέλλα Χασκίλ, and Μάρκος Βαμβακάρης.

rebetiko rembetika 78 rpm dionysus and apollo

She loves in shades of red. Rose for the petals in her garden and apples kissed by scarlet. Peace in the garden is peace in her soul. Yet, her eyes still drift to the caves, and she wonders what lives in their darkness.

She loves in shades of red. Dark mahogany and burgundy. Wine that is poured into her glass by the gallon. They sit back and enjoy the heavy summer air on their skin. Dionysus at her side and Apollo, Hermes, along with Artemis are whispering and watching the sky. ‘The best cocktail?’ Dionysus asks. She smiles all teeth. ‘Swallow the stars, the moon, and all the planets. Nothing could taste better than the cosmos.’

She loves in shades of red. Ruby and berry. Lips on lips. She doesn’t know how to be gentle when all she craves is in his mouth. He breathes her in. Death never tasted as good as her lips.

She loves in shades of red. Crimson and Carmine. Pomegranates, six seeds that she savored on her lips, and the color of his kisses when she pulls away. ‘I’m cruel.’ he says in between kisses. She steals one more kiss. ‘If you were cruel, you wouldn’t have let me choose.’

L.H.Z // She Loves in Shades of Red

Gossip Goddess Chapter 2: Break the Rules

Reyna smiled at Mr. Brunner as she slipped into class late.

“You know that being late on the first day is not a very good idea, Ms. Ramírez-Arellano.” Mr. Brunner said.


“..go take the seat by Ms. Tanaka.” Mr. Brunner sighed.

Reyna nodded and walked towards the back where Drew was sitting. Next to her was an empty seat on one side and Will on the other side.

Reyna wasn’t Drew’s biggest fan and vice versa. They never really got along, Drew was lewd and Reyna suspected she was Gossip Goddess. And because of Gossip Goddess everyone knew of the summer Reyna spent in rehab. The only people who knew that were Nico, Hylla, Jason and Drew. Sure, Drew might not be Gossip Goddess but she at least told Gossip Goddess about the summer.

Well okay, maybe her and Drew use to be good friends. But things change.

“Hello, Queenie.” Drew glared at Reyna.

Reyna decided to ignore her.


Hazel looked at the guest room of the penthouse of the Underworld Hotel. It was supposed to be her room now.

She felt like Cinderella.

Through tomorrow she was to go to school at a private academy that Hades owned half of.

Okay still, Cinderella.

She just really hoped that her fairytale ending didn’t end.


Pollux sat in class and stared at Ethan.

Beautiful Ethan.

Ethan was the best person Pollux had ever been with.

Was that what love felt like?

Before he realized the answer, the bell for school to end rung.


Malcolm kissed his boyfriend, Dakota.

Dakota was a year older and a known drinker.

Malcolm didn’t give a damn if his boyfriend’s lips tasted like wine.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad taste.


Nico put a cigarette between his lips and lit it.

Bianca had been seventeen when she died.

Seventeen years old when a drunk driver hit her.

Nico witnessed it all for he had been walking only a few paces ahead of her.


Reyna stared at the old pill bottle.

It was the same bottle that out her in rehab after she overdose on the pills that were once inside.

She had only been fourteen.

She threw the bottle against the wall.

Three years and she still wasn’t completely better.


Drew looked at her scars.

No one cared about her scars when they were fucking.

Not even the new ones.

She didn’t ask to be born with a dick.


Paolo Montes smiled at Apollo.

The man he met in a gay bar four months ago.

Paolo kissed him as a door opened.

“Oh my god!” A familiar voice yelled.

Paolo turned to see Will Solace and Kayla Knowles. Apollo’s kids who were only two and three years younger then himself.

“Hi.” Paolo said. He could feel how red his face was.


{I hear Paolo Montes likes older men. Much older men. Montes was caught lip locking with Apollo Papadopoulos. -XOXO Gossip Goddess}


Ellis sat with Cecil, Drew, Kayla and Reyna at a restaurant called Half-Blood Bar.

Drew was texting, probably one of her many booty calls. Kayla and Reyna were flirting and teasing one another.

Cecil was writing down something in a notebook that Ellis called the evil notebook.

It was the notebook that Cecil wrote down all his pranks.

Ellis though Cecil was adorable when he had that wicked look on his face.


{Hello guys, gals and non-binary pals. Wise Guy, Malcolm Pace was seen locking lips with Dakota Bacchus. I wonder if he was drunk. Pace that is, D. is always drunk. -XOXO Gossip Goddess}

{My, my. Looks like even Reyna Ramírez-Arellano couldn’t resist Drew Tanaka’s charm. Click read more to view photos taken. -XOXO Gossip Goddess}


“So that’s what you meant by Reyna wouldn’t care that I was cheating on her with you. She was doing the same thing.” Kayla said.

She was naked in Drew Tanaka’s bed.

“Yup….oh god I look dreadful in those pictures.” Drew said as she lit a cigarette.

“You kept this from me? And let me guess, Reyna too?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“I think I need to go.” Kayla said.

“Tell Reyna I said hi.”


{Just in, Drew was sleeping with both Kayla and Reyna. Behind both their backs. -XOXO Gossip Goddess}


“Night, Hazel.” Nico said as Hazel slipped into her bedroom without a word.

He had spent the whole day helping her settle in and getting her prepared for school tomorrow.

Tomorrow he will have to face everything he’s spent the past two months running from.

All the people he’s been running from.

Thalia. Zoë. Reyna. Jason. Will.

Bianca’s girlfriend. Bianca’s best friend. Nico’s two best friends. Nico’s crush.

Tomorrow he will have to explain why he left.

Why he ran.

Why he didn’t answer any of their calls or texts.

Why he kissed Will.


Hazel looked at the scars on her stomach.

Gaea. Just the thought of the name made Hazel feel ill.

“I’m alive.” She whispered.


“Hey dad.” Pollux waved at his dad as he ran through the kitchen.

“Pollux, I heard about Ethan.” His dad yelled.

Pollux stopped dead in his tracks. Shit.

“Oh. Yeah that.” Pollux blushed.

“…do you care about him?”

“I love him.” Pollux said.

“Good. Bring him over for dinner tomorrow. I would love to meet him.” His dad said.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll see if he can make it.”


Drew stared at the texts on her phone.

[I’m done with you forever. Don’t talk to me. -Reyna]

[Drew, you slept with Kayla and Reyna? Kayla is crying in her room. -Will]

[Didn’t know Kayla was your type. She’s a little short for ya don’t you think? -Pollux]

[Kayla and Reyna make number 51 & 52 this year. Already beating last years fucks -Cecil]

Drew turned her phone off.

“You know, maybe sleeping with someone and her girlfriend wasn’t the brightest idea.” Her sister, Piper, said.

“Go choke on Jason’s dick.” Drew snarled at her.

“I don’t think your a whore. But it was a dumb move.” Piper said.

“…get out of my room. I’m gonna have Nyssa or Lou Ellen come over.” Drew threw her pillow at Piper.

“Fine. Just make sure you lock your door. Remember how traumatize Mitchell was after seeing you fucking Will.” Piper chuckled.

“Get out or you will be seeing me naked.”

“I’m going you slut~”


{Hearts breaking, lies, trust being tossed out the window and people lying to themselves and those around them. Just a normal day here. -XOXO Gossip Goddess}


Ernst Jünger on the fall of the gods

It is, above all, the gods who change. Either they assume different forms and faces, or they vanish altogether. But similarities always remain, no matter how many generations are produced. It is the same as with breeds of animals.

I regard it as a mistake to call Dionysus a god; I contest it. He has a place on Mount Olympus as a close relative, also as a guest of honor. Dionysus is more than a god and less — he is earth exposed, nature revealed. He is a demon, a polymorphic Titan. This is not contradicted by one of the myths about him which says he was torn to shreds by the Titans — that is simply the way they are. Dionysus himself is torn, he tears, he is overpowering. His place is not so much on Olympus as in Eleusis, between Persephone and Demeter.

I therefore feel that Old Gunpowder-Head was wrong to put Dionysus as a god opposite Apollo — theirs was actually an encounter between Titanic-demonic and divine power. Still, Gunpowder-Head did understand that this conflict brought forth two kinds of art, especially two kinds оf music. He returned to Dionysus. Rather than expatiating on this, I wish to focus on the present. The fact that we, largely in a passive manner, are participating in a fall of the gods is obvious as far away as India and New Guinea. Titanic forces in mechanical disguise are supplanting the gods. Wherever Zeus no longer rules, crown, scepter, and borders are becoming senseless; with Ares, the heroes are making their farewells; and with Great Pan, nature is dying. Wherever Aphrodite is waning, there is promiscuous interbreeding.

Ernst Jünger, “The Aladdin’s Problem” (1983)


The three Graces- Antonio Canova, Rome. 

Presentation in Arts.

Over the centuries, the presentation of the Graces had undergone significant transformations. In classical sculptures and mosaics they were presented clothed but in Hellenistic artworks, they were presented either nude or wearing transparent clothing. They were sometimes crowned with myrtle and held sprigs of myrtle in their hands.

Since the Graces were minor deities, not a single myth presented them independently. They always appeared as attendants of other gods or goddesses, most notably of Venus (Greek equivalent: Aphrodite) and Cupid (Greek equivalent: Eros). Besides, they also appeared among the attendants of Apollo,Dionysus, and Hermes (Greek equivalent: Mercury). Together with the Nymphs and the Muses, they entertained the gods by dancing around in a circle by holding hands to Apollo’s music.

The Ancient Greeks believed that when twins were born, one was destined a god or goddess. They weren’t far from the truth.

Goddess!Mirabell became such after sacrificing her life for her brothers whom she was cursed to kill before they reached the age of sixteen. While her fatal wound was healed moments before her ascension into godhood her hair remained silver at the spot where she was struck as a constant reminder of hr hesitation that nearly cost her own brother his life.

She was granted power over the stars based off her namesake(s), the ability to see into the past, and the ability to travel at the speed of light as well as becoming a patron of siblings, especially twins. She is under the training and supervision of several well talented Olympians including Apollo, Dionysus, and Ares, all of whom voted for her to be granted immortality after her death as opposed to sending her to eternal punishment in Tartarus.

As time goes on Mirabell will discover several more hidden powers and essentially become a jack of all trades, but a master of few.

More to come later