dion the astonishing

Because feministfuck asked me, and you all want to know

You asked how I get my makeup to stay on. So I’m finally gonna give away my secret. It’s true, I am well known for always wearing heavy eyeshadow that doesn’t crease and stays on all day and night, or longer, until I take it off. It’s even mostly waterproof. Here’s what I do and have been doing for over a decade:
I wear lipstick underneath it.
That’s it.
I swipe the lipstick wherever I want the eyeshadow, (just real quick, messy is fine) then I pat the shadow, using a brush, onto the lipstick, and it’s sticks. (use plenty. Loose powder shadow works best. You might wanna use a clean poofy brush to sweep off the excess.) Then I use my finger to blend the edges. Usually I will do a poof of some shimmery powder over the top to double set it. That’s my trick, that’s my secret. You guys better be paying attention. It also makes it so your shadow actually looks like the color it is in the jar, instead of all washed out. I know you’re thinking “yeah they make eyeshadow primer” but I swear, I have tried it, and it isn’t nearly as effective as lipstick. You want to use a non-shimmery lipstick, and usually a color you want to slightly affect your end color. I tend to use dark maroons or even black underneath anything. Red is great. If you’re doing a lighter colored shadow, like silver, you’ll want a lighter colored lipstick, because the colors do blend a little.
There you have it, my big old makeup secret.