diogo ganchinho


Oh oh, I’ve not mentioned my trip to the Olympics yet! It was utterly INCREDIBLE. It was so so surreal being there (I mean I NEVER THOUGHT I’d ever go to the Olympics), and being part of such an excited crowd all feeling the same was incredibly special. AND i saw some shit-the-bed amazing trampolining. China’s Dong Dong won - he did five triple somersaults in a row. O M F G.

The main thing I’ll remember though (and I’m still rather teary about it two days on) was the way the crowd reacted to a competitor who didn’t do quite so well. It turns out that even at this very-best-in-the-world level there’s still a massive chance of the competitors bouncing off onto the edge, and if they do that it’s basically GAME OVER and all their Olympics dreams die there and then. This sadly happened to Diogo Ganchinho (in the second picture above) who was competing for Portugal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man look so completely broken, and the rest of the crowd clearly felt the same way because there was suddenly this huge warm wave of cheers and whistles and applause for him. It was probably the biggest reaction of the whole event and it was just so beautiful and supportive, like fifteen thousand people were lifting him up. I have never been a part of anything so god damn lovely. Oh how i SOBBED. God bless you, The Olympics. STAY FOREVER PLEASE