Translation of pixiv tags in JoJo fandom (Part3 Stardust Crusaders)

Hullo! I’ll be translating ships in SC in pixiv. Embrace yourself…I mean, Enjoy yourself!! (The transcription will be Seme/Uke.)

Kakyoin/Holly 花ホリ

Jotaro/Kakyoin 承花
Kakyoin/Jotaro 花承
Jotaro/Joseph 承ジョセ
Joseph/Jotaro ジョセ承
Jotaro/Polnareff 承ポル
Polnareff/Jotaro ポル承
Avdol/Polnareff アヴポル
Kakyoin/Polnareff 花ポル
Polnareff/Kakyoin ポル花
Star Platinum/Jotaro スタ承
Kakyoin/Joseph 花ジョセ
Star Platinum/Hierophant Green スタハイ
Uke Jotaro ships 承太郎受け

Jotaro/DIO 承DIO
DIO/Jotaro DIO承
DIO/Kakyoin DIO花
Kakyoin/DIO 花DIO
DIO/Vanilla DIOヴァニ
Vanilla/DIO ヴァニDIO
DIO/Joseph DIOジョセ
The Wolrd/DIO ワーDIO
Terrence.T.D’arby/Daniel D’arby テレダニ
Daniel D’arby/Terrence.T.D’arby ダニテレ
Hol Horse/Polnareff ホルポル
Uke DIO ships DIO受け・ディオ受け

THAT WAS A LOT. I…I knew part3 has lots of characters but I didn’t quite expect that many. Some ships may sound unfamiliar, but its only that in terms of shipping Japanese Give No Fuck about Common Sense™
So I’m 110% sure I overlooked some ships so if you have any ships not on the list, please send asks! See you!

whamuus  asked:

Ah okay! Sorry I wasnt able to view your rules on mobile! Can you do whamu, sdc dio, and kira comforting their sad s/o?

No problem, don’t worry about it! :)

I hope you like it! :D


  • When Wamuu sees his s/o sad or even crying he is just as much worried as he is irritated. What happened? What or who caused his s/o to be like this?
  • No matter how much these questions nag at him he doesn’t ask his s/o. He learned that humans are extremely fragile when they are in this state; it’s not comparable to Esidisi when he has to cry in order to calm himself down. There pretty much is not a more vulnerable state a human can be in than being sad and crying. That means asking too many questions right now will only confuse them or worsen their state.
  • So he quietly sits down beside his s/o and slowly lays an arm around their shoulders, and pulls them close to his body. He knows his s/o enjoys this form of affection and it has the desired effect, because his s/o slowly leans onto him. After a few silent moments Wamuu raises a hand to slowly stroke their cheek, brushing off the eventual tears until his s/o starts to visibly relax.
  • Then he urges them as softly as he can to tell him what happened. Should his s/o just feel sad without an exact reason he will gladly continue to hold them as the physical contact seems to help them. If something happened he would listen to what they have to say, and hold them close as well.
  • But, if someone should be responsible for their s/o’s sadness, that someone should better be prepared, because they surely will regret and pay for the moment they made Wamuu’s s/o sad. Wamuu is a warrior after all and he will do everything he can to keep or restore his s/o’s honor.


  • Dio is mostly irritated that he finds his s/o in such a state. He knows his s/o, and he knows that they are not easily put into such a condition, otherwise Dio would hardly care about them. He has no need for a s/o who doesn’t have their emotions under control. It irritates him, but also makes him wonder why and how they are like this now.
  • His s/o sits on Dio’s bed when he finds them, knees hugged to their chest and arms around them. They don’t look up when Dio joins them on the bed, but they visibly flinch, they probably didn’t hear him.
  • “Why would you be like that, if I, Dio, give you company?” he asks, a bit harsher than even he intended but his s/o doesn’t seem to notice or care, but they draw in a deep breath.
  • They start talking then. Quietly and softly. They tell him what happened and why they feel the way they do, and they even apologize for their unusual behavior. It makes Dio smirk a bit, though in the darkness and him sitting a bit behind them they can’t see it. However, mostly does it worry him indeed. He may not admit it, he is above such emotions after all, but he knows his s/o and their condition is hardly acceptable.
  • He lays a heavy hand on the top of their head, his clawed fingers run slowly through their hair, scraping their scalp just lightly. His s/o raises their head a bit at that, and Dio’s lips pull into a knowing smirk. Humans are so easy to read and to satisfy. Although, if it turns his s/o’s condition back into the one he knows and the one he allowed to stay at his side, then showing them a bit of affection should be alright. Dio does not really care how his s/o feels, but being in nearly pathetic state is not acceptable.
  • Though, sending Vanilla Ice with them to have a trip through Cairo the following day just to get the smile back on their face is something he will not admit to (he probably tells them and himself that it was a trip to gather information, and not something to actually lighten up a human’s mood) …


  • Kira is pretty surprised and a bit worried when he sees their sad s/o sitting at the kitchen table. Usually they greet him with a smile, a hug or a kiss to his cheek, but this time they just sit at the kitchen table, hands in their lap and head down.
  • Kira slowly sits down next to them, takes their hands into his own and softly caresses them before he asks what’s wrong.
  • His s/o quietly tells him what’s going on, what happened, why they are so sad; all the while Kira softly strokes the skin of their hands, sliding his fingers along their own and massaging their knuckles. No matter how… obsessed he may be with hands but this time he does this to calm his s/o down, to offer some simple form of comfort and affection. When his s/o stops talking he still doesn’t say a word but instead raises their hands now to his lips and presses a soft kiss to the back of their hands.
  • He offers a few words of comfort then. Saying they shouldn’t worry so much, that it will be alright. The words are basically not more than empty phrases, he knows this and his s/o does too, so it does little to lighten up their mood again.
  • So instead of trying to offer verbal comfort Kira tries a different approach. He certainly does not want to see his s/o like this. It is so unusual and unpleasant to see them like this, he wants to change their mood better sooner than later.
  • Kira may not have a way with words but he has some other ways of doing something for his s/o.
  • Kira cooks something for them this day. Usually his s/o does the cooking because he’s at work all day, but given the situation he takes over for today (and boi Kira knows how to cook). If it shouldn’t make them as happy as he is used to he’ll even do other chores for them as well, just granting them some time for themselves to calm down and relax.
  • He doesn’t go out with them necessarily, though. People might see them and notice that it’s unusual for him to go out on these days (he has set days where he goes out with his s/o). He really does want to comfort his s/o, and put their mind off of the things that made them sad, but not at the expense of drawing more attention to himself than absolutely necessary.

hol horse: i have a report on the crusaders lord dio

DIO: look at my body hol horse. it belonged to jonathan joestar. isn’t it hot? look at it. feel it. mmmmmmmmm

hol horse: okay that’s nice and all but what about the re-


Translation of ship names: Jojo Part 6 and 7

Hi, imma translate names of Jojo ships used in pixiv (and probably also in twitter). Its time for part 6 and 7! Sorry for the long wait.
k lets go

Part 6
Heterosexual ships

Annasui / Jolyne アナ徐
Jotaro / Mrs.Kujo 空条夫妻
Weather Report / Jolyne ウェザ徐
Weather Report / Hermes ウェザエル
Weather Report/ F.F ウェザF
Homosexual ships
Pucci / DIO プチDIO
DIO /Pucci DIOプチ
Weather Report / Annasui ウェザアナ
Hermes / Jolyne エル徐
F.F / Jolyne F徐

Part 7
Heterosexual ships

Diego / Hot Pants ディエパン
Jonny / Rina ジョニ理那
Johnny / Hot Pants ジョニパン
Homosexual ships
Gyro / Johnny ジャイジョニ
Johnny / Gyro ジョニジャイ
Diego / Johnny ディエジョニ
Johnny / Diego ジョニディエ
Gyro / Diego ジャイディエ
Funny Valentine / Diego ファニディエ
Magent Magent / Di.S.Co くる毛 (which literally means ‘curly hair’ wtf)

If your ship is not on the list, ask me
Wish you luck!


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Translating JJBA tags in pixiv (Crossing Over Parts)

Hi! Since I’ll be too busy to post next week I’ll do a special edition: Crossover!!

((WARNING: This post will contain a LOT of incest ships. If you are not prepared, scroll past the whole ship translation part, or simply block me. Personally I think the whole idea of calling ships ‘problematic’ is overall ridiculous, but I know many people feel uncomfortable wth certain ships. The best I can to worship both sides is to warn you beforehand. ))

Okay, Lets go!

Group tags:
Crossover 混部
The Joester Family ジョースター家
All Villains 荒木荘
195cm trio (Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro) 195cm組
Hamon Generation (all Part1,2 characters) 波紋世代
DIO’s children (Giorno, Rikiel, Versus, Ungalo) DIOの息子
The Three Big Bros (Keicho Nijimura, Prosciutto, Hermes) ジョジョ三大兄貴
Muda family (Jonathan, DIO, Giorno, DIO’s sons) 無駄家族
Team Food-chain (Kars, DIO, Diabolo) チーム食物連鎖
Child Generation JoJos (Josuke, Giorno,Jolyne) ジョジョ子世代組

Pair Tags(not shipping):
Mudad (DIO, Giorno)  無駄親子
Bokudad (Jonathan, Giorno) 僕親子
Oradad (Jotaro, Jolyne)  オラ親子
Swindler dad (Joseph, Josuke) イカサマ親子
Team Hamon (Jonathan, Joseph) 波紋組
Team Secret Child (Josuke, Giorno) 隠し子組

Heterosexual ships:
Giorno/Jolyne  ジョル徐
Josuke/Jolyne  仗徐
DIO/Jolyne     DIO徐

Homosexual ships:
Jotaro/Jonathan  承ジョナ
Joseph/Jonathan  ジョセジョナ
Giorno/Jonathan   ジョルジョナ
Giorno/Josuke   ジョル仗
Josuke/Giorno   仗ジョル
Josuke/Kakyoin    仗花
Jotaro/Jotaro   承承

DIO/Jonathan  DIOジョナ
DIO/Dio     DIOディオ
DIO/Giorno   DIOジョル
Giorno/DIO   ジョルDIO
Kira/Diavolo   吉良ボス
Kars/DIO    カーDIO
DIO/Diego     DIOディエ

That is all! I really had fun translating special names of groups and pairs. If you have questions, please  send me an ask!
Thank you!


“Haha! I think I am becoming a very good parent! I have used hamon to… oh excuse me you probably won’t understand that. I have… uhm…”enchanted” that shirt! You wont be able to take it off until /I/ say so! I’ll know if you have! You can’t trick me! So you two had better start acting like the family you are!”-Jonathan

This is a continuation of this. (It was getting pretty long). @badlydrawngangstar @confusedjotaro @badlydrawntheworld and any other joot joots or gio gios or diodios etc that want to comment.