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Kei (Dio) blog entry
2016-02-25, 05:00

I didn’t think I would write here again after the disbanding [of Dio in 2010] but I’m blessed to write again, so I’m happy I didn’t delete it.

I think about writing about what happened during the years until our revival has been decided.

After quitting this band I lost my passion and didn’t listen to music anymore. I started to lead a normal life of a normal person.

Me starting to listen to music again was probably about three years ago. After quitting I sold all my CDs and also didn’t touch any instrument anymore. It was a life that had no connection to music at all.

I cut my hair, returned to black hair and stopped wearing my piercings. I was really like a completely normal person. Walking like this around in Shinjuku… I didn’t even end up in being questioned by the police anymore (laughs)

But while living like this I wanted to listen to music again. More than I did while having my band I started to listen to various kinds of music. Watching videos of my former bandmates on niconama or youtube made me think that they’re really giving their best and seem to have a fun life.

I found a normal job and started to work but my daily life was like every other day as well. Simply, it was work →  going home →  dinner →  bathing →  sleeping → work. It was my normal life but it was so boring.

At the weekends I was just exhausted and all I did was sleeping. I don’t drink alcohol, so I didn’t go out and sometimes I asked myself: “Why am I even alive?” (laughs)

It’s boring if people are living without having special interests or hobbies. When we started talking about the revival last year it made me think about escaping from this life.

The other members agreed right away about our revival but the one who had the most normal life was me. But I thought, if everyone is going I want to go, too!

The timing was quite well. Everyone’s bands had disbanded and nobody did anything in particular. It was the time when I started to let my hair grow again.

The members didn’t lack of anything but I didn’t give even one single live since the disbanding and also didn’t really played an instrument anymore, so I was worried. But when I colored my hair again, put in my piercings and went to the studio it felt as if I have returned to my former self.

Well, no matter how you look like, it’s you, but in the end the feelings are still different, aren’t they?

The lives are lying ahead, so I think I want to give lives we’ll have fun at ( ´∀` )b