diopucci week - snapshot

(set in porn au)


The first time Pucci does it by accident. 

The video is eight long. It’s a selfie, or it was supposed to be. Pucci holds his thumb down a little too long, frowning as he realizes what he’s done. Then, in the background, Hol plantively whines out, “Nena, baby, I’m sorry-” 

“Shove it up your ass.” Nena retorts, getting another low whine from Hol. Pucci snorts softly and doesn’t stop the video, turning the phone slightly to get a better view of Nena and Hol over his shoulder as they fight in the living room. Hol is clutching his cowboy hat to his naked chest. Nena’s in a showgirl outfit. Clearly something went wrong during filming. 

“I told you, I forgot, baby, baby please, I’ll wash my dick next time-” Is about all Pucci captures before his face breaks and he lifts his thumb. He watches it with the volume turned low, and puts it on his story.

Nothing afterwards ever is an accident.

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