And once again it is 1:30 AM and I dint want to skeep because I will have to go to school tomorrow. Yeah so whatever heres me in that fire goddess dress

so i was sitting at starbucks with my frappucino in hand and this guy who’s my grandmas coworker finds me and sits next to me. he’s telling me about his work day and acting kinda flirty or smth and here i am, taking my mouth off my straw to respond when a string of spit trails down my chin like some gross toddler dribble. and this boy. THIS BOY JUST takes his nasty grubby little hand and wipes my chin and i swear to god that was the grossest interaction i have ever had with anybody. i immediately stood up and was like “i have a place to be” and when he asked if he could walk me there I said PLEASE DONT BYE

yes it’s here! r u a cool singing robot ?? then this net is for you !

network | application | badge


★ cool skype/line group to talk abt vocaloid memes

★ new followers ! bc u have to follow other members

★ new friends (including me,the irl nekomura iroha :D)

★ cool place on the cool vocakin net

★ what more u want ?? song recommendations


★ reblog this post to spread the word

★ be vocaloidkin duh

★ mbf me but read my before you follow first!

★ put the badge somewhere on your blog and link back to the net once you’re accepted 

★ it’s first come first serve for your kin. if they’re taken then you have to choose someone else :s

not sure when i’ll put an end date for this so it’s open untill there are enough members. Go go go !!

I was having a talk with an old crush (it died out a long time ago lol) and she told me that it was obv. When I had a crush on someone because I’d suddenly start bring brownies to school and sharing them. And I just found that nice to be noticed/remembered. 😄