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Me: *sees death threats and hate* Me:*KiCKS DOWN doOr Me: I am THE hoMie to Toy Bonnie the toy bunny ( again) And I DinT care If I knOw you Or not Ima Going to give a HUG! *tackles*

Gah- *hugs back*

Jungkook Scenario: Cinnamon Sweet.

Request: Hey can u make a story where a girl who works a a bakery make super good cake and someone from Bangtan buys it Jungkook like it and goes back to see who made it and it his old childhood crush and he ends up asking her out. If u got time Thx!😄

Genre. Fluff / Romance

There was so much silence at the dorm, it only helped to pick up his curiosity. He knew some of the boys had gone to Big Hit, but he also knew for a fact that Jimin, Taehyung and Seokjin had stayed behind, mostly because the two younger ones didn’t stop bickering at the living room while Jungkook was lying on his bed.
They’d stopped so suddenly and not even Jin was saying a single word, so Jungkook stood up slowly, ready to see what they were doing.

He opened his door as carefully as he could, peeking first into the proximities but finding no one, he headed to the living room which he found empty so being a little annoyed, Jungkook finally moved towards the kitchen.

His hyungs were there around the table, hovering over something Jungkook promptly found to be a cake because they were all taking bites from it.
He crossed his arms on top of his chest, that’s what the mystery was about, they were trying to sneakily eat it all without offering him a single bite.

-That’s no way to treat me – he said, making the others jump in their spots. They turned around startled, Taehyung still holding the treacherous spoon with a big piece of cake centimeters away from his face.

-Jungkookie! – Jimin chirped in and laughed, looking to the other boys for help

-Jungkookie anything, you were trying to eat all that cake by yourselves – he walked closer to the table, staring better at it. In all honesty, if he had a cake that looked as tasty as the one that was placed in the middle of them, he would try to eat it by himself too.

-We thought you were asleep – Jin said with a little smile and Jungkook hummed.

-You didn’t even bother to check –

He sat by Taehyung’s side, not bothering to take a spoon first and picked some of the cake’s cream with his fingertip.
When he put it into his mouth, it was the best one he’d had, the dark chocolate ganache was smooth and perfect with a hint of cinnamon and something else he couldn’t quite place but that tasted just as good.

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Long Loki Imagine... (Requested)

You recently moved to Asgard and you were coming to stay with Thor, Odin, Frigga and Loki. You were greeting the whole of the family but Loki. Loki was sitting on a golden painted chair in the corner of the room looking at you. He was watching your every move, He turned to Loki with a big smile and said “Hi”. Loki just looked at you with a smile and said “Hello” in return. He stood up and handed you a book. “As you have just moved here why don’t you read one of my favorite books.” He smiled again and left the room. Thor patted you on the shoulder with his massive, mighty hand “He likes you fair lady. No actually not like… But love. Yes lady (Y/N) he loves you!” Thor said with a great big smile on his face. “NO… NO I DO NOT!” Loki came rushing back in the room glaring at Thor and you. “I have just met her, you can’t expect me to lover her already!” he said more calmly. “What ever you say dear brother,” Thor replied in his booming voice, a smile still lying across his face. “I will prove it to you! I won’t speak to (Y/N) I wont even talk to her!” And with that Loki stormed out of the room.

It had been a year since Loki said them things. You did love Loki dearly. You read his book he gave to you again and again. You liked to imagine him reading it to you… whilst you berried you face into his chest. “(Y/N)!” you heard a booming voice calling you name… It must be Thor. “Whats the matter? Ever since you arrived you have been upset and unhappy.” “Well, Thor, I have always Loved Loki. And now he is practically gone I don’t know what to do?” You said with a tears in you eyes. “Don’t worry Lady (Y/N), I will come up with a plan! Meet me outside Loki’s room tonight!”

*You waited for Thor to arrive and he quickly gave you the details of the plan*

Your shaky hand knocked on Loki’s door. You heard a small come in. You pushed the door open and you saw Loki sitting down on his bed reading a book (like he normally does). “(Y/N)!” He said in a shocked voice “I didn’t expect you to be here!” “well i do live here…” You said in a nervous voice “I came back to return your book. I really loved it!” You said with a smile. Loki stood up and took the book from you. “I am glad to hear that! Would you like to discuses it?” you said yes in a happy voice and you sat down beside him in the bed. Suddenly Thor burst into the room and walked right up to you. He knelt down and kissed our hand. Your face was shocked and you looked across to Loki giving him a signal, showing him you didn’t like it. “Come on lady (Y/N)! Lets go for a walk” You stood up slowly and Thor garbed your hand and you stiffly moved to the door. “Wait! (Y/N)!” Loki called out behind you. “Do you actually want to go?” “Of course she does! Don’t be stupid dear brother! Besides I thought you dint care about her! Come on then,” Thor again pulled you closer to the door. “I DO LIKE HER!” Loki cried out. He graded you by the waist and planted a big passionate kiss on you lips. You put you fingers in his long black hair and played around with it. Your mouths parted. “ (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) I have always loved you right from the start. Please will you be mine?” You of course said yes. You both sat down on his bed. He opened up the book you returned to him and he began to read it to you. You berried your head into his chest listening to his voice…

*You thought to you self about how great Thor’s plan was and how you ‘owe’ him big time*

My Take On TVD 7x06

Overall - great episode. Good job Carline Dries. Credit where credit is due.

1.  The Flash Forward Scene.

Can we take a minute to appreciate Damon’s annoyance about Alaric being engaged to Caroline. He’s such a Steroline shipper. He’s in my screen irritated and channeling the emotions of every steroline shipper right now.

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I'm just gonna say fuck it and this summer ima buy some cute ass clothes and be who I want to. I dint even care anymore. If people treat me different then screw them