Soooo Disney flew me out to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago to work on a project and I am just now getting to uploading pictures and things. 

The trip was AMAZING and if I could upload all the pictures I have, it would just scroll on for miles so here it is condensed into easy viewing.

Day One: Arrived in Los Angeles and got an awesome tour of freaking Walt Disney Animation Studios!! It was all decked out with Big Hero 6 stuff and just ridiculously cool. I also got quick behind the scenes looks at other Disney departments like the Creative Campus, Consumer Products, and Marvel. 

But by far, the coolest thing was the fact that I got to meet BRITTNEY FREAKING LEE in the studios and she autographed my Frozen book!! She was the sweetest person with tiny, delicate hands, it was like meeting a Sugar Plum fairy :D

Day Two: Ok, I have to actually get to work now… In the most beautiful office on earth. Pictures do not do this place justice, Swedish people really are amazing at interior design. We had lunch on their lovely patio in perfect weather while hummingbirds flitted around making me feel like Pocahontas. You’ll be seeing what we were working on SOON!

Day Three: After a long, hard day of dreaming and doodling… it was time to go to DISNEYLAND! I’d never been before and and our Swedish work partners had never been either! I’ve been to Disney World in Florida dozens and dozens of times so it was truly incredible to come to a Disney Park and experience some place so familiar and so new. We all ran around like little kids, big eyes and even bigger bags of merchandise.

Day Four: No pictures for that day since we were just in the office the whole time, really focused and excited for our project. Though me and the copywriter did have a lovely night out on the town walking along the Pacific Coast, wishing we didn’t have to leave.

Over all, it was one of the best trips of my life. I am so immensely grateful to my boss for the opportunity to experience it all! Dream come true is an understatement.