dins pearl

30 Days of Zelda — Day 26

High atop this island’s peak lives the
spirit of the skies…a great dragon by the
name of Valoo.

You must see this dragon and request
from him a jewel called Din’s Pearl.

Ask the people of the Rito tribe who inhabit
this island about how to see the dragon. —
King of Red Lions

Valoo in a traditional japanese tattoo style!

Gunga Din

Hey guys. Am I the only one who thinks that Gunga Din is about that special period when Carl smashed his face in the bathroom?

“Woke up again, to my evil twin, that mirror is fucking ugly and I’m sick and tired of looking at him”

And then Pete screaming “What you’re doing you fucking idiot”, that’s the moment when he realises what’s happening.

Any thoughts, anyone?