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I have this headcanon that if Tsukishima ever has a kid, he'll get like everything dinosaur related, regardless of gender, to even like a little dinosaur onesie with a hood.

lmao omg he would

“hey sweetie are you ready to eat dinner?- WITH YOUR FUCKIGN DINOSUAR DINN ER SET???” “dad I’m 16″ “do you want dinner or not?”

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ㄨ *winks at you*

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Hiyas fabulous people, Kim here back with another fantabulous ootd! Now the story for this outfit was it was the last outfit I wore right before we got out to break and I was going to a conference for future leaders with amazing guess speakers so I tried to dress a bit professional yet keep some fun vibes going. With that in mind, let’s get down to the details!

Jacket: is from JCP, it’s a light wash thick denim vest with black leather sleeves and collar details blush brass buttons, size medium

Pants: dark wash denim jeans size 6 from sam’s club, a bit of a diy here and wear these jeans all the time because they are soooo comfy!

Boots: these are my cheetah print combat boots form JCP by Arizona, size 8 ½

Top: Just a simple black lace tank top I wear often too from Sam’s club size small

Jewelry: we have a disney watch hidden under my sleeve from Sears

-dinosuar ring from Claire’s and omg it opens its mouth too!

-Earrings are also from Claire’s and they are these metal rainbow spray painted spirals

-Necklace says “I Want Candy” with a holographic background foil and a couple gems on it, from Claire’s too

Hair: My natural loose curls left down

Makeup: bright pink lip gloss, purple eye shadow and black mascara, rose blush powder

Hope you enjoyed and as always I totally appreciate all the likes, comments and follows ^.^

-Kim <3

really old comcis r truly a gift

i mean pirates AND a dude wrestling dinosuars in the same issue?? amazing

I had a dream… asking my bio teacher what’s more unethical: creating clones, bringing the dead back to life, or recreating dinosuars, then my classmate slapped the back of my head… and now I have a headache.
Then had another dream of a live action Scooby-Doo but I forgot the plot… I remember that there were spades, hearts, diamonds, and clovers though.