Lounging around.

Urban Decay cosmetics re-vamped their entire eyeshadow collection with a new formula and new packaging. Unfortunately my favorite eyeshadow, Lounge, was discontinued. They also had a red eyeshadow called Gash that was discontinued last year.

They were like “Hey, use Roach and Loaded together!” and I was like “…No thanks.” Gash is now only a lipstick. I think UD should have red eyeshadow, because if you claim to be “Beauty with an edge”, then why the fuck do you not have red eyeshadow and a brown/teal duochrome eyeshadow.

I’m kind of upset by this. 

SO, I looked what seemed like everywhere for duplicates and then came across Glamour Doll Eyes.

Look at all the stuff they didn’t have to give you, but did anyway! 2 free samples, two business cards, a pamphlet of the products they sell, a card showing you how to put on the eyeshadow if you’re blown away by all the bright colors that you don’t know where to start, and a STICKER!

I ordered 4 sample jars that cost $2.50 each, for a total of $10 (which is the minimum amount you have to spend at the site).

GLORIOUS COLOR. Top to bottom: DinoSpotz (the duplicate I found for Lounge), My Belle, Lover’s Lane, Taylor.
I don’t need to point this out but I will anyway…Lover’s Lane and Taylor = RED EYESHADOW :’D  

Left to right: Lover’s Lane, Taylor, My Belle, Juicy Mango (free sample), Violent (not-so-violent free sample), DinoSpotz, Urban Decay’s Lounge (R.I.P.). I never understood why some beauty blogs post swatches with a flash. 

I mean, what’s the purpose in taking photos of a swatch with flash?

So there you go, spreading the word. Oh and by the way, most of GDE’s eyeshadows are vegan, such as the ones I ordered.

I still love Urban Decay, I just hate when my favorite eyeshadows are discontinued. *Le sigh*

Anyhow, head over to http://glamourdolleyes.com/ for more loveliness.

I wore Taylor and Lover’s Lane to work today. I felt like shit because I had a headache and a cough, but I looked hella good.