dinosaurs who love you


Why?? The fuck?? Is literally?? No one?? Acknowledging?? Kei’s character development?? Like?? TF?? 

 Literally he started as the biggest douche ever, hating everyone, thinking he’s better than everyone, thinking that volleyball is pointless or whatever and now he’s so much less of a douche I mean seriously 

 He high fives his teammates now, he congratulates Tadashi, he acknowledges his brother’s struggles, and he’s genuinely proud of his child hood friend He’s not the best at showing affection, yeah, but he’s such a sweetheart inside who loves dinosaurs and strawberries 

 Ughhh Why don’t you guys understand how much Kei has transformed??? His teammates are such a good influence on him, especially Tadashi UGHHH

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Harry Dresden vs Harry Potter

I have a friend who is obsessed with Harry Potter, to the point that any question I have she knows right away. I have a huge passion for Harry Dresden, the books, comics and the TV series are all mine. We always argue who is better and yet I always win with how Dresden rode a zombie T-Rex (she loves dinosaurs)

Who do you think is better and why? In your mind what makes your wizard named Harry better?