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Limitless - 1x13 - Stop Me Before I Hug Again

“The FBI has to catch bad guys, and sometimes it’s scary and we use scary words but…what else are we supposed to do?”

@Disney can you please explain to me why you didn’t make a tv series about the Robinson family? How did Spike and Dimitri join the family? Why the octopus butler? Why the trampoline hedge? How did Billie and Joe meet? Was the robot invented to babysit Wilbur? What’s with Fritz’ wife? DID THEY KEEP THE DINOSAUR?

that tv show dinosaurs from the 1990s is probably one of the most like……surreal and odd tv shows ive ever watched. its literally just a sitcom w/ anthropomorphic dinosaurs in some weird type of family sitcom setting where its like,  the wacky adventures of a nuclear dinosaur family and how they’re tackling the Topic of the Week

but it fucking ends w/ the father character Royally Fucking Up and causing an ice age to come and the series finale is literally “yeah i screwed up and kids you’re never gonna be able to grow up, we’re all gonna die sorry”

like what the FUCK even was that show