dinosaurs on a spaceship

Reasons Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is actually a great episode of Doctor Who

1. Lestrade, Filch, and Arthur Weasley
2. Queen Nefertiti
3. A surprising call out of gender politics
4. Dinosaurs. On a spaceship.
5. The Doctor getting all excited about making a Christmas list even though he’s over 1000 years old by this point.
6. Greed leads people to make terrible decisions
7. Fear leads people to make terrible decisions
8. Sassy robots
9. “I’m easily worth two men. You can help if you want.”
10. Did I mention the dinosaurs?

Also it’s written by Chris Chibnall, who is taking Steven Moffat’s place as showrunner after the 2017 Christmas Special. If this lighthearted yet powerful episode hints in any way at what is to come, I think that the future of Doctor Who is in good hands.