dinosaurs on a spaceship


Details on the first drafts of Chris Chibnall’s scripts for series 7 before editing, which are potentially the best looks we can get into what his version of Doctor Who will be like. I already quite enjoyed Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Power of Three (and Pond Life!), but these versions sound way better in many ways. NuWho novelizations when?!?

tbh what i think is the eighth doctor was just kissing grace like eleven kissed rory in dinosaurs on a spaceship. like there was absolutely nothing romantic about it. and then she asked him to “do that again” and he was like “ok” bc he doesn’t pick up on social cues at all. and the one at the end of the movie was definitely a platonic goodbye kiss to him.

basically what im saying is none of that romance made any sense and the eighth doctor is aromantic