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Jim Henson’s Godzillosaurs

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This is the final episode from Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs (1991-1994). In it, Earl does the bidding of his employer, Wesayso Corp, which involves eco-destruction after eco-destruction for profit. Earl gets more and more uncomfortable with it, but his employer doesn’t budge and Earl doesn’t revolt. By the end, Earl has brought about the Ice Age that leads to the end of all dinosaurs.

In the final scene Earl has to explain to Baby what he has done. It is a dark, sad, political end for a perky puppet family sitcom. It’s all the more eery because the lesson Earl learnt too late is the one today we still don’t get. The last line Earl says to Baby is:

“I’m sure it will all work out OK. After all, dinosaurs have been on this Earth for 150 million years. It’s not like we’re going to just… disappear.”