dinosaurs for kids

  • Big Hero 6: treats emotional trauma seriously, rather than brushing it off
  • The Good Dinosaur: assures kids that having fears and anxiety is okay but you need to control it and not have it ruin your life
  • Inside Out: explains emotions well enough for children's therapy offices to use it as an example
  • Zootopia: addresses racism in a family-friendly and easy to understand way, so much so that even adults understand it better
  • Frozen: teaches young girls that they don't always need a prince to save them, sometimes they can rely on their family just as much
  • Society: but they're just kids movies :/

This Christian mom’s tirade against dinosaurs just went viral

In case you thought the Internet couldn’t become any weirder, one parent is on a mission to make the dinosaurs go extinct … again. The mother’s protest has gone viral, garnering the world’s collective side-eye with a bizarre rant about dinosaurs that’s so weird it sounds like a hoax.

“At my children’s school, several children were left in tears after one of their classmates (who had evidently been exposed to dinosaurs), became bestially-minded and ran around the classroom roaring and pretending to be a dinosaur.”

But wait, it gets weirder.

I love how all the Anthro SuperHeroes have Favorite Foods they MUST HAVE 😂


Street Sharks🍔 Burgers

Biker Mice From Mars🌭Hot Dogs

Extreme Dinosaurs🌮 Mexican Food

No wonder I get weird cravings when I rewatch these haha

you guys ever wonder why some little kids are obsessed with dinosaurs? is it maybe because they were a dino in their past lives? because just imagine, learning in class that millions of years ago these ancient beasts walked the earth and suddenly theres just something so achingly familiar about these reptillian creatures. they’re just old souls in new bodies, finally able to walk the earth, and it feels like coming home again.

and let’s not forget the space kids. The ones who look at the up at the sky and they don’t know why but every time they look at the stars they feel homesick, like the stars are blinking out something only they can understand. and they like the sun but sometimes its hot, too hot for a spirit used to the coldness of space. but they know that if they look hard enough into the sky, when the air is clear and the stars are bright they can make out the words ‘you are stardust’, and the light that they are made of is bright again

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