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Dinosaurs in motion exhibit, Museum of Science and Industry, Jacksonville

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Scattered around the shore of, on the islands of, and even in the Crystal Palace lake, is a collection of large, strange-looking concrete statues. In 1853, with the relocation of the Crystal Palace building from Hyde Park to Sydenham Hill, extensive remodelling of the surrounding land was underway. As part of this, the artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins was commissioned to build life-sized models of extinct animals.

Originally planning to create sculptures of just mammals, Hawkins later joined with palaeontologist Sir Richard Owen to also build models of dinosaurs, to educate visitors in this relatively new field of study (the word dinosaur had only been coined 11 years earlier by Owen). The models included creatures from a wide range of eras, with Dicynodonts, Ichthyosaurs, Iguanodons, a Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurs, a Megalosaurus, Irish Elk, and a Megatherium among those on display, as well as a model limestone cliff to illustrate how fossils were dated at the time.

When made, the sculptures were designed to the latest scientific knowledge – but given the lack of fossil evidence available for some of the creatures, some are hilariously wrong by modern standards. Iguanodon is depicted as an obese, quadrupedal version of its namesake, with a large horn on its nose – nowadays the dinosaur is known to have been bipedal, the nose horn actually a thumb spike.

The statues were in poorly looked after for many years, first overgrown by vegetation, then the mammals in particular were damaged by wear and tear after some were moved following a restoration in the 1950s. In 2007 the sculptures became Grade 1 listed, and a programme of restoration is underway, to bring the statues back to their full, scientifically inaccurate glory.


American Museum of Natural History, Part 10: The Birds are Dinosaurs Exhibit, part 7: 

M A X I M U M   O V E R P O O F

To be completely honest, even though the Tianyulong had pronated hands, that was 100% made up for by the fact that this is the most fluffy thing I’ve ever seen

Like. They didn’t have to fluff it up that much. You can get away with less poof on Tianyulong, based on the fossil. But they went all out. They did not pull any punches. That thing is the Overfloofin. 

I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t mention Kulindadromeus (even though they had time to add in a bit on Yi qi, which was named after Kulinda was), since Kulindadromeus had clearer evidence that these were more likely to be protofeathers rather than just some non-homologous quill thing than Tianyulong had, but, still. 



State Museum of Natural History, Karlsruhe, Germany - Part 1

I was so glad, that friends of mine invited me to visit with them the museum in Karlsruhe, which I had not seen before. Here, we are in the Atrium where some models of feathered, non-avian dinosaurs are housed alongside with a large Quetzalcoatlus model flying ahead of you.

There’s a museum with a dinosaur exhibit in Toronto? Hell yeah, I’m going.

Hopefully this will not turn out like the Smithsonian, where I was telling my mom about the early plant fossils they had on exhibit, turned around, and found out I had a group of about 10 tourists following me thinking I was a docent. Or the time at that museum in Chicago with the really outdated geology exhibit that I started complaining about and wound up being followed around by several other museum patrons just so they could hear my snarky commentary. Or the time one of the security guards got his buddy to relieve him so he could listen to me explain the gemstones on display because what I was saying was much more entertaining that the normal museum tours.

Maybe it’s just as well I’ll be going there alone.

Iguanodon might be extinct but he still believes in you ✨👍✨

Yesterday I went to the Natural History Museum and in the dinosaur exhibit they’ve got an Iguanodon hand on display that’s frozen in an eternal thumbs-up. This design is now available as a sticker (and many other cool items) on my RedBubble (follow the masterlist link below or search ‘jammyscribbler’ on RB, if I put a link in the post it’ll prevent it from showing up in searches)

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Dinosaur exhibit in South Dakota’s Black Hills

So I work at the Columbus zoo, which recently opened a dinosaur exhibit. What do you think of this Utahraptor?

Yay feathers! It certainly looks a whole lot better than most dinosaur statues/animatronics you see at zoos. I can’t really see well enough from this picture, but it actually looks pretty much a-ok.

The Littlest Winchester - Guide You Safely Through

Character: Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 820

Prompt: Could you hold my hand?

Tagging: @mitramooney @amy-de-l-abc


    The dinosaurs are not quite how Castiel remembers them. For one thing, many of them are smaller than they really were, and some are oddly disproportionate. You can only do so well when you’re limited by fifteen-foot ceilings. The colors are also inaccurate; they’ve been painted the way humans imagine they’d look. Their roars, growls, chirps, and clicks, though similar to the real things, sound tinny and canned, piped through camouflaged speakers somewhere behind them and timed to match their movements. To the angel, the velociraptors have been the most authentic so far. These animals are fake, made from rubber stretched over a metal frame to create a robotic dinosaur complete with glass eyes and sharp teeth. They can move their tails, bend their necks, tilt their heads, bite down, and even blink, but once you’ve seen them in real life, these renderings aren’t all that impressive. At least the time and creativity put into bringing the lizards to life helps make up for what they lack in intimidation.

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Mabel, Stan, and Ford sees Dipper with his boyfriend Bill one day, and they get overly protective because Dipper is innocent and precious to them.

The best way to spend a day with Bill was to find something that the blond couldn’t destroy. Dipper had a hard time doing it when they first met, looking endlessly for places that his rowdy classmate turned boyfriend couldn’t get into too much trouble.

At first, it was the museum, a place that Dipper had hoped Bill would be too focused on to disrupt. It worked for a little while -Bill loved dinosaurs and that exhibit went well- but as soon as it got “boring” his boyfriend tried to climb on some of the sculptures, and in the end, they were kicked out.

He then tried to bring Bill to a much more open, less policed place. The woods. Which also went well, up until Bill got lost. For hours. Luckily Dipper ran into him on his way out and didn’t have to enlist the cops or townsfolk for help finding him.

Bill insisted that he had meant to wander off, but Dipper didn’t buy it for a second.

A few other places failed to keep the blond out of trouble, but Dipper was determined to make something work. One of the few places he hadn’t tried yet, one of the last ones he could even think of, was the park.

They met there after school, Dipper being sure to get there first to scout it out and make sure there wasn’t anything or anyone there that might make Bill rambunctious.

It seemed quiet enough. Little to no wind, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot, and there weren’t many people out despite the nice weather. There was no way Bill could get into trouble there.

Dipper sat on a bench under a tree, waiting patiently for the blond to arrive. He hoped it wouldn’t take him too long because Dipper hadn’t brought a book or anything to keep him entertained.

After a few more minutes of waiting, just before Dipper was about to pull his phone out to call Bill, the blond’s face was suddenly in front of his, upside down.

“Heya Pine Tree, how’s it hanging?” he shouted.

Dipper jumped back and pressed himself against the back of the bench, his face scrunched in anger. “Don’t scare me like that!”

Bill let his arms dangle loosely while his legs stayed tightly hooked on the branch above them, a large, goofy smile on his face. “You’re not going to Spiderman kiss me? After all this work of climbing up the tree. I’m offended.” In a smooth motion, Bill lifted his upper body just enough to grab the branch, righting himself so that he could drop out of the tree onto his feet.

Scowling, Dipper relaxed again and crossed his arms, watching the blond fix his upright hair. “Kissing is for boyfriends who don’t scare the crap out of their significant other.”

With a shrug, Bill joined Dipper on the bench and wrapped his arm around the brunet’s shoulders. “I can just steal one, then.” Tightening his grip, Bill tried to pull Dipper closer for a kiss.

Dipper resisted and laughed, knowing that Bill wanted to play fight. That was at least something that wouldn’t get them into trouble.

Or so he thought.

The two fell to the ground while laughing, their arms locked in a struggle. Neither of them actually tried very hard to pin the other until Bill was winning, straddling Dipper while he held the brunet down by the shoulder.

“Any last words, Pines?” He smiled and lifted his fist as if he were going to punch Dipper in the face, but Dipper knew all too well that when Bill did that, it only meant that the blond was about to lightly hold his face in place so that he could kiss him.

A loud gasp made them both look to the side, seeing that Mabel and the Stans were rushing over out of the car from the lot nearby.

“Dipper! Oh my gosh! I knew you not coming home on time meant trouble!” Mabel looked ready to rush Bill, but the blond lazily rolled off of Dipper and seemed indifferent to the Pines’ shocked faces.

“So you came looking for me? I thought I texted you,” Dipper grumbled as he stood up. His family didn’t exactly like that he was dating Bill. They knew that the blond was destructive and had a bad reputation, and it was often that Mabel and Ford told him that he should probably keep his distance.

Stan never seemed to mind, though he looked ready to kill Bill after having just witnessed what looked like the blond trying to beat Dipper to a pulp.

“Of course I came looking, Dipdip! We’ve had to come get you before because of…” Her eyes shifted to Bill and the blond tilted his head, his neutral expression turning into a confused one.

“Because of me?” Bill crossed his arms, looking to Dipper. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Ford.

“Well, yes because of you,” Ford grumbled. “You get Dipper into trouble all the time. He’s a good kid, and you’re more often than not pulling him down with you.”

“Bill isn’t pulling me down,” Dipper snapped. He took a deep breath and rubbed both hands over his face. He had had this fight with them too many times to count. “Look, just- Go home. I’ll be home later, alright? I’m not in any trouble, and it’s fine.”

“But-” Mabel started.

“No, I don’t want to talk to you right now. I want to have my date with Bill.” He turned around and folded his arms in a huff, not moving until his family had gone back to the car and left, knowing that they wouldn’t win the fight.

Once the Stan Mobile could no longer be heard, Dipper finally relaxed and looked to Bill.

The blond’s smile had gone, replaced by a frown. He kept his gaze on the ground and didn’t look at Dipper when the brunet sighed.

“Bill, they’ll come around, they just think-”

“Am I that bad?” Bill finally looked up to Dipper, his eyes glistening with tears that hadn’t yet fallen.

“No, no, Bill, you’re not bad.” Pulling Bill into a hug, Dipper hugged him tightly and rubbed his face against the black hoodie Bill always wore. “They just think that. You’re a good person. You just get…excited sometimes, and society doesn’t always like that. But guess what?” He pulled his face away from Bill’s chest so that he could look him in the eyes.

“What?” Bill finally returned the hug, his smile already slowly coming back thanks to the hug.

“I do. I love it. It’s exciting and fun, and I don’t think I would be as happy with anyone else.” He pulled an arm in between them to tap on his lips. “Want that kiss now?”

Bill’s smile returned in full force, his light blue eyes still sparkling in the sun. “Hell yeah! Can we do it upside down, though? I kind of really actually wanted to do the Spiderman kiss.”

Laughing, Dipper released his hold on Bill and motioned to the tree. “Go ahead then, Spiderman.”

Once Bill was back into place for the kiss, he made grabby hands at Dipper. “Come to me, my Mary Jane.”

The kiss was horribly awkward. Even when tilting their heads they couldn’t exactly makeout properly, but it was okay. Dipper didn’t mind it because he was happy. Happy that he found a place where they would be fine so long as his family stayed out of it until they came to terms with Bill, and happy that he had the blond in his life.

Without him, things just wouldn’t be as fun, and he didn’t ever want to let that go.

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"It's not a double date, we're just third and fourth wheeling." (Prinxiety and Logicality) Also your blog is my fav and makes me so happy TYSM ❤

Awwww, I love you so much. It means the world to hear that from you. I hope you like the fic. Sorry it’s a bit late, finals.

“I’m so happy you guys decided to come with us!” Morality beamed. “I’ve always wanted to go on a double date!”

“Woah, woah, woah” Anxiety said, “This is not a double date, okay. Prince and I are just third and fourth wheeling, that’s all.”

“He’s right,” Prince chimed in, “I only came along because I heard they had a new section on dinosaurs in the museum, and you know I love dinosaurs. They’re the closest thing the real world has to dragons. I have no idea why he’s here though.”

Anxiety scowled. Just because he was little darker than the rest of the sides didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy a trip to the museum. Although he supposed the exhibit he was here to check out was a little grim.

“I,” he said, still glaring at Prince, “am going to check out the skull exhibit. On my own, because this is not a double date” He stared extra hard at Morality after his last sentence, to make sure the other side understood.

Prince rolled his eyes. “You really can’t go one hour without being an emo nightmare, can you?” he said exasperatedly. “Of course you’re going to see the skulls.”

“Well to be be fair, it is a fascinating exhibit,” Logic piped up. “This museum has almost 200 skulls.”

“I love all the interactive displays,” Morality announced cheerfully, “that’s always my favorite part of the science museum.”

“Yes, you always seem to enjoy yourself quite thoroughly there.“ Logic smiled at Morality fondly, “And I do enjoy watching you enjoy them.”

“Right, okay,” Anxiety broke in. “Look, I’m just going to go before this gets any more sappy. We’ll meet up at the car when the museum closes, good? Great.”

He turned around and started walking to the skull exhibit before anyone actually had time to reply. But for some reason, he could still hear footsteps coming from right behind him. He whirled around. It was Princey.

“Why are you following me?” he demanded, glaring up at the royal.

Prince looked indignant. “I am not following you,” he insisted. “However, this also happens to be the way to the dinosaur exhibit. We’re just sharing the corridor that’s all.”

“Fine,” Anxiety grumbled. He continued walking and Prince fell into step beside him. It didn’t take long for Prince to break the silence.

“Alright so I have to ask…”

“You really don’t, but sure continue”

Prince kept talking like he hadn’t heard Anxiety’s muttering, “Why skulls? I mean get you have that whole goth aesthetic going on, but don’t you think this is taking it too far.”

Anxiety sighed. “Look I don’t like them just because of my aesthetic. It’s just… it’s kind of amazing to me that even long after things are gone, people, animals, we can still learn so much from what’s left behind. Gives me hope that maybe we’ll end up meaning something after all, even if it’s only our bones. I like fossils for the same reason.”

Prince had actually stopped walking to look at him.

“What?” Anxiety asked defensively, his shoulders hunching up.

“Oh, nothing!” Prince said, still staring, “I was just surprised. I mean that was a really interesting answer, still incredibly depressing of course, but I just didn’t expect that.”

He paused for a moment, “Also, you like fossils?”

“Yeah, what of it?” Anxiety said, raising an eyebrow.

Prince cleared his throat. “Well,” he began, “as it happens, I too like fossils. And I happen to know that there is a very nice fossil exhibit here. It has some great dinosaur fossils, which I’m sure include skulls. I- Perhaps, you’d like to check it with me.”

Anxiety stared at him suspiciously. ‘This isn’t a date,” he said flatly.

“No, of course not,” Prince said quickly. “Just two friends partaking in a similar interest.”

Anxiety stared at him a moment longer. “Fine,” he finally said, moving forwards once more. “But we’re going to the skull exhibit first.”

He heard Prince sigh behind him. “Well, if you insist.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the museum, Logan watched fondly as Morality worked at one of the interactive machines, supposedly attempting to “fly”. He didn’t seem to be very good at it, but no one would be able to tell just from looking at the smile on his face.

“Logan,” he called out, “Come over here and put that big brain of yours to use so we can figure this out.”

Logan allowed a small smile to cross his face as he strode forward. “Of course,” he said. “It can’t be too complicated.”

“Great,” Morality said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “Oh! After this I thought we could check out the space exhibit.”

Logan’s smile grew a bit wider. “That would be more that satisfactory,” he assured his boyfriend.

Morality just grinned at him. They spent the next few minutes figuring out the machine, but between the two of them, they soon got the hang of it.

As they walked to the next exhibit, Morality spoke up. “You know I wonder how Anxiety and Roman are doing?” he said thoughtfully. “They spilt up from us so quickly earlier.”

“Well if you wanted, we could check on them,” Logan suggested. “It would only be a quick detour, both the exhibits they planned to peruse are right next to each other.”

“You don’t mind?” Morality asked a bit sheepishly. “I just get a bit worried about those two sometimes.”

“Not at all,” Logan assured him. “And when it comes to those two, better safe than sorry.”

Tugging on Morality’s arm, he quickly corrected their course to make their way to the skull room, but before they’d made it there. Morality stopped them.

“Look, I think I found them,” he said, pointing through the door of the fossil exhibit.

And sure enough the two of them were there, standing rather close together as they peered into the same display case.

“Awww,” Morality said, ”Looks like this really was a double date.”

Logan chuckled. “Just don’t tell them that,” he advised.

“Fair enough,” Morality agreed. “Now, to the space exhibit?”

“To the space exhibit.“


American Museum of Natural History, Part 4: The Birds are Dinosaurs Exhibit, part 1: Chickenparrot Models

I took a lot of photos of the “Dinosaurs Among Us” Exhibit for obvious reasons. Those obvious reasons are:

1. Thank god this exits 
2. I cried. I openly wept when I went through this. And I went through it three times. I openly wept each time. 

Anyways here’s part one: Chickenparrot Models. @bruh-i-nevre-seen-a-cooler-dino

SanversWeek Day 2- Nerd Girlfriends

I promised dinosaurs…

Alex ducked under the yellow NCPD tape and flashed her FBI credentials at the officer standing guard. He nodded and pointed down the hallway towards the rare gem exhibition, indicating where Alex would find the crime scene.

Alex headed down the hallway, only stopping momentarily to look up at the huge skylight that marked the centre of the Natural History Museum. She had loved visiting National City as a kid and was always begging her parents to take her back to the museum; when she had moved to National City, she had found a comfort in wandering the halls and revisiting some of the exhibitions that had captivated her so much as a kid.

She walked into the rare gem room and saw her girlfriend crouched down examining some broken glass. Alex pulled out her phone as it buzzed in her pocket and a message from Winn lit up the screen;

Valtrax. Likes shiny things. Think Smaug!

Maggie spotted Alex and stood upright, slightly surprised to see her girlfriend walking towards her.

‘Agent Danvers!’ she greeted, while waiting for Alex to come close enough to speak quietly, ‘if you’re here, I’m guessing it was definitely an alien assailant?’

‘Valtrax’ Alex confirmed, ‘Do you know what was taken?’

‘The largest sapphire in the world… currently on loan from London.’

‘That fits’ Alex mused, ‘Valtrax are hoarders- the sapphire would be ideal…’

Alex’s phone buzzed again.

‘Winn is tracking the Valtrax… ’ she informed Maggie, ‘says he should hopefully have tracked it down by the time we’re back at the DEO.’

Maggie nodded and beckoned one of the officers over, instructing him to finish bagging up the evidence and head back to the precinct.

‘It’s a shame we don’t have time to stick around’ Maggie lamented, ‘I love the Dinosaur Exhibition! My Aunt used to bring me all of the time after I moved in with her… it was my form of escape, getting to look at these bones that are older than I could even begin to comprehend.’

‘Nerd’ Alex chucked as she bumped her shoulder into Maggie’s.

‘Takes one to know one Danvers…’

Back at the DEO Alex’s eyes went wide as Supergirl opened the case that contained the sapphire carefully in front of J’onn, having placed the Valtrax down in containment for the time being.

‘Woah…’ Winn breathed out.

‘Yeah…’ Maggie responded, nudging Winn’s shoulder, ‘I know they say size doesn’t matter… but…’

They both started giggling.

‘We need to get this back to the Natural History Museum ASAP’ J’onn stated, looking at Kara, pointedly ignoring Winn and Maggie.

Kara nodded, locked the case and headed towards the balcony to fly over to the other side of National City.

‘Hang on!’ Winn yelled out, typing furiously as he zoomed in on the map on his screen, ‘bank robbery on Fifth and Weston…’

‘I’ll return the sapphire’ Alex offered, ‘you sort the robbery.’

Kara nodded and headed off with Winn giving her directions in her ear.

‘Meet you back at ours, I’ll pick up a Pizza for dinner’ Alex kissed Maggie and headed down to the basement to retrieve her bike.

‘Thank you so much Agent Danvers’ the Curator said gratefully, ‘please let me know if there’s anything I can ever do for you…’

Alex smiled, a plan forming in her mind, ‘actually, there is…’

That weekend Alex lead Maggie up to the side entrance of the Natural History Museum and took a key out of her pocket. She unlocked the door and let them both in.

‘How..?’ Maggie asked, ‘the museum closed hours ago…’

‘The Curator asked if there was anything he could do for me after I returned the sapphire, so I asked if an FBI Agent and NCPD Detective would be allowed in after hours…’

Alex took Maggie by the hand and lead her into the Museum, past the Insect Exhibition and the Natural Disasters Exhibition. Based on the route, Maggie had a feeling she knew where they were heading, but was content to let her girlfriend lead the way.

Sure enough, Alex came to a stop in front of the entrance to the Dinosaur bone room, the excitement evident on her face. She gently pushed Maggie through the door, gesturing for her to walk around

Maggie started wandering through the exhibits, the look of wonder never leaving her face. She stopped in front of a case that housed the femur of a T Rex.

‘Tell me about it’ Alex whispered in Maggie’s ear as she wrapped her arms round Maggie’s waist from behind.

‘Despite it’s size, the T-Rex doesn’t even hit the top fifteen of the largest dinosaurs to ever walk the Earth’ Maggie grinned, ‘plus they had exceptionally good eyesight.’

She pulled Alex by the hand over to the Triceratops skull, ‘this one is my favourite; mainly because it was the least likely to eat me due to being a herbivore…’

‘Practical’ Alex chuckled.

They continued to wander through the exhibits, Maggie occasionally interjecting her own facts; ‘Did you know the Stegosaurus had a brain the size of a walnut; only 3 centimetres long and weighing 75 grams?’ Until they walked through a set of doors into a giant glass ceilinged room.

‘Is that?’ Maggie gasped.

Alex nodded.

Maggie just stared at the monstrosity in front of her before launching herself into Alex’s arms.

‘How did you know? The exhibition isn’t supposed to be open to the public until next week!’

‘The Curator told me and said we were free to come in here is we wanted’ Alex grinned.

Maggie started slowing circling the giant skeleton in awe, ‘I always wanted to visit Chicago when I was younger to see her…’

‘Her?’ Alex questioned.

‘Her name is Sue, after the palaeontologist who discovered her’ Maggie explained, ‘she’s the best preserved T-Rex ever found and is also one of the most complete. She’s beautiful…’

Alex smiled and couldn’t wait to tell Maggie the final part of her surprise.

‘I guess we should head off’ Maggie said sadly as she entwined her fingers with Alex’s, ‘thank you so much for this, I loved it.’

Alex just placed the duffel bag she had been carrying down and opened it. Without saying anything to Maggie she pulled out a rolled up air mattress, a foot pump and a double sleeping bag.

‘We get to spend the night…’

‘No way!’ Maggie yelled excitedly, ‘this is making all of fifteen year old me’s dreams come true!’


‘Takes one to know one Danvers’