She died loading the dishwasher. January 2nd, a Thursday. I was five. We were in the yellow house on Potsdamer Platz. This was when Pops was stationed in Germany. I’m in half pants and a dinosaur shirt playing with Silly Putty on the floor. Remember how you could press it into the funnies in the newspaper and make a copy? 9:15 in the morning. It was raining. Then it stopped and the sun came out… 

Smells like summer- Early Hours
Snap out of it- Arctic Monkeys
My type- Saint Motel
Shut up and dance- WALK THE MOON
Always- Last Dinosaurs
T shirt weather- Circa Waves
Golden- Parade of Lights
Girls- The 1975
Alright- Supergrass
Electric love- BØRNS
Where the hell are my friends- LANY
What you know- Two Door Cinema Club
Helena beat- Foster The People
Suicide saturday- Hippo Campus
I’m good- The Mowgli’s
Spaceman- The Killers
My body- Young The Giant
All those friendly people- Funeral Suits
My number- Foals
Molecules- Atlas Genius
Sometimes- Miami Horror
High- Young Rising Sons
Drag queen- The Strokes
Oceans- Coasts
Breathe life- Jack Garratt
Mountain sound- Of Monsters And Men
Tongue Tied- Grouplove
Electric feel- MGMT
We exist- Arcade Fire
Cry baby- The Neighbourhood
Fallout- Catfish And The Bottlemen
Beware the dog- The Griswolds
Classic- The Knocks ft. POWERS
Lifted up (1985)- Passion Pit
Do you- Spoon
Are we electric- The Kooks
Give me a try- The Wombats
Bullet- Franz Ferdinand
Sun shy- Dresses
Lonely boy- The Black Keys
Never come down- Brave Shores
Good grief- Bastille

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Okay but the batboys decide to prank bruce by all wearing matching "Daddy's little ____" shirts in hideous pastels and going out in public with him because in their mind (specifically Dick, Dami's not too happy about it) it's hilarious. Dick's is "daddy's little sunshine", jason's is "daddy's little rebel, tim's is "daddy's little genius", and damian's is "daddy's little demon". Pictures of the 5 end up on magazine covers and now they're all embarrassed. The league won't let them ever forget it

no but wait duke leaning over to bruce and whispering behind his hand, “do you think they know how bad they look in pastel? peach isn’t dick’s color”

whenever they make a horrible fashion choice, duke just sends bruce a picture and a string of emojis. bruce has to try not to laugh in the middle of a meeting because he knows that it’s duke, sending him pictures of damian’s tiger print shirt and keysmashing. cass is wearing a “rawr means i love you in dinosaur” shirt, and duke’s losing it. nobody understands why bruce keeps hiding his head in his hands, it’s because duke sent him a picture of jason in an ed hardy flames t-shirt and guy fieri with the caption “this spot the difference is really hard”


Shirts Don’t Lie series

Inspired by tumblr aesthetics posts and I also went out of the house on my own last Friday and I saw this woman wearing a shirt with a cat flipping the birb and I totally went, “I NEED THAT”. ((Yes, I can’t shade, aaayy lmao))

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Ask the artist : 5, 6 and 11, please.

5. What is your favorite piece that you have done in 2017 so far and why?

This one (incidentally also my current blog header picture):

It was wonderful thing to work on, from start to finish. Even now, though I can spot some flaws in it (hmm…something about Zayn’s face don’t seem quite right if I tilt my head to look, hahaha), I still have the same fuzzy, warm feeling in heart looking at it as I did when I first had the inspiration of Zayn meeting the dinosaur on his shirt. Distilling everything into a single tender moment - that was creatively challenging, and emotionally rewarding. I am proud of the composition and especially the colors - coloring is my cursed weakness, but here, in a rare moment, the color scheme actually worked to be cohesive and engaging! 

A close runner-up would be the drawing I did for Harry’s birthday, where he wears the Spaceboy jacket, and is on a Le Petit Prince-styled planet with a Space Frog. It strikes the same combination of whimsy and warm but not overwhelming colors as this dino drawing.

A special mention must be made for my Octopayne and Zayntaur comic, which has a special place in my heart. It’s bittersweet, you know? It makes me miss ziam interacting. It’s hard for me to let go of them, but the sadness also makes it hard for me do the characters based on them justice. But I feel so much fond drawing them though - they brought me some of my happiest days in my fandom stint.

6. What is your least favorite piece that you have done in 2017 so far and why?

Uhh I will have to go with this one, and I think you’ll understand immediately:

When I first drew it, I thought it was an amusing joke, but who would have thought Liam would actually live up to it? I “hate” it because it cursed me! 

(Also, on the technical side, I colored this drawing on a different computer than I normally do, whose different screen configuration threw my coloring off. Liam’s skin ended up oddly more olive-toned and less vibrant than in other drawings. Moral of story: don’t switch devices/computers for art!

11. Is there a One Direction member you can draw very easily?

Now that would be Zayn! I feel at ease drawing with him without reference photos, and those for not just cartooning but also realistic drawings. His features are just so very real-life manga, and is forgiving in my style. Louis comes in at second - as long as I get the jawline and arched eyebrows right, everything else falls into place. Nowadays I’ve gotten a lot more practice with Harry, so I am a bit more confident with him too!

As for Liam and Niall, it always takes a couple of tries for me to get things the way I want them to be. Particularly Liam - I am under the curse of Madam Tussaud’s Wax Figure Liam, forever and always, it seems.

Thank you for asking me! 

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