• Veronica: You know, I-I don't want to shoot anybody.
  • JD: They're just robots, Veronica. It's okay to shoot them. They're just robots.
  • Veronica shoots a guard in the leg.
  • Another guard: GLEN IS BLEEDING TO DEATH! Someone call his wife and children!
  • Veronica: They're not robots, JD!
  • JD: It's a figure of speech, Veronica. They're bureaucrats. I don't respect them.

Inktober #21

I think someone asked for dinosaur celebrations?

Firedances are celebrations held in the autumn/early winter, when the nights get longer and the weather turns cold, involving dancing, dashing and jumping around a bonfire before retreating to cook and eat a feast on its embers. 

There’s a story about an ancient hero figure, who felt sorry for the Singing People who had to live in the dark, cold winter without light and warmth, and went on to steal fire to gift it to them, ending in the first Firedances.

(Also singing, but you know, they’re called the “Singing People”, so that one’s kind of a given.)

wtf you guys

you all like my random picture of a carousel dromaseosaur 1,000′s of times more than my actual content, and it makes me so… well…


so, yeah. no change. carry on.

and yes, i know the carousel dromaeosaur still lags behind current paleontological practice with its emaciated face and pronated hands. but hey, it had feathers. i expected a tail-dragging chimaerical megalosaur monstrosity with green bumpy scales and an OG iguanodon nose horn.

lower. your ex. pectations.


November on Lioden is coming, and with the shamans able to restore miniaturized animals from african fossils, we have finished 4 new decors for 2018 event! Can you guess what extinct species they are? Hint: African species only!

When they’re all properly guessed I think could reveal them… or just wait until wardrobe shows them ;D



This Styracosaurus-like Rahi is named for its likelihood to fill its spikes with blood since Matoran paleontologists discovered that this ceratopsian Rahi’s fossils had transparent spikes on its frill and back.

The Blood-Spike’s fossils were discovered in what is now the desert region of the recently destroyed Archoko, a landmass that was directly part of and above Zakara. Because of its popularity in Archoko for being discovered there, most skeleton models and information for said ceratopsian Rahi are gone. Luckily, there is still some written information and a few skeleton models left in Zakara.

Matoran paleontologists in both Archoko and Zakara have theorized that the numerous spikes and horns were most likely for defense against opponents like predators or other Blood-Spikes.

Paleontologists have also theorized that their spikes must be made of an indestructible glass since their spikes were preserved in their fossils. So far, their glass cannot be accurately recreated in models since Matoran have yet to discover how to make indestructible glass.

The Blood-Spike is named because Matoran paleontologists have theorized that they can fill their glass spikes with blood as a warning signal if the leader of the herd sees a predator or an opponent Blood-Spike.

Facts that Matoran do not currently know about:

The Matoran were right that their blood is meant to fill their spikes if they see a predator/opponent Blood-Spike, but they were incorrect about their spikes being made of glass. Their spikes are made from a type of hard mineral that CAN be destroyed with enough force.

They were desert dinosaur Rahi, so they did not need much water and their colors matched sand and rocks. Their blood control will help with their thermal homeostasis in said deserts as well, like keeping them cool.

They showed up a few million years prior to their Geoceratops cousins in the Late Second Phase, and are also slightly smaller than said Earth dinosaur Rahi.


They do not have a population range map because no Matoran knows what the Second Phase of Terra-Magna really looked like.

Lifespan: 20,000-25,000 years

Diet: Herbivore (Cacti and some minerals)

Conservation Status: Extinct


Shared a table with @chuppicreations at a local festival yesterday.  Most of our stock is leftover.  My etsy shop has been updated with most of what is available (dinos, octopuses, one foozle, and the tiger tsum still need pictures taken and have not been added to the shop).  The left side of the table is all my plush and most of the right side is by @chuppicreations (minus the frogs, fox, dragon and one bat).  Be sure to check out her stuff as well!  She will be updating her etsy with available plush soon.


Alright, alright, JE-sus. LET’S GET ON WITH IT. I don’t even know what’s going on in this comic book anymore. The Fallen Angels go to some alien party?? But really they’re kidnapped by a bunch of aliens that want to steal their mutated genetic code because their own alien race has lost the ability to mutate and evolve? I think I saw a TNG episode just like this once. ANYWAY this series is completely uninteresting and I think I’m just going to skip to the end and get it over with. PS Dumb Marvel editors: Bill the blue mutant lobster got stepped on by Devil Dinosaur and KILLED 3 issues ago!!! Get your shit together just cause I’m bored doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention!!! (Fallen Angels #7 – Oct 1987)