I’ve got some medical bills upcoming, so although I’ll be sorry to see it go, I’m going to be selling my Deinonychus plushie.

“Feather Girl” is about two feet from snout to tail tip, and is entirely hand-sewn from my original pattern in four different colors of faux fur with beanies so she sits up nicely. Her custom painted eyes have a following effect, which is pretty neat - she’s looking at you no matter where you stand!

If you’re interested, I’m going to keep the bidding going until Weds., 26 October. I’d like at least $50 for her (shipping will be from Cape Town, South Africa) and you can put in a bid by emailing me at viergacht@gmail.com (please put “dinosaur bid” in the subject line).

Thanks for looking!

Koutalisaurus koherorum

By José Carlos Cortés on @ryuukibart

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Name: Koutalisaurus kohlerorum

Name Meaning: Spoon Reptile

First Described: 2006

Described By: Prieto-Márquez et al.

Classification: Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Genasauria, Neornithischia, Cerapoda, Ornithopoda, Iguanodontia, Dryomorpha, Ankylopollexia, Styracosterna, Hadrosauriformes, Hadrosauroidea, Hadrosauridae, Lambeosaurinae, “Cristohadria”, Tsintaosaurini

Koutalisaurus is a poorly known genus of Hadrosaurid from the Tremp Formation near Lleida, Spain. It lived in the Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous, approximately 66 million years ago. It is known from a portion of the jaw, which is very long and has a toothless portion where the beak would have been attached, which was bent down fairly dramatically, giving its jawa  spoon like shape. It would have been a fairly small hadrosaur, and it is thought to have been closely related to the Tsintaosaurs, though this is relatively uncertain. 



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anonymous asked:

Hi - I've become recently interested in the 100 Days of Productivity challenge. I was just wondering; how much work do you consider a productive day? Do you measure by time, or by how many pages you've written/read, etc...? I'd be interested to see what any of your followers think, too, if they want to chip in!

Hey hey! 

Most of the time for me it’s a productive day when I work on my homework/ study for more than two hours a day. And this week it’s holiday so i work on my schoolstuff for like 6+ hours. And on schooldays i work around 2+ hours on my schoolwork. So yes, i measure it by time, but also with the tasks i have to do. For example if I work very hard on friday, so i have to work less than two hours on saturday but still complete my to do list, it is also a productive day. 

The first time i was doing the challenge (this is my second time) i used it to motivate myself for doing a productive thing every day. So I used it more for like building a habit. 

Interesting question! I’m also interested in what my followers think :) 

So also for my followers (and other studyblr accounts ^^): How much work do you consider a productive day? Do you measure by time, or by how many pages you’ve written/read, etc…?

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #15 by Amy Reeder


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