dinosaur vhs

You know, Phil Tippett catches so much shit for being the only dinosaur supervisor at Jurassic Park. Has anyone stopped to ask themselves why there was only ONE FUCKING DINOSAUR SUPERVISOR IN THE FIRST PLACE? Come on. They had ALL KINDS of predatory species on that island, and you wanna bring in ONE FUCKING GUY? You wanna toss Phil under the bus when it was OBVIOUSLY Hammond’s fault? Spared no expense my ass. Hammond spared EVERY expense. That’s why the park failed. But no, it’s Phil’s fault. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

The thing that always makes me feel OLD is when fandom specifically attributes some behavior or concept or misbehavior specifically to Tumblr Fandom and I’m like hey no, trust me, we were doing/talking/writing about/pr0ning about it way back in the old country when we sent binary smoke signals into the sky.

That’s WHY you sometimes run into incomprehensible warnings or weirdly prescient guesses about possible fandom behavior (Especially bad behavior). It’s because there’s a chunk of people who were around before tumblr and we’ve seen it before. Yeah it doesn’t always work out exactly the same, but let me tell you, the patterns repeat. All the time.


Kung Fury!!!!!!! Can’t WAIT!!!