dinosaur pun



Brachiotsaurus and Torahsaurus 

Mosesaurus and Challahsaurus 

Jewlindadromeus and Mamenschisaurus 

Halachiraptor and Rabbirhynchus 

(Brachiosaurus, Torosaurus, Mosasaurus, Allosaurus, Kulindadromeus, Mamenchisaurus, Velociraptor, Rhamphorhynchs) 



I swear my friends are done

Friend- so how much do you really know about musicals?

Me- oh you know, not much.. A hamil-TON.

Friend- chill out dude

Me- what, do I need to BE MORE CHILL?!

Friend- i swear I’m going to kill you and that body? Its gonna disappear

Me- no one deserves to disappear…

Friend- thats it! This is chaos.

Me- chaos is what killed the dinosaurs…

🦎400 followers gift - “Dino-Mite” Toddler Recolors🦎

I know these dinosaur puns are ptera-ble but hopefully the swatches are cute enough to make up for them! I can’t believe I’ve made it to 400 followers and I just wanted to do another little set to say thank you. I 💚 you guys!

🦎 4 total items (one top, one bottom, and two full body outfits) some items will require either the sims 4 parenthood gp and/or toddler sp

🦎 25 dinosaur-themed swatches on each item (“Taco-Saurus” Pants are solid but coordinate with the matching top)

🦎 tag me (#simmingbeecc) if you post pics of your toddlers wearing my recolors! I would love to see them in your game!

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