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Teen Wolf:

Brett Talbot - Open Up To Me , Argent 2.0 , Focus , Too Kind To Soon , Not So Tough

Derek Hale - Drowning , Protector , Work This Out , Dating Derek Hale

Erica Reyes - Love is Love

Isaac Lahey - Flaws , Your Move , Only One I Have , Maybe

Jackson Whittemore - New Girl , Alone , Confessions in the Dark , Drunken Kisses & Stolen Memories

Liam Dunbar - Cinderella (pt 1) , Mine , Cinderella (pt 2) , Monster , How To Love, Devil in a Dress

Malia Tate - Hold Me

Scott McCall - More Than That

Stiles Stilinski - Dork , No Choice , Paralysis , Confident , Amber Eyes , Caught Out , Salty , Poor Babies

Theo Raeken - Fourth Grade , First Kiss

Pack Imagine - Bonfire Night (+ Liam x reader)

The Avengers + Daredevil:

Bucky Barnes - TouchSYOTOS (pt 1) , SYOTOS (pt 2) , SYOTOS (pt 3) , SYOTOS (pt 4)A Whole New World 

Frank Castle - Sweet, like Candy.

Loki Laufeyson - Love & War , Star-Crossed Lovers

Peter Parker (Civil War) - Doesn’t Ring a Bell , Nightlight

Steve Rogers - Do You Want Your Usual? , Rodeo

Thor Odinson - Not As It Seems

The Flash/Arrow:

Barry Allen - I Got My Ion You , I’m Fine , Stay , Show Time , Partner in Justice , Supportive , Fate? , Wait..What? 

Thea Queen - Sushi

The Man From UNCLE:

Illya Kuryakin - Jealousy Doesn’t Match Your Suit

Napoleon Solo - Mr and Mrs Denver , Gingerbread , The Other Teller

The Maze Runner:

Gally - Temper

Minho - I’ll Do The Talking , Thought I’d Lost You

Newt - Glass , My Girl

Thomas - Shy

The Vampire Diaries:

Damon Salvatore - 150 Years , Kidnapped

Enzo - Cookie Thief , Cellmates & Soulmates

Klaus Mikaelson - Angel

Stefan Salvatore - Last Goodbye

The 100:

Bellamy Blake - No Chance

‘Privileged’ Masterlist


Dean Winchester - Not You

Sam Winchester - Left Behind , Hit The Road , P.S, I…Hate You?

General - Wendigo Woes

Harry Potter + Fantastic Beasts:

Draco Malfoy - A Very Malfoy Christmas

Hermione Granger - Contrasting Colours

Newt Scamander - Creatures Are The Best Medicine 

DC (Films):

Clark Kent/Superman - Back to Me , Just An Interview

The Joker - Dating The Joker

Jurassic World:

Gray Mitchell - Nostalgia

Zach Mitchell - Dinosaur Girl , Runs In The Family , Dinosaur Girl (Pt 2) , Attention Seeker

Merlin (BBC):

Arthur Pendragon - She’s A Servant

Merlin - Outsider , Bumbling Fool


Archie Andrews - Not Just A Jock

Reggie Mantle - Hero? No Need , Dating Reggie Mantle


Harry Styles - Send To All

Justin Bieber - Invisible , Guess I Thought Wrong (pt 1) , Guess I Thought Wrong (pt 2) , Goody-Two-Shoes , Celebrity Crush

Niall Horan - Leprechaun , Fluro 

Liam Payne - 12:05am 


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  1. chicken little (pt-brazil: o galinho chicken little)
  2. dinosaur (pt-brazil: dinossauro)
  3. toy story
  4. tron: legacy (pt-brazil: tron: o legado)
  5. prom (pt-brazil: a melhor festa do ano)
  6. into the woods (pt-brazil: caminhos da floresta)
Dinosaur Girl (Pt 2)

Originally posted by bangbang-you-died

Read Part 1 here

I got so many requests for a part 2, I’m sorry it took me this long to write it, I hope it lives up to your expectations :D enjoy xx

Warnings: Swearing / angst kind of

You wipe the never ending sweat off your brow as you continue to shove your way through the thick forest. The three of you had been walking for what must be an hour now and still were not any closer to finding any sign of civilisation. Zach was walking alongside you his stride no long as determined as it once was, and Gray was hurrying behind you guys, struggling to keep up with his short legs.

Suddenly you pushed through what must be the thousandth bush when you came across a worn dirt path. “Guys look!” You exclaim pointing at the path. A sense of relief washed over the three of you as you realised this may be your chance at getting out of here. You all speed up the pace as you continue along the path when Zach suddenly stops placing his hand out to stop your movement. “What is i-” You cut yourself off as you spot the Jurassic World staff car broken down against a tree. You gulp as you spot a workers hat lying close to it. 

“Stay here.” Zach says and you give him a pointed look. “I was the one who saved you from the Indominous Rex remember? Do you really think I’m going to stand here and let you go look?” I ask. “No.” He murmurs. You give him a sarcastic smile before pushing past him and walk towards the upturned hat. You swallow as you try to control your shaking hands as you pick up the hat. You brush the dirt off it as you examine it. You turn it around and drop it immediately as you spot the blood covered outside of the hat. You begin to back away from it glancing around you, she was out there, and she was close. 

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Dinosaur Girl (Pt 1)

Originally posted by indominous-rex

Requested by Anonymous: 

“Could you do an imagine where the first time Zach visited the park you were a year or two younger than him and really dorky/clingy and awkward, then he comes back and you’ve grown up and become this really strong and independent beautiful girl and you end up saving him while the gyrosphere is being attacked by the I-Rex.”

Warnings: Swearing & It’s quite long.

This took me ages to write so I hope you all like it xx

“Mummy look at the water!” I squeal as I point at the mini waves being created by the boat as it surged through the ocean. “I know sweetie how cool is that?” Mum smiles as she squeezes my shoulder. “I think I just saw a fish!” I exclaim as I continue to study the water as it passes by. “Sweetie, maybe you should spend less time looking down,” She says as she gently lifts my chin up. “And more time looking up.” She whispers kissing my cheek as she watches my eyes go wide as I take in the scene before me. The island. 

I grin as I look down at my dinosaur t-shirt and dinosaur sticker covered backpack. I hold my plush dinosaur in my hand tightly as my eyes widen in wonder. I can’t believe I was finally going to see real life dinosaurs.

“Welcome to Jurassic World sweetheart.”

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