dinosaur pope

Paul Pope’s original art to the variant cover for MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR #3. In-stores Jan 27, 2016.

Short version: today is the last day for comic stores to order copies of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3. Tell your local shop you want a copy. They can use order code NOV150820 to order copies of the regular edition (w/ Amy Reeder cover). Talk to them if you’re interested in getting the Paul Pope cover.

Long version: I know a lot of fans want to support this new book and/or like to learn about the inner workings of the comics biz. So here it is!

Publishers, retailers, and reporters put a huge emphasis on #1s. They do killer sales and set the pace for the remainder of the series. But everyone can tell you that the ultimate long-term fate of a comic is usually better indicated by sales on #2, #3, #4. When a book holds a lot of its audience past the first issue, that sends a message to retailers and the publishers about how strong the fanbase is. MG launched huge, and your continued support on January’s #3 is hugely important. Tell your stores you want copies!

I’m going to go back to before the beginning: Marvel always had a good feeling about this book. That’s flattering to me and Amy, and Nat. But even better: Marvel was able to capitalize on all the great prelaunch hype when the comic was announced. The demand and anticipation was phenomenal. Initial orders for #1 were good, all the extra copies were reordered to cause a sell out, and a new printing is on it’s way (more copies of #1 will be in stores Jan 13, 2016).

#2 is going to be in stores this week, Dec 23 2015. Unfortunately, due to printing, distribution and the HOLIDAYS (that time, Thanksgiving in the US), retailers had to order “blind” on #2. That is, they did not get to experience the sales on #1 before they finalized their orders on #2. Retailers order books every week, and occasionally they have to guess. There are usually standard drops between #1 and #2… but fortunately for MG&DD, orders stayed way above the average cut (I’ve been told the numbers). So there are already many of retailers with faith in the series.

#3 is in stores Jan 27 2015. And again, the retailers are ordering “blind” (this time, X-Mas).  Orders for #3 are due today, Dec 21 2015. Since #2 won’t arrive for two more days, they don’t have any sales data to inform their orders. So readers: help them out! Say you want a copy. Call them up today and let them know you don’t want to miss an issue.

And retailers: if you feel you cut too much on #2s after experiencing the sales on #1… re-order, of course! But if you can’t get #2s–there are going to be plenty in circulation, so there’s a better chance customers will be coming back to your store for #3.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3 is written by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder, drawn by Natacha Bustos, colored by Tamra Bonvillan, lettered by Travis Lanham, and edited by Emily Shaw & Mark Paniccia for Marvel Comics.