dinosaur pope

Paul Pope’s original art to the variant cover for MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR #3. In-stores Jan 27, 2016.

Short version: today is the last day for comic stores to order copies of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3. Tell your local shop you want a copy. They can use order code NOV150820 to order copies of the regular edition (w/ Amy Reeder cover). Talk to them if you’re interested in getting the Paul Pope cover.

Long version: I know a lot of fans want to support this new book and/or like to learn about the inner workings of the comics biz. So here it is!

Publishers, retailers, and reporters put a huge emphasis on #1s. They do killer sales and set the pace for the remainder of the series. But everyone can tell you that the ultimate long-term fate of a comic is usually better indicated by sales on #2, #3, #4. When a book holds a lot of its audience past the first issue, that sends a message to retailers and the publishers about how strong the fanbase is. MG launched huge, and your continued support on January’s #3 is hugely important. Tell your stores you want copies!

I’m going to go back to before the beginning: Marvel always had a good feeling about this book. That’s flattering to me and Amy, and Nat. But even better: Marvel was able to capitalize on all the great prelaunch hype when the comic was announced. The demand and anticipation was phenomenal. Initial orders for #1 were good, all the extra copies were reordered to cause a sell out, and a new printing is on it’s way (more copies of #1 will be in stores Jan 13, 2016).

#2 is going to be in stores this week, Dec 23 2015. Unfortunately, due to printing, distribution and the HOLIDAYS (that time, Thanksgiving in the US), retailers had to order “blind” on #2. That is, they did not get to experience the sales on #1 before they finalized their orders on #2. Retailers order books every week, and occasionally they have to guess. There are usually standard drops between #1 and #2… but fortunately for MG&DD, orders stayed way above the average cut (I’ve been told the numbers). So there are already many of retailers with faith in the series.

#3 is in stores Jan 27 2015. And again, the retailers are ordering “blind” (this time, X-Mas).  Orders for #3 are due today, Dec 21 2015. Since #2 won’t arrive for two more days, they don’t have any sales data to inform their orders. So readers: help them out! Say you want a copy. Call them up today and let them know you don’t want to miss an issue.

And retailers: if you feel you cut too much on #2s after experiencing the sales on #1… re-order, of course! But if you can’t get #2s–there are going to be plenty in circulation, so there’s a better chance customers will be coming back to your store for #3.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3 is written by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder, drawn by Natacha Bustos, colored by Tamra Bonvillan, lettered by Travis Lanham, and edited by Emily Shaw & Mark Paniccia for Marvel Comics.

Animal Kingdom is done!

Watercolour painting :D
I tried to incorporate all the good attractions at Disney’s Animal Kindgom in Florida in to one simple skyline.

Hope you like it!
It’ll be up in my Etsy shop soon!

Dear you - 

Do you ever have those days where nothing’s different, nothing’s changed, but it’s all wrong?

The days when your chest aches with emptiness, when you’re homesick for something, homesick for someone, you haven’t found yet?

When you’re hungry, you’re thirsty, but thinking of eating or drinking makes you ill?

Those days when, out of nowhere, tears spring to your eyes, and all you want to do is scream, scream everything, scream nothing, just scream out into the world, but you can’t?

Because I do.

And it hurts.

But it get’s better. Tomorrow, or the next day, or the next week, or month or year, or even the year after that, it’s going to get better.

You’re going to look up at the sky one day, and you’re going to see a cloud shaped like a dinosaur, or the pope, and you’ll laugh at a joke and mean it, and you’ll look forward to going to work, to seeing your friends, and you won’t notice, even, but one day, it’ll get better.

Your chest won’t feel empty, you won’t have that hollow space in your lungs, you won’t feel like you’re breathless even after a deep breath.

One day, you’re going to breathe in, and you’re going to smell the air - whether that’s car exhaust or rain on hot pavement or a stuffy classroom - you’re going to smell that, and you’re going to feel like you belong to the world again.

And everything’s going to be okay.