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 Meet the nodosaur — the plant-eating armored dinosaur! Discovered by miners in Alberta, it is the best-preserved fossil of its kind.


My First Brunch!, Part 1

Two weeks ago, I went to my first brunch! My first order of business (after charming all the beautiful ladies at the table) was investigating everything on the table. By far the most exciting item on the table was Mommy’s kale salad—which I got to eat!

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#10 ‘I need you to act like you know me… Like now!’ A Harry Potter imagine, female reader/Fred Weasley

#10 - ‘I need you to act like you know me… Like now!’

‘And so, then we –’ Fred was telling George and Lee when you rushed up to them. You skidded to a halt in front of them and glanced around at them anxiously.

‘I need you to act like you know me… Like now!’ you said, glancing over your shoulder and hoping that Umbridge wasn’t too close behind you. ‘And like I’ve been here the whole time.’

‘Why would we do that?’ asked Fred, quirking an eyebrow at you as a small smirk lit his face.

‘Oh, I dunno,’  you said, rounding on him, ‘because any minute now Toad-face is gonna come ‘round that corner baying for the blood of whoever turned her precious cat plates into dinosaurs!’

Fred scoffed, draping an arm over your shoulders and shifting you so that you had your back to the corridor. The other two were grinning, trying to stifle their laughter.

‘Are you the kid that’s been taking some of our glory then?’ asked Fred, looking at you with a small smirk playing at the corners of his mouth. ‘The one who did the food dye in the cupcakes for the seventh year Slytherins?’

You shrugged, a smile playing on your own face. ‘My brother’s one of them. The house elves really didn’t want me to do that though, despite me trying to tell them that it was a Muggle custom!’

‘April Fools,’ mumbled George.

‘Exactly… OK, so it wasn’t for that – his friends were just annoying me, but still,’ you said, causing them to chuckle again.

‘What’s your name?’ asked Fred, his attention flicking towards the corridor. ‘And make sure that you don’t look over your shoulder. Our favourite teacher’s just arrived.’

You stiffened slightly, hoping that the cover would work… Though, on second thoughts perhaps the little pranking trio wasn’t the best cover. They’d been the only people who looked like they’d help though.

‘(Y/n),’ you introduced. ‘And there’s no need to ask who you guys are. Kudos for the firework display the other week, by the way.’

Fred bristled with pride. ‘Well, we aim to please,’ he said, giving you a slight squeeze. ‘So, what other pranks you got planned?’

‘Oh, now there’s a list and a half. As long as you’re not trying to steal any of my glory,’ you said, nudging him slightly.

‘Wouldn’t dream of it, (Y/n),’ he assured you, a smile lighting his face.

Dino Bait

One-Shot: Can I please have a one-shot with Zach from Jurassic world where the reader is his girlfriend and plus size. And he keeps looking at the other girl so she hangs out with Gray then when a dinosaur almost kills her he like realizes his mistake please love your imagines
Announcements: It’s a few minutes after midnight so technically it’s Monday so I’m sorry for lying about when I would get this out. Hope you guys like it!
Warnings: One death, not really put into detail though.

“Wow,” You whispered as the island came into view. You looked up at your boyfriend, Zach, and smiled, “Thank you so much. This is amazing.”

He smiled slightly back down at you. You know you weren’t the skinniest girl in the world but that apparently didn’t stop him from loving you. And for him to take you along on this trip? To an Island full of dinosaurs? To Jurassic World? You knew that he really did mean it.

Zach’s younger brother, Gray, started pushing his way to the front, taking you along with him. You didn’t offer up much of a fight as you had wanted a better look too. Looking back at Zach you noticed him looking around and then something on the below deck catching his attention. You followed his gaze and noticed a group of pretty high school girls giggling and smiling back up at Zach. A little pulse of, something, jealousy, you thought, went off in your heart. You pushed those thoughts to the back of your head though. He’s just being friendly, you decided as your mind was then pulled back to the growing form of Jurassic World.


Eventually, through a series of events that included meeting the boys’ Aunt, making an escape from a baby dino petting zoo, and a T-Rex eating a goat, you all ended up at a ride that would allow a closer look at the dinosaurs. To you it just looked like a high-tech, human sized hamster ball but you could look the other way.

And thats when you saw it. Looking up you saw Zach, looking around again, and again he caught the attention of a group of pretty girls. This time he stared long enough to make you feel sad. You looked at the girls, they were pretty and skinny, unlike you. You frowned and pushed off of his arm lightly and went over to Gray who was next in line.

“Hey,” you said, “Need a second rider?”

He looked at you, then at Zach, and then back to you, “What about Zach?”

“He’ll be fine,” and with that, the two of you got into the hamster ball.

You looked back and saw that Zach had gotten into a ball with some random guy, looking confused when he saw you in the other ball. Looking forward again you pressed the handle down and shot forward. Why were you acting like this, you thought, because I’m jealous, ok?

About ten minutes in to the ride, a little screen popped up and a voice came over the speakers, “ The ride is now over, please return to docking area immediately.”

The two of you looked at each other and groaned, “Ahh man,” You said.

All of a sudden your phone started buzzing. Taking it out you saw the name, ‘Zach’.

You answered it, “Yeah?”

“Hey, you guys see that hole over there?

The two of you searched along the large metal fence until you saw it, “Yeah, why?”

“Well,” he started, “I mean, I only want the two of you to get your full Jurassic World experience don’t I? I bet there are a ton of Dinosaurs that we aren’t even seeing.”

You and Gray frowned, “But the thing says we have to go back. And what about the guy you’re with?

“Ehh, he fell asleep. Jet Lag or something. Anyway, we’re VIP’s, we won’t get into trouble. I promise.”

Gray started shaking his head, “No, no. I really don’t think that’s a good id-”

All of a sudden Zach’s ball went down the hill and through the side of the wall. Wow, you thought, he actually just did that!

You groaned and looked over at Gray, whose eyes were wide, “Well, we have to go after him,” and pressed forward after him

It didn’t take long to find him and you all found yourselves in a large clearing, staring right at some armor plated dinosaurs.

“Alright,” you told him, “We have now seen four more dinosaurs then we had before, now le-”

“Five,” Gray interrupted.

“What?” you looked over at him, “No, there are only four.” You pointed them out, “One, two, three, four-”

“Five,” He said, pointing at a reflection in the glass.

You all looked up, Zach too, and what you saw almost made your heart stop beating. It was a very large, very angry looking dinosaur with very sharp teeth. Everyone screamed, which woke up the guy next to Zach and then he also started screaming. It’s claws slammed down on the glass, making it shatter as one deadly talon broke through. It tried shaking you loose but all it did was somehow roll the ball onto its glass top. All of a sudden one of the other four dinosaurs hit it with it’s tail, thankfully taking it’s attention off of you for a moment. You tried to use the controls, but to no avail. You started to panic as you couldn’t find Zach’s ball, but you hoped he was ok. The ball shook as the large dinosaur now found the two of you interesting again. Suddenly the ball raised from the ground, taking you and Gray with it, and slammed back down. This happened two more times until you could grab hold of the belts and release them. You and Gray fell down onto soft dirt and sharp glass as you finally made your escape. Finally, the two of you started running as fast and as hard as your legs could manage, you held on to Gray’s hand for dear life, trying to make sure he was keeping up with you. And that’s how you stayed for what seemed like an eternity, running from a humungous dinosaur. Your breath started to run ragged, Gray pulling ahead of you now. You let go of his hand. You were about to become dino food when Zach came running at you from the side, pushing you out of the way as large white jaws came crashing down to where you once stood. With stranger in tow he said, “This way! Run!”

You and Gray changed your course. All of a sudden there was a screaming coming from behind you. Whipping your head around you saw that the man was suddenly jerked up from the ground and thrown to the side. Nothing we can do for him now, you thought. Soon the remaining three of you stood at the top of a short waterfall.

“We have to jump,” you said.
Gray looked up at you, “What? No, I don’t think I can-”

“On three,” Zach intervened, “One… two… Three!”

The cold water came up to meet you. You all stayed under water until the beast left, and then came crashing to the surface, gasping for air.

Crawling to the surface, Zach looked at you, “Hey, why’d you leave?”

“You really want to talk about this now?”

“Well, I mean, I just wanted to know is all.”

You laughed slightly, your chest rising and falling rapidly, “It’s just, well, ok, heres the thing, I saw you looking at those girls on the boat and then just now at the ride and I got, well, jealous. They were all skinnier than me so, well, I guess I just got insecure.”

He placed his hand on your shoulders, “To be honest, I kind of was. But, now, I realize that I was so, so wrong. I love you, alright? You could be the size of the moon and there would still be no one else that could ever compare to you. If I was gonna get stuck being dinosaur bait then I’m glad I’m bait with you.”

You smiled at him, all of a sudden hearing a voice next to you, “Well, big brother, that really hurts.”

Everyone was silent for a moment, in the next, though, everyone was in stitches. It was all cut off when a loud roar came crashing through the jungle. It sounded close.

“We’d better go,” you said.

And with that, the three of you began your journey to find somebody who knew what they were doing.

A Year Every Minute Pt. 16

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic.

With time teleporting became second nature, Sans using it almost constantly throughout the day. At first he would even go out of his way to use it, but now it was mostly for the sake of convenience.

Sans had also been given the okay to wander around the more abandoned parts of the lab. Now that he could teleport outside the door there was little Gaster could do to stop him, so they set up a set of rules for how far he could go and when. The consequences of being seen could be damning for them both, so the doctor made sure Sans knew how serious it was that he remain hidden, at least for now.

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Caudipteryx zoui, feathered dinosaur plate, Early Cretaceous, Yixian Formation, Liaoning, China  At the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Caudipteryx (“tail feather”) is a type of small theropod dinosaurs that lived in the early Cretaceous (~125 million years ago). They were feathered and remarkably birdlike in their overall appearance.

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I had a scene planned once where the human protagonist, after months trapped wandering through the wilds of an alternate dimension, was invited to be the guest of honor at an otherworldly court. She was understandably apprehensive about this, as she’d spent a great deal of time just trying to avoid being eaten, but the hosts were genuinely well-meaning and did all sorts of things to make her feel welcome and appreciated. Unfortunately, their cultural understanding of Earth and humans was… limited, so the ‘familiar Earthly comforts’ they offered her were things that just… missed the mark–

What do humans love? Is it… suits of plate armor? Dinosaur bones? Mickey Mouse? Pornography? Plastic?

I just loved the idea of her sitting down at this glorious feast with strange and wonderful beings capable of magic beyond imagination and being served… Wrigley’s chewing gum. Melted, because humans like to heat their food before eating it, right? They’re all so curious and eager to please their exotic human guest and make her feel at home, they’re genuinely trying, but they can’t easily conceive of such a short-lived species with no collective memory, so ideas of rapidly temporally/geographically changing culture are basically incomprehensible to them.

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#34/#35, please?

I hope you enjoy! Love playing with marriedwithchildren!Everlark…

34.   “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

35.   “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”


“I’m gonna be a mighty king
So enemies beware…”

Peeta looked over to where Lila sat in front of their living room television singing. Her tiny feet moved back and forth as she stared at the television lying flat on her stomach, her elbows propping up her hands to cradle her heart-shaped face.

Lila was practically a mini-Katniss: olive-skin, pointy chin, and large almond eyes.

Which meant that in time, he would be fending boys off of his beautiful daughter. However as Lila was only five, there was still time to warn her about the perils of dating and how any boy not related to her was up to no good.

Also, that no man would love her as much he did.

The beep pulled him out of his musings and Peeta turned to the stainless steel microwave on the counter.

There was a tiny wail from the living room and Lila jumped from her spot on the carpet, her blue eyes anxious.

“Daddy! Wren is awake!”

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