dinosaur otp

there is literally No Reason for this but imagine a supercorp jurassic park AU

like Kara the journalist shows up on the island for a preview before it opens and the head scientist, Lena Luthor, agrees to take her on a tour. Lena’s not super psyched at first because most journalists don’t have anything good to say about her or the park, but, well. she’s not going to turn down a woman smiling at her like that, plus Kara seems to mean well.

so when the first dinosaur cuddles up next to Kara, Lena calls it a coincidence. when the next three do it too, Lena begins to think that this girl is some dinosaur whisperer or some shit, and then that makes Lena think she is quite literally the perfect woman, and it’s all too much to handle. 

(meanwhile Kara is amazed by how smart and gorgeous and cool Lena is, and she definitely stumbles and walks straight into some prehistoric fern at some point because she’s so flustered.)

and then of course everything goes wrong and oh no Lena and Kara are trapped,,, just the two of them,,, all alone in the forest, having to snuggle for warmth and save each other’s lives. they stay up late and hold each other and tell stories and stare at the stars to ward off the fear, and soon enough both of them are entirely certain that, if running away from a t-rex is a thing they’ll have to do, they sure want to do it together

I drew Naegi and Kirigiri as dinosaurs… I don’t know why. But I love it.

Naeceratops x Kiridactyl

So I’m sitting here watching Up, getting all misty-eyed about Carl and Ellie’s great love and then I thought-

AU where Steve and Peggy’s romance happened similar to Carl and Ellie’s and they get to live their beautiful life and nobody gets frozen and everybody’s happy and then Peggy dies and Steve doesn’t know what to do until a little wilderness explorer comes around.

And then I cried.